More LPS concept art by Kirsten Ulve

A lot like the ones that were posted a while back, with a few additions. Most of these seem like they were drawn before the characters personalities were entirely established.


  1. Zoe and Pepper had spindly legs with no feet, like Madame Pom. 
  2. Pepper was originally going to have a black sweater as her main accessory  and also had a design that was more like Zoe’s final altogether.
  3. Zoe’s colors are almost entirely different, with a darker coat, green eyes, and periwinkle hair/ears. Also originally had red lipstick and a little sparkly top hat.
  4. Male pets were intended to have eyelashes, as shown by Sunil’s and Vinnie’s concept. (but not Russell’s?)
  5. Sunil originally had a pocket watch that he kept in some weird pocket. (seriously how is he doing that)
  6. Vinnie had pink eyes, a gold chain, and an earring. (GAYYYY)
  7. Minka had sweatbands along with a blue skirt. Only the latter appears in official merchandise.
  8. Russell’s(?) design is almost entirely different than his final one, perhaps he actually WAS intended to be a porcupine.
  9. There’s a cat.
  10. Penny’s design has a few notable differences from the final. Also had pink bows around her ears, and a lollipop, perhaps contributing to her previous name in development being “Lolly” [X]

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