Whitney Engen:

An Olympian, WPS Champ, 2011 WPS Defender of the Year, FA WSL Champ, Champions League runner-up and World Cup Champion.

Ghost in the Shell

I want to clarify this movie for my followers who commented on my last post about it.

Ghost in the Shell is not an action movie. While there are action elements in the movie, extremely well done action, the movie deals with very interesting concepts and ideas about Humanity and individuality. This is a beautifully dressed Human drama/thriller.

This movie was so interesting to me and I loved all of it, but I don’t think everyone is going to like it. I’ve never seen any of the Anime, so for all I know this is just completely shitting on the source material. But I loved it. And I really want to watch the 1995 film.

I know a lot of people are unhappy about Scarlett Johansson being cast in the role. And all ill say, to avoid spoilers, is they address it and handle it very well. And frankly, Scarlett Johansson did a really good job.

This movie is also stunningly beautiful. I saw it in 3D, and it was so worth it. It reminded me of Blade runner. The world was beautiful. The Animation was impeccable.

I throughly enjoyed this movie, and it’s sorta opened me up to Anime now. So I’m on the hunt for the 1995 film. I highly recommend this movie. It was a fun time.


Don Kardong’s “The Best and the Tightest” in Runner’s World (Sept. 1989).

“I had also resolved on of the biggest, most emotional battles in running. Should shorts be worn over tights or not?

‘If we’re going to be wearing these things,’ I told my running partners, ‘We’re going all the way. No shorts on top.’ And so we ran, a pack of tights through the nights and then then, finally, in the full blazing light of day. And people around town stopped and stared as we ran by. Now what were these runners up to?

And thus it happened, Tights, sneaking into our sport…Our world was changed forever.”


how could i forget one of the most memorable (you could even go so far as to say ‘precious’) subjects of all.  to close the short lived 'run of olympians i’ve shot’ i almost overlooked the day i spent with Louie Zamperini at his grand house in the Hollywood Hills. Louie ran distance in the 1936 Olympics.  but Louie’s story is much richer than that.  his is a life that’s nearly stranger than fiction and is in fact the subject of a best selling book “Unbroken”.  

that’s one of 7 Olympic torches he’s carried in the 1st photo.  somehow, he’s been granted the privilege of keeping them all.  when you’re a real man like Zamperini is, people make such exceptions for you.

shot for Runner’s World in Louie’s home - 10/2010

“Some people create with words, or with music, or with a brush and paints. I like to make something beautiful when I run. I like to make people stop and say, ‘I’ve never seen anyone run like that before.’ It’s more than just a race, it’s a style. It’s doing something better than everyone else. It’s being creative.”- Steve Prefontaine

Mushroom Tacos

I got this recipe from runner’s world tweets. it was suggested as a vegetarian alternative to tacos. And i’d been missing some tacos so i tried this. coincidentally, it is also gluten free so one w/a  gluten allergy might also enjoy.

You need this:

Normally you would have a real lime because real is better than fake but I forgot and I always have lime juice on hand because there are not enough in the world to satisfy my desire for tart. I put that shit on fried rice (it’s amazing), couscous (mmmm), spaghetti bolognese (i know it sounds crazy but try it) and much more. I also put waaaaay more than any other person tends to want but it’s delicious. hence just keep bottles of the juice instead of barrels of the fruit.

Also - if you can point out what doesn’t belong in this pic you get a high five

THEN cut the onion up

and I finally remembered what I saw someone do on the Food Network do once and since remembering that tidbit of information my life has become much easier as I love onion. Don’t cut all the way through. cut almost to the other end of the onion but leave a little strip uncut and it holds the onion in place while you cut instead of it going everywhere!

Cut up some garlic - this is where my own tweaking comes into play because I think the recipe said about 3 cloves of garlic. WELL when i put in only 3 cloves of garlic and only the amount of spices they said I had a pretty bland mushroom taco. So, if you like flavor and LOVE garlic (as I do) no less than 7 cloves of garlic - no, i’m not kidding.

Throw most of the onions in some already hot oil (keep some to top the tacos) and let those onions soften a bit then add the mushrooms (I got some prewashed and precut mushrooms because doing it myself was a real killjoy last time)

Then after the mushrooms have softened a bit add the garlic - garlic burns super easy so don’t get excited and throw it in before, k?

Now for the spices, chili powder, oregano, salt, pepper and the most important

Because up until this point - admit it - you’ve been wondering how mushroom tacos could possibly be a substitute for meat tacos - as was I. The answer, ladies and gentlemen, is CUMIN. The second you throw it in there it starts to smell like a taco. This was definitely one of those times when that recipe said 2 teaspoons or something and 4 was better.

Juice the orange, like so

Add in the juice of one orange and one lime (or two in MY case) and let it reduce.

Meanwhile, we need to be getting those packaged corn tortillas ready (I could make them by hand but I don’t want to - it’s freaking tedious okay)

Put them in your super Mexican looking tortilla warmer

you don’t have one of these??? you’re missing out - i use it to keep pancakes warm too.

Now, cut up your cilantro (If you want it on top of your tacos - it’s delicious but some people are adamantly against cilantro)

Mushroom taco filling - ready!

it smells DELICIOUS - you find yourself drooling next to those dogs

like so.

grate some cheese if you like and get your shit together

prepare like so

mushroom filling, onion, cheese and cilantro

then, if, you know you need just a bit more of a kick - top with your super secret stash of taco bell fire sauce