My brother and I have decided to accept this challenge - run 100 miles by Halloween. Totally doable. Right? ;)
Even if we ran only 1 mi per day, we can make at least 68 miles before Halloween. That’s over half! So if we can run longer runs on weekends and before school starts? Doable.
Who’s in?? 😄🎃🎃


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Chat Noir Finds Out (Part 4)

Summary: Things get serious this chapter. Way serious.

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I did say I was gonna post this soon. The next chapter is half-way done and is just as terrible so have this where I set up for all the events and things. c; A lot of just Chat thinking here.

Also, remember when I mentioned that this started out as an angst fic? Welp, here you go.

Chapter 4: Still The Night After Chat Noir Found Out

Chat Noir already knew too much.

After everything was cleaned up—again—and Marinette had changed out of her milk-soaked shirt, Chat Noir decided it was time to finally confess his sins. Because Ladybug totally had a crush on him too and there was nothing to fear anymore.

Except maybe her wrath for betraying her trust, but he was sure she wouldn’t kill him if he explained it was a complete accident. She would surely understand and not decide to murder him. Probably. Hopefully.

But just as he was starting to speak, Marinette let out a despondent sigh, and he was forced to hold his tongue on the matter. Instead, he asked, “Something wrong?”

Marinette looked at him sideways from her chaise and then flopped down on it. “Since you’re here, Chat,” she said as she buried her face in her throw pillow, “I hope you don’t mind if I ask your advice on something.”

He frowned at her tone and rolled the desk chair he was perched on closer to her. Helping his Lady always came before any of his own agendas. “What is it, princess?”

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