Rupaul's Drag U

As much as I was Team Sharon Needles for the win in RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 4, I was spiritually linked to Miss Latrice Muthaf@&$in’ Royale.

Every word or phrase that came out of her mouth was gold and I truly was inspired by her bon mots of encouragement. This piece was inspired by my favorite saying of hers. I will play this over and over and over again on repeat. I giggle uncontrollably and I get teared up hearing her delivery during the RPDRs04 Reunion Special.

A truly unique human being.

LOVE YOU LATRICE! Thanks for your strength and courage Momma!!!!!

Pencil scanned into Photoshop, then taken into Illustrator, then BACK into Photoshop, bitches!

May 16, 2012