Sherlock pilot titbits

After I rewatch all the Sherlock, I decided to start again with the pilot episode and noticed three things that wasn’t in TSIP.

1. Before Speedy’s there was Mrs Hudson little shop, imagine if that made it to TSIP. Neither John or Sherlock would have to worry about food and dinner, Mrs Hudson would’ve make sure her boys were well fed.

2. The cab driver originally took Sherlock back to Baker Street where their little showdown of minds went down, also where John shot him. I think they took that out, because if Mycroft had Baker Street under surveillance, he would’ve known his little brother is in serious trouble.

3. Papa Lestrade most definitely knew John shot the cabbie. In the pilot he looks on as they walked away (into the sunset) with a knowing smile and ripped out the page where Sherlock described the shooter.

And above all else I think this is one of the saddest things they removed, because not only does it clearly show Greg to be smarter than they say, and he genuinely cares for Sherlock if he let’s John walk away.
I don’t think Lestrade gets all the credit and acknowledgement he definitely deserves.

I’d really like to know what the heck is going through the minds of the people who take some of the Sherlock Promo Pictures! ‘Let’s just have Sherlock stand on the end of a pier for no reason.‘

And what the heck was with this ‘Standing about randomly with a curtain, looking like I’m in a shower, but fully clothed, with my collar up and my cheekbones…’:

Whatever the heck is going on here:

Randomly on a bloody table!:

The Abba shot:

Pointing randomly/Looking pissed off:

Seriously whatever the heck is going on here:

Standing by the Thames looking moody with some bokeh:

Lots and Lots more random pointing!:

And the entirety of this ‘Looking like we’re an un co-ordinated boyband’ photoshoot: