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A new, and far better, Harry Potter Game Series.

So, this came to me while reading over hawkequisitor‘s blog:

A Harry Potter game (hold your groan!!) that has to be on the next-gen consoles as they build it off the Mass Effect engine. 

For those of you who never played Mass Effect; well you need to sort that shit out right now. You also need to stop reading here because of major Mass Effect & Harry Potter spoilers. 

(Although spoiler rules should come into play here… Click it if you aren’t sure!)

Now I hear you groaning “But the plot is already laid out, what’s the point?” To those of you I say, “Get out. This idea isn’t for you.”

To the Potterheads, to those of you who passed through the relays and out into the edges of nothing, to the gamers who got to this post by accident… to you I say 

“But what if…?”

Character creation:

Something that has always driven me to despair, is you’re given the same cookie-cutter character to play, no matter the games developer. But could you imagine if you could open it up? For all you FemSheps out there, you get to play as Hermione. Sure, your opening missions are going to be wildly different to the others, but tell me ‘no one would play that’ and I’ll invite you to join the other naysayers and gtfo already. For those of you who know where the true heart of the trio lies, grab yourself a teddybear that suddenly has too many legs, and rock around a back story that no one thought to tell! The renegades amongst you? Paging Master Malfoy, Draco Malfoy to the con. And this is just the beginning. After all, on the Mass Effect engine, your choices shape your outcome. Just where would you sit on the train, given the choice?

Experience and the tech-tree: 
You don’t win this one by just showing up!

In Every. Single. Harry Potter. Game. You walk into a class and BAMM! You learnt a spell. And not even in the ‘okay, you’ve got the basics, but you kinda suck at it’ fashion. Nope, you’ve gained a 7th year mastery of the thing, all by coming to class this one time! 

Anyone who went driving around on the surface of countless planets during Mass Effect, or scanned until there fingers hurt in Mass Effect 2 knows what I’m talking about. You want the upgrade? You want the experience? Then you damn well better get out there and grind for it. You want to know that when you swish and flick, shit’ll get done? Then you sit through the lessons, tapping and swishing until you get that class levelled up. Or go get smooshed by a troll a few times because you tried to rush it. Just because we don’t see our friends in class, doesn’t mean they didn’t go! (At least for the first few years!)

Your choices matter:
But actually though… I might cry!

To everyone who struggled to reconcile the ending with the games incredible storyline and twisting plots: I feel you, but this isn’t about us.

To everyone who honestly wondered why Fred had to die, why Tonks and Lupin didn’t make it, what would have happened if Molly hadn’t taken down Bellatrix… Maybe this time you get some answers. 

At the end of a three (or seven? anyone up for making me seven of these? please and thanks?) game series you find out that a few extra DATDA or Herbology lessons could have changed things… Would you feel it? If you watched Neville side with Voldemort because instead of stopping Malfoy taking his remembrall, you laughed and told him not to be such a twerp… Would you feel it then? IF, after sitting through hours, and hours of lessons, searching every book shelf, doing EVERY. PIECE. OF. EXTRA. CREDIT. HOMEWORK. you got to see Fred highfive George as Tonks and Lupin hug each other in the background at the end of the final battle… WOULD YOU FEEL IT THEN?!?!

So yeah… That’s the game I want. That is the closure I need. That… Well, that’s something I feel between J.K., Emma, Rupert, and Dan, they could make happen. 

And if they pull it off? Even a little bit?