• Gorillaz:they didn't know what kind of music they were good at so they tried everything
  • Demon Days:Gorillaz' goth phase
  • Plastic Beach:They got their shit together and made cool stuff
  • The Fall:2D probably got stoned and started making dumb noises and mixing them into songs
  • D Sides:All the leftover stuff that's actually decent
  • G Sides:they didn't even do anything

More Comparing Gorillaz to Chuck Jones Characters

Hewlett’s first loves were the cartoons of Chuck Jones, particularly Daffy Duck, Wile E Coyote and Pepé Le Pew, much of which ‘still remains my favourite stuff’.

Hewlett took a job on a computer magazine, drawing one illustration a month for £50, inspired by artists including Ronald Searle, who died last December, and Chuck Jones, creator of Daffy Duck and Wile E Coyote. “

The animation world as well - I was always a big Chuck Jones fan. That animation is unbelievable, but he was taken seriously because he won an Oscar.“

My influences would definitely be Mad Magazine and Chuck Jones. ALL Chuck Jones animation-Bugs Bunny, Wil E. Coyote…

okay so heres my headcanon

Cyborg is definitely capable of feeling emotion. She has some of Noodles DNA and deep within her core, she has all the same emotions as Noodle.

She has trouble understand these emotions and at first, she left hem alone. However, certain things would start up what she liked to call EMOTIONS_v.0. It hurt her sometimes, but she also sort of liked it. She began to try expressing or understanding these feelings. Some emotions, such as impatience, anger and annoyance, came easier to her, understanding wise. Sadness, loneliness, trust and mistrust, and being fucking trigger happy came next. Lastly, sadness, guilt, happiness and love began to run more in EMOTIONS_v.0. With different people, it would take time for her to run these emotions, sort of like programs, and certain people caused her to run different ones. Often times, feelings like loneliness, guilt, sadness were usually running, bc she felt she could not live up to this expectation of being Noodle and that she sort of shouldn’t have been created.  

Whenver a certain emotion would flare up too much, specifically ones like happiness, guilt, anger, sadness, loneliness and hatred, she would glitch out. She had issues physically and mentally expressing emotions, despite being able to feel them. She tries her best to not display them, so that she won’t glitch out.

One bad time was when she had finally snapped at the fact that she could NEVER replace someone so beloved. She cried out and lashed out at 2D and Murdoc about she was not Noodle and that she never will be, despite wishing she could be. She was overcome with guilt and sadness over the fact that she could never be who she was meant to replace. She started seriously glitching out and had to be rebooted.

Cyborg can feel love and anger. She feels impatience and annoyance at Murdoc a lot, as well as trust for 2D. Cyborg has emotions, but is literally unable to easily express a lot of them, unless she tries extremely hard or she is with someone whom she is very comfortable and fully trusting of, who doesn’t expect her to be someone she isn’t.