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Supercorp at a baseball game

When Kara asks if she’s free Saturday, she immediately makes sure she is.

When Kara, fingers coated in cheese and salt and salsa, drags her up bleacher after bleacher until they reach the perfect spot, she realizes maybe she should’ve asked why.

“Want one?” A chip is held towards her, cheese slipping off and falling in a clump on the bleacher between them. “It’s okay. I’ll get it.”

She doesn’t wait to see what Kara means by that, turning her attention back to the people milling about the field. A part of her knows what Kara intends, and her stomach twists at the thought.

“All good.”

When she glances down, the cheese is gone and Kara looks unnervingly proud of herself.

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Good Things About the Taz Austin Live Show

- a n g u s - god bless Griffin McElroy for this
-“Magnus! It’s just another day of high school!”
-The setup of the classroom/ practice building is literally just Persona. Griffin. This is Persona. And I love it.
-Magnus, taking out the entire Hammerhead Gang
-“I’m a big believer in talking to my plants.” “FUCK YOU. I QUIT. I’m out! Is Taako in the building? TAAKO HAS LEFT THE BUILDING. Taako’s smoking with the cool kids.”
-the entire botany scene omg
-R e n
-partners with Ren on making a HA M SANDW H I CH
-Rick getting bullied by his students
-“Clear eyes. Full sports. Have fun.”
-“Taako, you’ve got a J in this class.”
- Boom shacka lacka
-Griffin talking about RBI (Runs Batted In) in regard to football??
-Clint, remembering he has Turn Undead
-the very calm “It’s Brody.”
-“I drink protein shakes everyday which is why I am how I am, and I hate the way they taste.”
-Honestly, high school Angus is probably a stud but I really don’t want to think about that because he’s our sweet baby boy detective
-“if you get dunked on in the dream, you get dunked on in real life.”

Soulmate AU: You and Your Soulmate Share Sensations (Bruce Wayne x Reader)

A/N: I know I said I wouldn’t end this hiatus until I wrote, like, five things but I wound up only with two. I’m coming back a little early with the hope that publishing what I’ve got will give me a sense of cleansing.  … Geez, I really hope I did okay, tho.

Your parents were admittedly a little worried when you turned seven and still showed no signs of a connecting mate. This was around the age when most people would be able to tell, being that small children are prone to rough-housing and clumsiness. However, it was no desire of theirs for you to experience the first sensation in such a violently intense manner.

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Justice League Thoughts (Minor spoilers towards end)

- Overall I really enjoyed the movie, I went in not really knowing what to expect and I was pleasantly entertained throughout

- Please stay until the end! There’s a mid credit scene and an end credit scene!

- The fucking CGI on Clark’s mouth though. It was so bad in places I couldn’t believe it

- Barry was so adorable! He was flustered and a little awkward and I loved it!

- *Barry runs around the batcave* ‘It’s like a cave!’ *runs around again* ‘A bat cave!’

- Cyborg. Oh man. I love him. I will admit to having little knowledge on the character but I will definitely be learning about him now

- ‘Do you bleed?’ Clark PLEASE

-’Yup, something’s definitely bleeding.’ SEE WHAT YOU DID SUPERJERK

- Bruce is lowkey crushing on Clark and Diana but I very much hope he doesn’t get with Diana (or Clark for that matter) (I’m a hardcore BatCat shipper ‘til the end)

- I was happy to see that the Amazon’s armor changes weren’t especially noticeable unless you looked for it (which I did, and I saw very few obvious changes)

- Alfred subtly maintaining the ‘I want grandchildren Master Wayne’ thing was great

- When Diana sneakily got Arthur with the Lasso of Truth I was crying

- Mera was cool, again a character I don’t know much about but I liked her.

- I really wasn’t happy with the amount of ass/boob shots of Diana but with the people involved I don’t know what else I expected

- Diana fighting Clark and headbutting him was everything

- ‘Children. I work with children.’ I mean you’re working with a 40+ year old man who dresses like a bat Diana what did you expect?

- ‘I bought the bank’ ‘the whole bank?’ ‘it’s kinda like an impulse with me’

- Barry so had a crush on pretty much everyone on the team bless him I feel your pain buddy

- ‘I don’t want to die’ *2 seconds later* ‘I take it back. I want to die.’

- That Look™ on Barry’s face when Clark noticed Barry running towards him was hilarious 

- Victor and Barry’s fist bump after the battle! Pure friendship! 

- ‘Bring the big guns’ *enter Lois Lane*

- Barry and Clark racing at the end? So cute

- Lex Luthor escaping Arkham and starting the Legion of Doom with Slade Wilson? BITCH YES

- I’d like to think Lex saw the Justice League on TV and pouted because not only was Superman alive again but why does he get to have a team I want one

Restart your Wacom driver with one click!

Hey guys, so… I realized I had a pretty handy little script lying around to stop and start your Wacom drivers fast. I’m gonna explain how I did it so you can make one too.

Sadly this will only work for Windows

Open Notepad

copy paste the following in the file;

net stop WTabletServicePro
net start WTabletServicePro

You can use net stop to start or stop whatever service you want. Be sure to click on the properties of the service to get the right name though, the displayed name and the actual name of the service aren’t always the same. 

Next you are going to save the file on a location where you wont easily throw it away. I saved mine directly in the C:/ directory. Make sure that you save it as a .bat and not a .txt. the name can be whatever you want.

If you saved it right the file should look something like this (or if you have a detail view it will tell you that it’s a .bat file);

Next you’re going to make sure that whenever you click this program it will be executed with admin rights. You can´t do this directly on the .bat file, so you´ll need to make a shortcut. rightclick on the .bat file and select “Create Shortcut”. I’d avice you to put the shortcut on your desktop or another directory you can easily access.

right-click the shortcut and go to Properties -> Advanced and check the box next to “Run as Administrator”. This will ensure that your .bat file will always run in administrator mode. 

If you don’t run the .bat file in administrator mode it will not work.

Now if your driver crashes all you have to do is close your art program, double click the shortcut you made (it will show you a prompt asking for permission to run the .bat as admin, click “yes”) and the program will stop and start the wacom driver for you. A command box will appear and you’ll know the commands ran succesfully if the command box dissappears again.You can then restart your program (if you are a bit handy with the windows command line you can even start the artprogram of your choice in the same script).

I hope this was helpful for you and if you have any questions feel free to ask!

edit: Forgot something important!

Last step: Feel like a

I’m With You

Pairing: Steve Harrington x Reader

Prompt: Can you do a Steve Harrington x reader about you guys being friends then you kinda stop talking but after the whole upside down thing he comes to you and tells you everything and you’re confused but you still help him through it? U can do whatever u want w this and change it but yeah :D please and thank u

Word Count:1,209

“Coming!” You shouted at the annoying knocker outside of your door. You groaned when their knuckles rested, and their finger decided to kill your doorbell. “I’m going!” You finally made it down the stairs after attempting to put your pants back on, it was your weekend home alone; that meant no pants. “You’re shitting me,” you let out in a breathy laugh, about to close the door at a smiling Steve Harrington.

“Wait!” He exclaimed, sticking his foot out and stopping the closing door with it. He grimaced in pain, not expecting the door to slam that hard against the side of his foot.

“Move your foot, Harrington.”

“No,” he said, resting his palm on the door and opening it wide enough to remove the pressure of his foot. “I need to talk to you.”

“After going almost, a year not talking to me? What, Nancy Wheeler get bored of you already?” You hadn’t heard about the break-up yet, so you didn’t fully understand the hurt that flashed across Steve’s face. “Just… go home, Steve. You may want to talk to me, but I sure as hell don’t want to talk to you.” You moved forward, placing your hand on his chest and shoving him away from your door before quickly moving back inside and closing the door before he could say anything.

You ignored the incessant knocking and the calling of your name, making your way back upstairs. You rolled your eyes when you heard Steve screaming about needing to tell you something important. You pushed the door to your room open and walked in, throwing yourself on the bed and moving to take your jeans off again.

You groaned, hearing the smalls rocks hitting your window. “For fuck sake, Steve.” You muttered, moving to get up and scream outside your window for him to leave. “Steve, shut up!”

“I need to talk to you.”

“Yeah, I know. You said that already. I also already said I didn’t want to listen. Go. Home.” You were about to close the window when a small pebble came flying into your room. “Steve!”

“Fine, then just… let me say bye. I don’t know if I’ll make it back… alive.” He dramatically sighed, kicking the dirt on the ground. You furrowed your eyebrows, leaning out of the window.

“What are you on about, Harrington?”

“Oh, you want to know now?” He smiled softly when you rolled your eyes, waiting for his answer in silence. “I’m fighting a monster from another world. Could kill me, you know.”

You snorted, shaking your head. “Real fucking funny, Steve.”

“I’m serious. Dustin calls ‘em Demo-dogs.”

“Dustin? The middle-schooler?” You smiled hearing Steve’s laugh, letting it fall when he looked up at you and nodded.

“Yeah, Henderson’s a pain in my ass but, I’ve sort of taken him under my wing.” Steve a year ago hated kids. Nancy must have really changed him. You rolled your eyes at the thought.

“Well, rest in peace, I guess.” You said, quickly closing your window. He called your name a couple more times but gave up when you didn’t respond. You bit your nail, thinking he was going to go around and knock on your front door again. But, then you heard his car starting and realized he was leaving. You quickly ran downstairs and then outside, seeing his car driving down the block. You grabbed your bike and pushed off your driveway, following Steve’s car.

You followed him for twenty minutes, your lungs begging for air and your thighs burning from peddling so fast. He had driven to the abandoned trailer park, a bus sitting there with a bunch of other junk. There was Steve, rushing the three kids, Lucas Sinclair, Dustin Henderson, and the new girl, Max, into the bus. You waited until the doors were closed to come out of hiding. Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion. What the hell was Steve doing with a bunch of kids in an abandoned bus?

You waited there a few minutes before realizing they probably weren’t coming out – and it was especially quiet. You shrugged, walking back toward your bike, almost on, and then you heard Lucas saying something from the top of the bus. You turned around, walking into the field.

“Holy shit, Y/N!” You smiled shyly, not meaning to make yourself noticed. Steve stuck his head out of an opening in the bus and his eyes widened.

“Y/N what the fuck! Get over here, now!” Steve demanded, causing you to narrow your eyes at him.

“You have a lot of nerve, Steve Harrington.” You failed to realize the existing Demo-dog behind you, finding your smell a lot better than the meat pile in front of him.

“You can yell at me for however long you want if you just get your ass in this damn bus, I’m begging you!”

“And why would I do that?”

“Y/N!” Lucas screamed at you, causing you to look up at him, confused, “behind you!” You turned around, seeing something that resembled a dog with no face creeping closer toward you.

“Holy shit,” you whispered, freezing. You took a step backward and that sent the dog after you. “Fuck!” You yelled, turning around and running. You saw the bus door open, Steve running out with a bat. “Steve, get back in the bus!” You ordered, running past him but stopping when he brushed past you. You turned around, still walking backwards and watching as Steve lifted his bat, that looked like it was covered in hammered-in nails, and hitting the dog across the park. He turned back around, running toward you.

“In the bus!” He shouted, grabbing your hand and pulling you into the bus full of kids.

“What the hell was that!”

“Demo-dogs,” everyone else on the bus breathed out at once.

“Told you so,” Steve said, out of breath but still an arrogant smile across his face.

“A what?”

“A Demogorgon.” Steve answered, pulling into your drive-in after you had both dropped the last kid off at their house.

“Why didn’t you tell me? Like, last year?”

“I couldn’t,” he shrugged. “You’d be in trouble – with the government, with the lab.”

“So, why are you telling me now?”

“Nancy’s taking care of it.”

“Why aren’t you with her?” You asked, even if you didn’t want to hear the answer.

“With Nancy?” He asked, trying to clarify your question. When you nodded, he shrugged. “Because, I’m not with Nancy.”

You frowned, before realization hit you. “Oh,” was all you said. “I’m sorry, Steve.”

“No, it’s fine. She’s with who she’s supposed to be with. And, I’m with you.” He looked at you, smiling, reaching a hand out to hold yours. “Maybe I’m with who I’m supposed to be with, too.”

You smiled slightly. “Maybe… Hey, Steve?”


“I’m still a little… shaken up. Can you – if you want – can you, maybe, stay over?”

Steve smirked, unhooking your seatbelt and nodding his head. You got out of the car with him, letting him wrap your arm around you as you walked through your front door.

“Nice excuse.” He muttered, following you upstairs.


“Anything to have me in your bed, huh?” He laughed when you shoved him away.

“For that, you get the floor.”

The UpsideDownWhat? - Part 5 - (Steve Harrington xx )

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Parts - One Two - ThreeFour - Five - Six - Seven

Short Description – In this chapter the reader sees the Demogorgon for the first time, makes a stupid decision and almost dies.

Pairing - Steve + reader

Warnings - Swearing + Sexual remarks and scenes (Smut – Not this chapter) + Violence + There are Season two spoilers, so if you have not yet seen season two, don’t get mad, this is the !!!!SPOILER WARNING!!!!

(A/n) - This is my first attempt of writing an imagine series. If you could comment at the end of this or just send me a message to tell me if it is good and if you want to find out the readers reaction when seeing the demodog for the first time.

Words - 2835

I DO REQUESTS!!!!! - Fandoms mainly include: Stranger things + Supernatural + Dexter + Vampire Diaries + The Originals + Teen Wolf + Tru Blood etc. (I do A lot more, just didn’t want to type everyone.)

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You sat in silence, the only noise coming from the clicking sound the lighter made while Steve played with it, why does he have a lighter anyways, he doesn’t smoke? It was dark outside and the air was chilly, the hole on the top of the school bus where the emergency exit once sat letting in the cool air. You felt sick, like you wanted to throw up, you don’t even know why. You were just scared of what’s to come. “So, you really fought one of these things before?” Max broke the silence, you looked at her and then over at Steve, eagerly waiting for his response. He looked up at her, nodding slowly, continuing to play with the lighter. “And you’re, like, totally, 100% sure it wasn’t a bear?” She added, you smiled. Dustin was pacing around the bus, hands in his pocket.

“Shit. Don’t be an idiot. Okay? It wasn’t a bear.” You frowned, then remembered the false idea that Steve gave him, to pretend to not care, but he was being a jerk right now. Max raised her eyebrows and looked at him in surprise. You nudged Steve’s elbow, catching his attention. “You did this.” You mumbled and wiggled your finger towards Dustin. Steve just rolled his eyes. “Why are you even here if you don’t believe us?” Dustin added.

Max stayed quiet, with the same expression on her face. “Just go home.” Dustin turned around, facing away from her. She shook her head and stood up, “Geesh. Someone’s cranky, past your bedtime?” She asked and started climbing the ladder we placed inside of the bus so that it was easier to climb up to the roof. You looked up at Dustin, he was now pacing faster, when Max was out of ear shot Steve spoke up. “That’s good.

Just show her that you don’t care.” you huffed. “Steve, I will literally punch you in the God dammed throat if you keep this up-” Dustin cut you off. “I don’t.” You frowned. “You don’t what?” he rolled his eyes. “I don’t care.” You couldn’t see Steve’s face because you were looking up at Dustin, a little disappointed.

“Why are you winking, Steve? Stop.” Your head turned to look at Steve, he had a smug smile on his face. “Why are you encouraging him?” you asked, now disappointed in Steve as well. “Because that’s how a girl at that age functions.” You turned your entire body, facing him. “That’s not how I functioned, if someone had to talk to me like that, I would think he was a dick and I’d probably end up not speaking to him again.” Steve shrugged, “It just means that you’re one in a million, babe.” You couldn’t help but blush, Steve leaned forward and quickly kissed you, before he leaned back against the side of the bus again. “Stop being cute when I am trying to be mad at you.” Steve smiled.

Something screeched outside, and you jumped up, so did Steve and Dustin. We all looked out of the window. “Do you see him?” Dustin asked, you shook your head, “No.” Steve replied. “Lucas, what’s going on?” Dustin yelled to the top of the bus. Lucas was up there with Max and he had his binoculars with him. “Hold on!” Lucas yelled back. A wave of fear washed over your body again. “I’ve got eyes! Ten o’clock, t-t-ten o’clock!” he yelled back at us, his voice breaking. And that’s when you saw him, he was big, bigger than you expected, his skin was dark and smooth, it looked kind of wet. “There.” You mumbled, pointing with a shaking finger. “What’s he doing?” Dustin asked. “I don’t know.” Steve answered.

Dart didn’t move, he stayed where he was.

“He’s not taking the bate, why is he not taking the bate?” You questioned anxiously. “Maybe he’s not hungry.” “Maybe he’s sick of cow.” You turned your head slightly to stare at Steve, “Now is not the time to be making jokes.” You hissed. Suddenly Steve pushed himself away from the window of the bus, he thought for a moment and then turned towards the door. “Steve? Steve, what are you doing?” You questioned, frantic, this was not a part of the plan. Steve grabbed his bat. “Steve?” You said again, he didn’t answer you. Steve was breathing heavily, you hurried over to him.

He held up his hand with the lighter in it, “Just get ready.” He said and handed the lighter to you. You shook your head, Steve leaned in and kissed you quickly before exiting through the bus door. “Steve!” You protested but he ignored you. “I’m gonna throw up.” You mumbled as your stomach turned. “(Y/n), get a grip on yourself!” Dustin hissed. “We can’t send him out there to die!” You hissed back. You looked around you and grabbed the metal bat out of Steve’s bag. “Son of a bitch, now you want to get yourself killed?” Dustin tried to grab the bat out of your hand, but you pushed him away slightly. You stuffed the lighter in to his hand and then jumped off the bus. “Fuck.” You mumbled as you tripped over something, almost falling on your face.

Steve’s head snapped around to glare at you. “So help me Jesus, you better get back on that bus, (Y/n).” Steve sounded extra mad, but you ignored him. You scanned the premises around you, searching for Dart. You heard chittering and weird noises all around you, but you couldn’t see anything because it was misty and very dark. You raised your bat higher, ready to swing at anything. At least you knew how to hold the bat steady.

“You’re going to get us killed.” Steve whisper yelled at you. “You’re going to get yourself killed!” You didn’t see Dart anywhere, so you whistled, trying to lead him to you. “Come on, buddy.” Steve decided to join you. “Human tastes better than cat, I promise.” You called. You were right beside Steve. And then finally you saw him, it was a terrible looking creature. You and Steve both eyed him. “You go that way, I’ll go this way.” You mentioned splitting up. “No, we stay together.” Steve insisted. “Steve, (Y/n)! Watch out!” Lucas called from the top of the bus, you wiped your head around and saw two more Dart’s. “Dart’s got siblings!” You yelled out to no one in particular. “Guys!” Dustin yelled from inside of the bus, suddenly the school bus doors flew open, exposing a panic-stricken Dustin. “Abort, abort!” He screamed.

Just when he screamed that, one of the Dart’s leaped towards you. You shrieked and ducked, it missed. The one behind it leaped as well, you gripped the bat and swung at its head. The sound that the impact made was terrible, the metal connecting right to the skull. You turned around, seeing three Demogorgon’s surrounding Steve. “Motherfuckers!” You cried out, running towards Steve, bat raised, taking aim. He looked more scared of you than he did of Dart. You ran to the Demogorgon in front of Steve and connected the bat to his head as well. “Duck!” Steve yelled and you instantly obeyed.

When you dropped to the floor, Steve’s spiked bat connected to the monster and blood sprayed everywhere. “What the… what the fuck!” you yelled, aggressively wiping at the blood that sprayed on your face. When you looked down at your hand you gagged, you hated blood. “(Y/n)!” Steve yelled, drawing your attention. “Run!” You obeyed him again, running as fast as your legs could take you, but suddenly something tackled you from the side. You felt the air leave your lungs from the hard impact. When you hit the floor, you fell head first. A grunt escaped you, but you managed to hold a distance between you and the thing using your bat as a defence.

Someone called your name, but you didn’t dare focus on anything else except keeping this thing from eating your face. Suddenly Steve’s bat connected to the side of its body and a hand dragged you up and away from the Demogorgon. Your vision blurred as you ran to the bus, but somehow you managed to make it in safely, Steve dived in behind you and Dustin instantly closed the doors.

You scooted away from the door as the Demogorgon slammed into the door. Steve moved as well, which caused him to sit half on top of you, protecting your body from the Demogorgon if it had to break through the door. Everyone was screaming as Dart repeatedly slammed it’s body against the door, trying to break in. “Shit!” Dustin cussed beside you, you felt your eyes water and something wet on the side of your face. “Are they rabid or something?” Max yelled.

Steve grabbed a piece of metal and held it to the door, you leaped forward and helped him. “They can’t get it! They can’t!” Lucas yelled. Steve pushed his back to the chair behind him and with his legs he held the metal in place. Suddenly the bus shifted and moved out of its previous position, causing the gang to scream in terror again. Then suddenly it was quiet, for a fraction of a second Steve loosened his grip giving the monster an opportunity to break though the threshold.

“Shit!” Dustin yelled. “Everyone go!” Steve commanded as he swung his bat down, hitting the thing on the head. “Is anyone there?! Mike?! Will?! God? Anyone!?” Dustin screamed into his talking device. “We’re at the old junkyard, and we’re going to die!” He added. You froze as you watched Steve hitting the one on the front, then suddenly one jumped on the roof, making dents in the metal as it approached forward. You looked up in horror, realising that you were right underneath the emergency exit on the roof. It growled at you and you started screaming.

“Out of the way! Out of the way!” Steve yelled, sweeping in like your knight in stiffening hairspray. “You want some? Come get this!” Steve held his bat up to it, threatening it, his voice was deep, and you could here he was scared. The Demogorgon screeched, it’s face opening exposing rows of sharp teeth, you screamed again. Suddenly it stopped and looked away, growling it jumped off the roof and ran away with the rest of the pack. You could hear them growling in the distance.

Everyone was silent, you saw Max grip on to Lucas’s hand, letting it go once they realised what they were doing. Without warning you burst out laughing, it was a deep, hearty laugh. “(Y/n)!” Steve yelled at you, you just couldn’t help it. “I’m sorry, when I’m stressed I laugh.” You said, in between a fit of laughter. “What the fuck just fucking happened!” You yelled, still laughing. “I think she’s having a panic attack.” Steve said and approached you.

You slapped his hand away when he reached for your face, even though you didn’t mean to. He didn’t think much of it as he pulled you in for a tight hug, you don’t know what it was, maybe his scent, or his hand on your back, but it made you feel better. “You’re okay.” He mumbled in to your hair. “They’re not here anymore.” Lucas said, looking through the window.

“What. Happened?” You asked, feeling out of breath. “I don’t know.” Max said. “Maybe Steve scared them off?” Dustin suggested. Steve pulled away from you, but kept his hand on the small of your back. “No.” Steve shook his head. “They’re going somewhere.” He said. “Of course they are, otherwise they would still be here trying to snack on us.” You said, feeling a bit better, the panic attack slowly fading. You looked down at your body, you were covered in blood. “Son of a bitch.” You mumbled. “I have a clean shirt for you in the trunk of my car.” You shook your head, “That’s way out at the train track, I’m okay.” You said, shaking your head at his offer, but at the same time trying not to think about the blood on your shirt.

“We have to go back there anyways.” Steve said, dangling his keys in front of your face. “Aren’t we going to go look for them?” You asked. “Where?” Steve snapped, irritated. “If you have a good place to start looking, then be my guest.” You stared at him blankly. “Ease up, man.” Dustin commented, coming to your defence. “She almost got herself killed out there! And now she wants to go look for the things?”

You just stayed quiet. “Let’s just go.” Steve grumbled, all of you followed behind him. You stayed back a little to walk at the back of the tween group, Steve leading it. Five minutes in to the walk, Steve stopped and let the kids past him. He fell in to step with you. “Look I’m sorry for lashing out at you.” Steve said softly. “You just gave me a fright, I thought I was going to lose you.” He didn’t look at you, so you grabbed his hand. “I thought I was going to lose you when you just decided to put yourself on the menu for Dart to eat.”

The kids were obviously close enough to hear you, so Lucas turned around slightly and then back at Dustin. “You’re positive that was Dart, right?” He questioned. “Yes. He had the same exact yellow pattern on his butt.” Dustin answered. “But he was tiny two days ago?” Max argued. “Well he’s moulted three times already” Dustin informed all of you. “You mean malted?” Steve asked, Dustin shook his head. “Moulted.” He corrected Steve, who was trying to correct him. “That means he shed his skin to make room for growth, like hornworms.” You explained. “When’s he gonna moult again?” Max asked, you shrugged. Its not like you were an expert on Demogorgon’s all of a sudden, just because you knew what the word ‘moulted’ stood for. “It’s gotta be soon.” Dustin answered.

“When he does he’ll be fully grown, or close to it.” He added. “And so will it’s friends.” You looked around you. “Yeah, and he’s gonna eat a lot more than just cats.” You said. Lucas suddenly stopped all of you. “Wait, a cat?” he questioned. “Dart ate a cat?” He asked. Dustin shook his head. “No, what? No.” He denied it and you frowned. “What are you talking about? He ate Mews?” Steve said next to you and you elbowed him in the ribs. Clearly Dustin didn’t want Lucas to know. Steve looked down at you confused.

“Mews? Who’s Mews?” Max questioned. “It’s Dustin’s cat.” He stated. “Steve!” you and Dustin exclaimed at the same time.  “I knew it!” Lucas said and shoved Dustin, “You kept him!” you sighed and massaged your temples, closing your eyes. Only then did you feel the throbbing pain on the side of your skull, and the boys screaming at each other did not help. “No! No. No, I.. No, I…” Dustin struggled to find the words. “He missed me, he wanted to come home.” He finally admitted. “Bullshit!” Lucas exclaimed. “I didn’t know he was a Demogorgon, okay?” Dustin defended himself. “Oh, so now you admit it?” “Guys, who cares? We have to go.” You piped in.

“I care!” Lucas turned towards you and pointed at himself, then he turned towards Dustin, pointing a finger at him. “You put the party in jeopardy! You broke the rule of law!” Dustin got visibly mad. “So did you!” He yelled back. “What?” Lucas asked. “You told a stranger the truth.” Dustin said and flashed the light in his hands at Max’s face. Max scoffed, “A stranger?” She questioned, walking closer to him. “You wanted to tell her too!” Lucas yelled. “But I didn’t, Lucas, okay?” your head snapped towards the woods when you heard a screeching noise, Steve did the same.

“I didn’t tell her!” Dustin added, still yelling at his friend. “We both broke the rule of law, okay? So, we’re even. We’re even!” You stepped away from the group, listening for more sounds, but the tweens arguing muffled the sound of the Demogorgon. “No, no! We’re not even. Don’t even try that. Your stupid pet could’ve ate us for dinner!” You felt Steve next to you. “That was not my fault!” Dustin defended himself. “Guys?” Steve called. “He wasn’t gonna eat us!” They didn’t hear you. “Oh, so he was crawling to come say hello?” Lucas asked sarcastically, Steve turned around. “Guys!” He screamed loudly, catching their attention.

Something screeched again.

Steve moved towards the sound, into the woods without any warning. The two tween boys following behind, leaving you standing there with Max. “No, no, no! Hey, guys, why are you moving towards the sound?” You questioned. They ignored you, you really considered grabbing Max and getting da fack out of there, but you couldn’t leave Steve.

“Let’s go, kid.” You said, Max following you into the woods.

PART 6???

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Hi I was the Zack imagine requester! Could the imagine be about Zack has a gf and he tries to keep home being a Power Ranger a secret but she finds out and it is just fluffy and adorable ☺ thank you

Like this is too adorable! Omg wow, I hope you like it! You are forever welcome!!

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“Zack?” You frowned. “We’ve been planning this for weeks?” Kids filed out of the halls around you as the bell had just rang. The two of you had been planning to go to the new movie you had been dying to see. 

He bounced his foot anxiously, glancing over your shoulder every few seconds before turning back down to look at you. 

“I know, I know, I’m so sorry, but…” he paused, as if looking for a good excuse. “Babe, something came up and I’ve got to go, I’m so sorry!" 

He jogged past you, spinning around at the last minute, while continuing to move towards the exit. "I love you!”

You sighed, rolling your eyes but calling back, "Love you too, asshole.”

He grinned before slamming into the door; you could hear his sheepish laugh as he turned around and moved through the other side. 

“Hey-” you placed your hand gently on Kimberly’s arm as she seemingly rushed to shove her things into her bag. 

“Wha- oh hey (Y/N), I’d love to talk, but I really have to go…” she smiled apologetically before speeding over to the exit as well. 

You leaned back against the lockers, biting your lip. Yeah, kids hated high school, but they didn’t normally run like a bat out of hell to the doors. 

Actually, when you began to think about it you had seen Jason leaving with Billy, and Trini slipping right out of the doors as well. 

It was weird, but you shook it off. They all had their own lives, and you trusted Zack and didn’t need to be that crazy girlfriend. 

But here you were, stalking your boyfriend and his friends and you groaned at yourself. 

It wasn’t like you had planned this- you truly hadn’t! But when you had been going to your car you saw Zack, Jason, Billy, Kim, and Trini all gathered in a group talking in hushed whispers. 

You couldn’t help it… there had to be something majorly important in order for Zack to lie to you. 

Nevertheless, here you were at the mines, standing there utterly confused. 

They had been right there! Literally like 100 feet in front of you before you turned away for a moment, checking you phone only to look up and see them gone. 

With your head spinning, you sat down on the nearest rock. 

Maybe they knew about some crazy ass hidden tunnel? Or maybe you were just going crazy. 

You decided the latter, because as that very moment the ground began shaking violently- as if you were in Jurassic park. 

Turning slowly, the breath hitched in your throat as you stared up at the sight before you. 

It took a moment to process what you were seeing, but you managed to gather 3 fundamental facts. 

1. There was a massive red T-Rex right in front of you.  

2. It was robotic, and you noticed a yellow sabertooth tiger and a blue triceratops as well. 

3. In front of you were the two other power rangers- the pink and black ones. 

You let out a small squeak and hurriedly tripped backwards. 

This was insane; as in not possible and completely ridiculous. You had to be dreaming. 

“What are you doing here?” The pink ranger asked harshly and you struggled to find the words. 

“I.. um, well this definitely wasn’t my intention.” You continued backing away slowly. “I.. was stalking- okay stalking is totally the wrong word. I was following my insane friends because… maybe I’m a terrible person?”

 You felt their heavy gazes upon you and you chuckled nervously. “Or maybe I was just curious, just curious sounds a lot better! Well um, here I am and I’ll just leave and get out of your hair…" 

Turning around you let out a small gasp, and before you even felt yourself falling, the black ranger had grabbed you, pulling you away from the massive chasm and holding you tightly. 

Wheezing, you struggled to get out of his grasp. 

"Hey, you’re alright! You’re safe. (Y/N), why are you even here?” His voice was… familiar and it caused the hair to raise on the back of your neck. 

“I never told you my name,” you stepped away from him, and this time away from the chasm. “Who are you? How do you know me?" 

The ranger paused, and turned back to the others. By now the other three had gotten out of their robots and were standing next to the pink ranger. 

"You’ll have to tell her eventually,” the red ranger shrugged and the black ranger shook his head. 

“I don’t think-”

“Zack, just do it.”

You’re eyes widened even more. 

“Z..Zack?” Your head flicked between them, and your voice caught in your throat. 

The Black ranger stepped forward, the mask covering his face receding into his suit. 

Your eyes widened at the familiar face in front of you, the face you loved, the face of Zack Taylor. 

Your heart was beating unevenly and you turned to see the others unmasked, there stood Jason- the red ranger, Kimberly- the pink ranger, Billy- the blue ranger, and Trini- the yellow ranger. 

“What is this some club I wasn’t invited into?” You stuttered out and Zack cracked a small smile. 

“(Y/N/N),” he reached out to you and you hesitated before he stepped even closer. “I’m so sorry I never told you. I didn’t want you to get hurt because of me. If anyone found out you knew us, you could be leverage.”

 He reached up, pushing the loose hair behind your ear. “You shouldn’t be here. You shouldn’t know. We shouldn’t be-”

“Woah, woah. Zack,” you shook your head hurriedly. “It’s alright! I understand. I just wish you had known you could tell me. I’m not mad, if anything I’m just even prouder to love you.”

He grinned widely. 

“I love you too,” he kissed you quickly before turning to grin at the others. 

“Now, I think you guys need to explain everything.” You rose an eyebrow and the others snorted. 

“I think you need to explain the stalking,” Jason retorted and you blushed. 

“Hey I was right about one thing,” you laughed. “You guys are really insane.”
Zack grinned and wrapped his arm around your shoulder. 

“At least I didn’t almost fall into a 400ft hole. You’re welcome by the way." 

Rolling your eyes, you leaned your head on his shoulder. 

"My knight in black armor.”

You know what I find sad? The fact that in all The Lego Batman Movie reviews the critics are still fucking salty over the DCEU, taking cheap pot shots at Zack Synder and complaining about Batman’s character in BVS, even though anybody who knows anything about comics knows that the Batman we got in BVS was the most comic book accurate Batman ever. 

And another thing, there is no “definitive” version of these characters, the reason they lasted for as long as they have is because they change and evolve with the times. George Reeves’ cheesy silver age Superman wouldn’t work in this day and age, same goes for Adam West’s Batman. Those versions of those characters existed in a time when those characters were only seen as children’s characters and nothing more.

But as time when on, those characters evolved with it.

See the reason why a lot of people dislike Batman And Robin is because well, it devolved back to the cheesy 60′s route and at the time most people were familiar with the animated Batman, who was nothing like George Clooney’s Batman. He didn’t run around carrying Bat Credit Cards and saying cheesy shit like “Freeze, you’re mad!” because the character had outgrown the 60′s.

See the thing people need to understand is that, just because you dislike a certain incarnation of Batman, doesn’t mean the previous versions have ceased to exist!

Also (spoilers for The Lego Movie) the reason why the Batman character in the Lego movies is so wacky is because it has been established that this universe was created by a child. So all the weird shit happens because it’s the product of a child’s imagination.

So you honestly can’t compare the two because they’re vastly different incarnations of the character.

But critics still wanna act like spoiled little shits so fuck them.

Little SuperBat

Requested by an anon

Summary: Batmom is Superman’s little sister & pregnant. Mixed emotions are expressed when the news is revealed!

Disclaimer: I’m not too familiar with details of Superman’s arcs, so we’re going to pretend Ma & Pa Kent are happy grandparents.

Warning(s): Slight Mentions of NSFW

Word Count: 1,030

“Clark, all I want is to have lunch with everyone I love. No super-hero talk! Plus, Ma and Pa already said they’re coming! Just a nice, relaxing lunch, okay?” Your words flowed into the telephone as you tried to convince Clark to come to lunch at the mansion.

~”They’re coming all the way to Gotham from Smallville?”~ His concerned tone annoyed you slightly and you huffed a sigh.

“They’ve visited you in Metropolis from Smallville! And Gotham’s not that much farther! Look, just please come, okay? Bring Lois and Jon! Please?”

~”Fine, we’ll be there.”~

The day of the lunch couldn’t come soon enough. Your parents arrived a few days earlier in order to spend time with you and the mysterious Bruce Wayne… and all of their grandchildren. Those days were the best of your life, but it would have been better if you didn’t have to keep such a secret the whole time. The little life growing inside of you seemed to taunt your mind, willing you to bring it into conversation at every possible moment.

Thankfully, it had been obvious that your birth controls fluked(or rather the stress of Bruce’s last mission caused you to forget to take them.) So you were able to take a pregnancy test the day after Bruce came home(and the day after you had ‘I’m so thankful you’re alive sex’.) It confirmed your suspicions and you and Bruce set out to find a way to tell everyone before Clark flew in on his own and demanded to know why he heard a little heartbeat connected to yours.

Finally, the day came and you couldn’t help but have a smile plastered to your face after you hung up the phone from Lois telling you they were leaving. Nervously, you busied yourself in the kitchen, happily helping Alfred and your mother(who refused to NOT bake a pie) prepare things for the picnic lunch. It kept your mind off things and kept your heart rate from racing.

The doorbell rang and your body tensed as you glanced at your mother. A smile spread across Martha’s face before she wiped her hands on her apron. Eagerly you set your knife down and followed her out of the kitchen, excitedly scurrying to the front door. Along the way you met other members of the family, also gravitating towards the door in anticipation.

An hour later the lunch picnic was well under way, Damian and Jon having “endurance” races while Steph and Jason threw a football trying to be the next Odell Beckham Jr. and catch it with one hand. Cass was showing Gramma Kent her ballet routine, with Dick choking back proud older brother tears. Alfred talked passionately with your father about his vegetable garden. Babs, you, and Lois talked about whatever, while watching Clark harass Bruce with concerned brother questions as Bruce tried to barbeque. 

When lunch was served everyone sat down at the custom picnic bench and started passing food around. Before long, you shared a look with Bruce, knowing what it was time to do.

“Sooo,” You cleared your throat, “Bruce and I have something to announce.”

Immediately you saw everyone tense, some in fear and other’s in excitement, before your mother, eyes twinkling, spoke up, “Well, what it is, darling?”

You shared another glance with Bruce, “I’m pregnant!”

Your parents lit up excitedly but not before Clark stood up, the bench he was sitting on being pushed back with his movement, “What?!”

Lois put a hand on his arm to try and calm him down but in a huff he turned away from the table and towards the woods behind the mansion. With a sad sigh you got up and announced that you’d go after him. It thankfully didn’t take long to find him slumped over near the bank of the creek. You sat down next to him and sighed again.

“Are you not happy about this?”

Clark’s head snapped up to look at you, “No! I mean, I am happy for you. But… another bat running around? (Y/N), what if something bad happens just because it’s yours and Bruce’s kid, or more importantly, batman’s kid.”

You raised an eyebrow, “Clark, that didn’t stop you or Lois. And it’s not going to stop Bruce and I. Plus, we have quite a few older siblings willing to protect our little one.”

Now it was Clark’s turn to sigh as he took in your words, knowing you were right. At the end of the day you couldn’t have been more satisfied by everyone’s reactions. Even if Clark got a little bit more overprotective than you liked, it was to be expected and it’s not as if he was the only overprotective one in the family.

Nine months later and Clark was unsurprisingly the first one by your bed side having heard your first sounds of distress. Bruce was second to come to your side. When you got to the hospital Bruce was rather thankful he didn’t have to ask Clark to stay in the waiting room and not go in the delivery room with you two. Clark paced back and forth for the entire 13 hours you were labor.

If you hadn’t been completely drained of energy and over excited at the same time you would’ve cracked some joke about how you would’ve hated to see what Clark was like when Lois was delivering. Luckily, Bruce was there to make the joke for you. Your baby rested in your tired arms perfectly and Bruce slumped in the chair next to your bed when Clark was finally let into the room.

Clark’s face lit up in a smile the second he walked into his face lit up at the sight of his tiny niece. Gently you slid your newborn into your brother’s arms and watched as tears came to his eyes after you told him she was named after both Bruce’s and your mothers. As Clark looked down at his niece, dwarfed in his muscular arms he thought maybe, just maybe, another bat might not hurt the world. After all, this one wasn’t just a bat, this little girl was a SuperBat.

Dating Jaebum would include (highly requested)

- “jaebum, have you seen my leftovers?”

“Wait,…u didn’t leave them for me…?”

- wearing his hats a lot because this boy will fuck up ya hair during sex by pulling on it all wild and then beg you to go to Walgreens and get him some Gatorade cause he need electrolytes

- going hard whenever his parts of a song come on in the car together, jaebum probably whips so hard he turns into a stop sign or some shit

- this boy ALWAYS steals ya Chapsticks but you can’t really get mad cause he need them more than you

- twirling pasta for him and shoving it in his mouth while you’re all annoyed but he just looks at you with heart eyes

- “hey mark have u seen this pic of me and-”

“You showed it to me 20 mins ago Jaebum, it’s your lock screen, you posted it on Instagram, I’ve seen it.”

- his dad probably calls you some cute shit like his lil angel, always pesters Jaebum about treating u right while you’re next to him like yeah….yeah u should treat me like the prince/ss I am jaebum

- looks so good in suits you sometimes jus ask him to put them on and he don’t understand why

- playing pranks on each other until half of Jaebum’s eyebrow is gone, your covered in feathers, maybe it’s time to stop

- vlogging with him, and he’s all cute and bubbly and laughs a lot

- he likes taking you to new places to eat, insists on taking pictures of you everytime you get dressed for him because he wants to remember it for later

- sometimes he sings you to sleep and kisses down your neck while you cuddle up into him and his arms envelop you and it’s like heaven

- smelling like him for a while after he’s gone and that just makes you a sadder hoe bc, your jaebum is gone

- little encouraging texts from him like “I love u, u can do this, have a great day my princess”

- but 5 seconds later the mood will change and some wild ass text like “I want you naked on the bed waiting for me when i come over tonight” will come through and you’re like what the fuck jaebum I haven’t even eaten breakfast

- singing really…really offtune to everything but it’s music to Jaebums ears, wants jyp to sign ya ass up

- probably that really annoying idol that’s like “no, I have a girlfriend” to everything

- he likes braiding your hair while you snuggle with him and watch tv

- cutie who will probably hold your makeup for you in his pocket when you guys go clubbing, probably lifts you on his back cause your heels hurt your feet

- once a week you both make time to make dinners together, lasagna week is coming up and Jaebum is excited

- jaebum the type to put annoying 2009 MySpace stickers on your pictures but you love him anyways

- let’s you wear his sunglasses even though they’re two sizes too big for your face

- game nights together where he probably gets mad he’s losing scrabble and ends up kissing you to distract you

- all of got7 trying to be all up in ya relationship and jaebums like omg guys stop!!! But you’re probably in the background talking about your sex life with youngjae

- random flowers that he surprises you with and its so cliche but it works

- watching Disney movies together but they’re in English so you gotta translate for him probably

- you could probably wear a sheet with holes cut out and jaebum would probably be like damn babe you look good

- competitions to see who can eat the most icecream but that ends in jaebum laying on your lap while you hold a warm cloth over his forehead cause he tried to shove half the tub in at once

- kissing up and down his chest when you guys are laying together, it probably tickles him

- riding buses together while you fall asleep on him and jaebums like omg so cute….but then you start drooling on him and he wants to push you off but you look cute he’s so conflicted

- y'all probably hear the icecream man passing and you guys try to race, you’re pushing him into a door, he’s pulling you back by your shirt and plopping you on the couch, then by the time you get there it’s already gone cause y'all childish lmao

- you being tired sometimes at events and it ends up with you on his lap asleep in his neck while he tries to pay attention but it’s hard cause your ass is heavy

- sharing everything, you wear his sweaters, jaebum probably steals your earrings and hats smh

- styling his hair for him and sometimes picking out his clothes while you clap in the background cause he looks so cute

- New Years with him while you’re probably drunk & slurring your words and telling him how glad you are you picked him over Jackson and he’s like aw…wait what????

- “did you steal my cologne, y/n?”

“What??? I can’t hear you, I gotta go, love u bye!!!!”

- looking at animals together while you guys sigh all dramatically bc you can’t get one yet

- Mark probably has to pry you off of Jaebum when you drop him off for practice because y'all kiss each other goodbye in the car but then 2 mins later he’s on your lap for some reason, kissing down your neck and marks like we gtg dude

- petty arguments over who gets to lick the bottom of the brownie bowl

- kissing his shoulders because he’s sore sometimes and he just sits there like (◕‿◕✿)

- trying to not laugh at each other when you make eye contact on variety shows but it’s impossible and the camera zooms in on both of y'all making double chins at each other

- attempting cooking classes together but jaebum ends up slicing himself so you gotta take him home and listen to him complain about the hello kitty bandaid you gave him

- roasting him because he got more Simpsons memorabilia than he got pictures of you
•"Why don’t you just keep Bart in ya wallet then?“
But he got a Photocard in there you just don’t know lmao

- grabbing onto his hair when he’s literally fucking you into a wall and his princess ass stops like baby girl, I love you, but watch the hair

- sending him little butterfly kisses from across the practice room and he’s all dramatic and pretends to catch them and put them in his pocket for later and jacksons like bro….why didnt u do that for me??

- randomly screaming about something and jaebum runs in with a bat all scared but you’re just staring at pictures of him on tumblr and he’s like really

- really into stripteases, but likes to pick the music and you’re trying to be all sexy to some fast ass techno beat

- in all honesty, the entire relationship feels like when you’ve been laughing for a really long time and you get that little pause where everything feels nice and you love the way life looks, and jaebum makes you feel like that because he treats you like the apple of his eye and puts you above everything else like the cutie he is, your number one fan and sugar bun