I didn’t even put this together initially but it dawned on me yesterday and it was like a pit opened in my stomach. I’d been struggling with constant gay bashing and dumb gender stuff at work. Requests to stop were basically met with “I have nothing against gays so my jokes are okay” (yes you do if you are making derogatory comments) and I finally outted myself. I’ve never really been “in” in any reguard but people assume what’s common or socially acceptable, not what’s obvious.

So I’ve been fired.

It’s probably for the best, I don’t really need to be jumped in the parking lot by a drunk redneck (I worked at a backwoods bar), legal concealed carry or not (one guess as to what finally prompted me to get it in the first place). But fuck I feel worthless right now and it’s the worst possible time with medical bills looming.