Russell Brand

Russell Brand discusses Iggy Azalea and the appropriation of black culture (watch the full interview from October 2014 here)

  • “Hasn’t that always been the way with mainstream culture? Whether it’s the blues or rock n’ roll [or hip hop]. The re-appropriation of black culture into the mainstream? That’s always been the way. It becomes sanitized. It loses its original message without ever conceding any rights to non-white people. Take the best bits. Keep the fruit. And abandon the people.”
  • “The idea that black culture is constantly being ransacked is a powerful narrative, a powerful story that began with slavery, one of the great abominations of human history. That injury hasn’t been healed. The civil rights struggle is only 50 years ago and still racism is a prevalent issue in this country and all over the world.”

If we acknowledge that the Chapel Hill murders were a hate crime, then we have to examine our cultural climate. A cultural climate in which films like American Sniper, which at least simplify the situation in the Middle-East and America’s position over there, that these kinds of films and that kind of narrative are contributing to waves of anti-Muslim feeling. We have to accept that we have a responsibility in the way that we tell stories.

Russell Brand - Chapel Hill Vs Copenhagen - Which is Terrorism? (x)

for someone who grew up with no father, had a mother who was sick of cancer, had bulimia, was sexually assaulted as a child, diagnosed with bipolar and ADHD, developed multiple drug addictions to cope, and is intelligent enough to see all the ugly in politics and the media, who became clean and had a successful career while educating people on the propaganda of like fox news and the daily mail, russell brand has an optimism about life that just inspires me


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