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مرحباً! Does being fluent in Arabic help understand the Russian Grammar? So far I found many similarities while learning Russian especially with the case system! Nice blog BTW! Спасибо :)

To be honest, I don’t think knowing Arabic really helps with Russian grammar lol. In spoken Arabic, the cases aren’t really used. Plus, there are only 3 cases in Arabic, where there are 6 in Russian. Also, Arabic cases are different and sort of function outside of the Indo-European system that people like to define them by. Arabic and Russian also have verbal aspect, but they’re used differently. Russian has aspect marked by prefixes, vowel changes, lexically, etc. whereas Arabic’s aspect is marked by “tense”… Technically, Arabic doesn’t have tense, it has aspect: imperfect(ive)/muḍāri’ and perfect(ive) māḍī.

So… I mean, there are similar features I guess, but they’re still drastically different.

But thanks! I’m glad you enjoy my blog! :D شكرا и спасибо большое!

I honestly dislike Amber more than any other person on the cast.
  1. Zach voted her out but she’s suddenly in love with him
  2. Zach lied to her face in the house yet she’s in love with him 
  3. Frankie was trying to get to 1 million, Russan spam accounts spammed him she tried to be slick and come for him, I caught her, she blocked
  4. She proceeded to delete the tweet
  5. She tweeted she hates when people mix up her words
  6. Now she is silent
  7. She is fake as shit

Her publicist needs to let her apply for senior citizens edition of ANTM