You know, HongIce shippers have them together in the Halloween strip

and the little lap hop for our fellow RusCan shippers

And another russia one: rusliet

and many many many more canon interactions w/ nonpopular or at least not “USUK Gerita SuFin” level ships.  But, you know something…none of you have…

Can’t catch me gay thoughts

  • RUSSIA: It’s a short list, Latvia. Two things we don’t allow in here. What are they?
  • LATVIA: Dogs and your sister.
  • RUSSIA: That’s a very short list, isn’t it?
  • LATVIA: Yes, but...
  • RUSSIA: What?
  • LATVIA: You were quite insistent that an exception be made.
  • RUSSIA: But I’m not to be trusted, am I?
  • LATVIA: No, sir, but...
  • RUSSIA: Stop. Shut up. I have to go, but if I find one single dog hair when I get back, I’ll rub sand in your dead little eyes.
  • LATVIA: Very good, sir.
  • RUSSIA: I also need you to go buy sand.
  • LATVIA: Yes, sir.
  • RUSSIA: I don’t know if they grade it, but… coarse.
Things I have learned from Hetalia fanfiction

1) Always read George DeValier. Always. He is God.

2) check the most recent update time. Save yourself from reading it and suddenly finding out it hasn’t updated in three years

3) Don’t read Gutters.

4) Bring tissues. A lot of good fanfics also have extreme feels.

5) Don’t read lemons just for the “lemon” part. There’s a plot too. ^-^

6) But seriously don’t read Gutters.

7) please know that when reading Auf Weidersehen Sweetheart, it is not wise to listen to Auf Weidersehen Sweetheart while reading. You will cry.

8) sometimes fanfiction will be so good you will cry. And that’s okay.


10) Don’t just read fics with your OTPs. I don’t ship RusLiet, but I have read so many good fanfics of it. It’s really worth it.


Hetalia Ships Bedroom Aesthetics

AmeLiet: These two are definitely shabby chic. I think they’d go for something simple that was comfy and inviting

DenNor: I always think of light blues or turquoises for this ship. The marine theme and Scandinavian minimalism is absolutely their aesthetic. 

RusLiet: The rest of their house probably isn’t very flashy but for their bedroom, Russia wants it to look like something that belongs at Versailles. Partially out of a desire to spoil Liet and partially because Russia secretly has rather extravagant tastes

SuFin: Whites and grays, chic and modern without being too severe. Absolutely what Sweden would pick out. Finland wouldn’t be too concerned about the design as long as the bed has exactly nine hundred pillows

GerIta: Their master bedroom would definitely be in more of a suite style. The bed has to be huge and there has to be plenty of lighting. Italy would probably like something more colorful and fun but Germany would insist that the entire house stay along the same clean and neutral design 

USUK: Again, when I think of this pair, I always see cherry wood furniture for some reason. Luxurious but not over the top, with a few yellows and greens for color. England would be the one to pick it out, but America’s tastes in home decor probably run along the same lines

AusHun: Fancy but never gaudy, this is exactly what I imagine for these two. The bedroom has to be nice to look at but cozy because they’re both big on creature comforts. The chandelier is a little bonus for everyone’s favorite snooty aristocrat

FrUS: I feel like France and America would bring the artsy, bohemian sides of each other. This is probably an unconventional choice for both of them but c’est la vie

FraSey: France and Seychelles are a couple with a lot of whimsy and sweetness. The room is sumptuous and cozy, with plants for a little life and greenery. Of course there’s a fire place and candles for the added romance. And there’s definitely rose petals lying around somewhere

RoMerica: Romano and America are perpetually poor, hipster-y college students. The bed is just a lumpy mattress on the floor, the sheets haven’t been washed in weeks, and there’s a record player because they’re misunderstood teens

SpaMano: Spamano is all about deep, sumptuous reds. Sensual without being over the top. Romano probably chose the canopy as a sort of privacy curtain, because he likes to feel as if his bedroom is a sanctuary

These are just a few of my ships as well as some of my pet rare pairs. If there are any other pairings that you’d like to see, feel free to send me a request.

Imagine your OTP/Imagina tu OTP

Imagine Person “A” doing anything with music playing like background and the song “Dear Future Husband” starts playing and “A” starts to sing it without realize that Person “B” just arrives. And when the song finish and “A” stops singing Person “B” comes from behind them and give him/her a kiss on the cheek to finally say “I will”


Imagina a la Persona A haciendo cualquier cosa con música sonando de fondo y la canción de “Dear Future Husband” empieza a sonar y “A” empieza a cantarla sin darse cuenta que llegó Persona “B”. Y cuando termina la canción y “A” deja de cantar “B” llega por detrás de él/ella y le da un beso en la mejilla para al final decir “Lo haré”

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Actual Harem Anime Protagonist Lithuania.

@hinotorihime @meadowlarkx i feel like this is entirely your fault.

most names are from this post. it’s @twilightjoltik-toumei who came up with them, so thanks !! :D


Tolkien Elves Nyo!RusLiet and Lietbel

(DA requests)

Nyo!Russia as Sindar Queen of Woodlands and Nyo!Lithuania as Silvan elf Captain of her guard.
(Costumes inspired by Elven reference costume and Tauriel’s)

Lithuania as Mirkwood Silvan Elf and Belarus as half Teleri half Sindar Elf

Lithuania’s clothes based on Feren’s and Belarus’ based on a design that wasn’t used for Galadriel’s gowns.