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So Mark said the others are on vacation but he isn’t cause if he wanted to go home, he’d need to go to LA. But then he still brings out Jinyoung? Are you guys spending your vacation together…or? xD


they’re dying


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1st workout in 11 weeks was AWESOME!
200-400-600-800-1000-800-600-400-200 with 200 jog between each! I wasnt easy by any means but I felt so controlled and like I was going at the perfect pace on each. I struggle with getting too excited to be running again sometimes, but I was smart today. I know what I’m capable of but I finally learned that running faster times just to prove a point isn’t going to help me long term. Today I ran smart and felt good, and yeah the times were not lightning fast but I’m treating this year like a marathon not a sprint.


"Red alert. I repeat, red alert."

The monotoned voice crackled in over the intercom, in panic. “RED ALERT. ALL AGENTS MUST BE ON STANDBY. 17 GUARDS WERE JUST GUNNED DOWN BY THE MID SECTION DOORS BY ONE PERSON. IF YOU SEE THEM, DO NOT HESITATE TO OPEN FIRE. KILL AT ALL COSTS—-” The voice died out with the sound of a gun shot, and another voice got on the intercom calmly. “Run, boys, run, the phoenix is back….” They cleared their throat, then finished the sentence in a deeper voice. “And Shes thristy for blood.”

//I really need an AA game that explores that seven year gap. A LOT of Phoenix’s development was done off-screen and, to be honest, I’m just not happy with it. People say Phoenix’s story is over and I just can’t agree with that. The trilogy mostly revolved around Edgeworth and the Feys. 

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The problem with replying to asks, is that I always find myself getting far too carried away with all of the wonderful ideas and comments and observations that you all send me… How am I supposed to control my responses when you all give me so many amazing usually 2jae topics to work with?? <3


Toothless moved slowly around its latest scrounging site. This area lay much closer to where warm-metals walked often… but that made the findings for a predator-turned-scavenger much better, too. The scraplet had to balance greed and caution, and hide out of sight whenever a warm-metal passed.

Like now. Lured across an open walkway by a tasty-looking discarded hinge, it now had no cover as pede-steps grew closer. It judged the shadow of the warm-metal nearing the corner, and decided it still had enough time to run back across to a good hidey-hole.

Tiny legs propelled it quickly across the walkway…

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   She was silent for a few moments, her eyes staring down at the words on the page before her, wishing that she could focus long enough to process what they meant. She nearly jumped when Carly came in, talking about something that she didn’t entirely process when she looked up. “Hm?” Her eyes were slightly wide before she looked back down, running her fingers through her hair. “Can I ask you something?” Her voice was soft as she looked up at her friend…they were friends right? Was she ALLOWED to be friends with reporters? “Do you…do you know Klaus Mikaelson?“ She wanted to tell herself that it was stupid. She was being dumb, INSECURE — but she couldn’t really avoid the prickle of suspicion on the back of her neck.

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“ I dare you to kiss...” + namekkolo

send “I dare you to kiss” +a name/url- @namekkolo

        Come on, Gohan. Just do it. Get it over with and
        never think about this moment again.

      The boy tells himself as he watches the mysterious 
       Namekian from behind a boulder. How could someone
       dare him to kiss King Piccolo? It was just ludicrous! 
       He steeled a deep breath and made a run toward the
       man, jumping into the air and latching onto the other’s
       shoulders to smack a quick kiss to the top of his head.
       And with that, he dropped back to the ground and took
       off running back in the direction he’d come from.

       “I’m sorry! I was told to do it, but nice to meet you!