• Girl at the bar: I never really watch baseball.
  • Me: Really? I've learned a lot about how to treat girls watching baseball.
  • Girl at the bar: What do you mean?
  • Me: These guys either bat for power or bat for average. The home run guys are flashy, but they aren't as valuable as the guys who hit singles or doubles every other time they're at the plate.
  • Girl at the bar: Okay. But what does that have to do with girls?
  • Me: Would you rather date a guy who did something big for you every few months or a guy that did little things for you every day?
  • Girl at the bar: The guy who did little things.
  • Me: Exactly. But boys grow up being told to hit homers. Buy your girl an occasional diamond, and you can get away with being a loser most days. Baseball taught me it's better to bat for average. I try to be good every day.

ToonBoom animation test is DONE
Pretty pleased with the final result I must say. Here we have Fiiji, one of my old characters, he’s a star-eater or anteater or whatever you call that thing. 

Interestingly, ToonBoom brush tool is pretty similar to Flash’s, except I find it alot easier to control. Overall, I actually find this software pretty neat, just wish it can export gif like TV Paint does. 

A brief backstory here:
Amy had disappeared somewhere. Sonic and the company has already spent all forces in search for a pink hedgehog. But she accidentally was picked by team Dark. Rouge just tricked Shadow, forcing him to warm up Amy which was freezed in the night-time.
I don’t think that “ultimate life form” knows the term of dreaming, but while he can’t see she continues to have fun…

K: “Chaos! Where did you find her D:? I hope you didn’t send this to Sonic ?? ?? (((!?!”
R: “Noooooooooo, I do not want to get a beating or some other surprise from blue xDD))”


RUNNING UP THAT HILL : The Kate Bush Story (BBC Documentary)

As Kate Bush preps her return to the stage after 35 years, the BBC has put together this wonderful documentary on her career and the influence she’s had over pop culture for decades. Featuring interviews with a plethora of artists across all genres, including Annie Clark, Big Boi, Neil Gaiman, Steve Coogan, Natasha Khan, Brett Anderson, Tricky, Peter Gabriel, Elton John, and many more.