Cheating just a bit by going out of order. Sunil was supposed to be up next, but I’m having the stupidest time drawing him for some reason??

So Rusty’s up next! :’3

His ability to pull all of the pets together into one solid unit. He comes off as the “Team Dad” of the group, you know what I mean? He’s mature, resourceful, and thoughtful in his interactions with his friends, and you can pretty much count on him to solve problems just as well as Blythe does. As much as he may grumble about it, you can tell he loves being the voice of reason for his friends and genuinely enjoys looking out for every single one of them.

Call him a worry-wart, but the pets would likely get into a LOT more trouble if it wasn’t for the little hedgehog attempting to keep them in line.


hAppY EARLY,,, vAlenTines dAY!!
Here’s art that no one asked for, from an AU Sapphy ( @pennylollyling ) and I made
Actually, this has been talked about for a YEAR now.
Anyone want any more info on that AU?

(!!That cute rat is Moka which is Sapphy’s OC btw!!)