taehyung doesn’t like his outbursts. it always scares his jinnie hyung. jinnie hyung told him that he has an – anx – anxiety, and that loud noises scare him. almost as much as taehyung’s outbursts scare him. so taehyung tries to be a good baby brother and keep quiet.

except sometimes he can’t, and it frustrates him a lot, and then he ends up screaming and crying more, and he never realizes how scared his jinnie hyung may be until after his outburst and then he feels bad and shares his dino nuggets with jinnie hyung.

he doesn’t mean to scare jinnie hyung. he hopes jinnie hyung is okay with it.

A brief backstory here:
Amy had disappeared somewhere. Sonic and the company has already spent all forces in search for a pink hedgehog. But she accidentally was picked by team Dark. Rouge just tricked Shadow, forcing him to warm up Amy which was freezed in the night-time.
I don’t think that “ultimate life form” knows the term of dreaming, but while he can’t see she continues to have fun…

K: “Chaos! Where did you find her D:? I hope you didn’t send this to Sonic ?? ?? (((!?!”
R: “Noooooooooo, I do not want to get a beating or some other surprise from blue xDD))”


Friday, March 17th

Dear Mr. Joker (& those that apply),

Got myself all done up today.  Made sure to look my best just in case I have a run in with Bats.  I’m sure that I will.  Got lots of trouble planned.  Heheh.  Mayhem and destruction!  Good feelings all around.  Cheers!

The Gang at a Public Pool

• Soda, Two, and Steve are yelled at for running right off the bat

• Pony and Johnny would be at the diving board

• Dally would scare the little kids and run them off

• Dally would get kick out

• Two-Bit would get kicked out for alcohol

• The gang would play Marco Polo

• Dally would sneak back in

• Darry would convince the works to let Two back in

• Steve and Soda would bring water
guns for the gang and have a war

• Johnny would probably win

• Soda would probably slip at some point and hurt himself

• Actually all of them would probably slip and hurt themselves except Johnny, Darry, and Pony

• Dally, Steve, and Soda would flirt with the lifeguards

• (Cherry’s one of the lifeguards)

• Darry would be chilling in the shade until the boys would make him go into the water

• Dally would pretend to drown Pony

• Darry gets pissed

• Pony and Johnny would have a splashing war in the pool

• Soda and Steve would have a ‘holding your breath’ companion

• Steve would win

• They, unfortunately, brought pool noodles and kept hitting each other with them

• They got yelled at

• Dally would be kick out again

• Everyone else in the pool would complain about them and leave early

• They eventually run everyone out and they have the pool to themselves

• Until they get kick out


Before I was turned, I dreamed of becoming a master chef. I loved cooking so much and now I get nauseous around food *sigh*. Have you ever heard of a squeamish foodie who can never actually eat food because … well you know. It took me a while (78 years in fact) to get used to drinking plasma too, I mean it tastes delicious but the idea of it just freaks me out. Worst vampire ever right?

On that note, I never actually learnt how to turn into a bat or run really fast and all that cool vampire stuff. Me hating Vlad kinda … uh … hindered our training together. My new master, Caleb occasionally pops by or summons me but it’s usually just to drop off plasma fruit or packs. He’s more of a, um, distant mentor-figure.

But I pretty much know the basics: sun is a no-no and I own curtains … so I guess I’m not all that bad?


-Darry is amazing with babies they love him

-One time when he was food shopping a baby started crying and the lady was getting teary eyed because the baby wouldn’t stop and Darry helped her calm down the baby by smiling and tickling the baby’s stomach

-Darry has huge feet and after work they stink so he sticks them in Two-bit’s face when he’s eating on the floor

-One time Ponyboy and Soda said they were going to spend the night somewhere so Darry spent half the night dancing around in his briefs to Elvis

-One night Darry was tired and groggy and went to go to the bathroom and fell down and woke up Pony & Soda who thought someone broke into the house so they came running with a baseball bat to find their big brother passed out on the floor

-Darry kicks in his sleep sometimes

-When pony started smelling funny because of body odor Darry didn’t tell him until it got so bad that Johnny told Darry to tell pony but he waited because he remembers how awkward the puberty talk was

- Darry giggles and talks in his sleep

-Darry growls at old dogs to see if they react

-He uses the puppy dog face

-Darry loves when he can stretch and just moan and groan without his brothers asking if he’s got a girl with him

-Darry checks himself out in the mirror and flexes his muscles and practices flirting

(You can disagree if you’d like but these have been floating around my head for a bit)

ToonBoom animation test is DONE
Pretty pleased with the final result I must say. Here we have Fiiji, one of my old characters, he’s a star-eater or anteater or whatever you call that thing. 

Interestingly, ToonBoom brush tool is pretty similar to Flash’s, except I find it alot easier to control. Overall, I actually find this software pretty neat, just wish it can export gif like TV Paint does. 


Stop butting in on everyone’s answers, Roy.

(Falman’s “bear” is a reference to the Briggs Bears)