Paper Mask

I saw “Paper Mask” (1990, Paul McGann stars) a little while ago and thought I should write a little blurb about it.

First time in a while I’ve been genuinely surprised by a film. I didn’t read anything about it, I just knew the premise - man steals a doctor’s identity, gets into a relationship with a nurse. I was expecting something of a romantic comedy.

It started out a bit dark but then things got a bit cuddly. I thought “okay, this guy is pretending to be a doctor… Little uncomfortable, but d'aw Paul McGann”. The movie seemed to be taking that simple route - guy steals someone’s identity, gets the girl, hilarity ensues, but then shit got real.

Which was nice, actually.

I like it when a film surprises me, and Paul McGann was pretty great - I don’t think I’ll ever listen to “The Great Pretender” song the same way ever again.

So, if you like Paul McGann’s work and you like good, creepy surprises, I suggest watching this movie.

Danyelle's Reactions to the first episode of Free!

I should be packing since I’m moving later this week, but I hate the packing-process. So, after reading for a bit, watching one of my favourite Doctor Who episodes, and then eating lunch, I decided to finally watch the first episode of Free!

Oh sweet Jesus.

I was a minute through and thought “gee, I should do one of those reaction things…” So, here it is. It was a fun show - I might watch more of it later, especially since I still don’t want to pack. Reactions below the read more.

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Scherzo First Impression

So, I wrote down some post-Scherzo feels. I feel like my article is more or less word vomit, but maybe some of you will appreciate it. I only wrote this after listening to this once, so I may have gotten a few things wrong. I tried not to write anything too spoiler-y, but I’ll put it all underneath the “read more” anyway.

Part of me wishes I could have watched this - I feel like it could’ve been a very experimental, but visually interesting, episode.

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