The worst line in “Run For Your Life” is actually a quote from “Baby Let’s Play House” written by blues musician Arthur Gunter (”I’d rather see you dead little girl, then to be with another man”). Like many blues artists, Gunter wrote songs about violence and vengeance that can be traced back to the murder ballads tradition of early folk music. As a huge fan of early twentieth century blues, I can tell you that that there are three plots you hear revisited over and over by writers like Gunter: “my lover done me wrong so I’m going to kill him/her,” “my lover done me wrong so I’m going to kill his/her new lover,” and “my lover done me wrong so I’m going to kill myself.” (Both genders because female blues musicians would sometimes target men in songs as well.) Violence (and sex) are a crucial to entire subgenres of the blues, used for imagery, symbolism, politics and catharsis (and just because vengeance makes for a gripping story). But like rap many decades later, those things became an easy excuse for white people to target predominantly African-American genres. 

But I’m not surprised that the OP waluigitheanti is ignorant of any of that. In addition to being confused and ascribing several songs to the wrong songwriters, I awoke this morning to spam messages from her in my inbox calling me a “dumb ass n*gger.” (Amazingly, the fact I’ve had anon messaging turned off for years so I can see their usernames doesn’t seem to matter - but of course Tumblr’s abuse team never does anything with screenshots of racist messages.) I find it funny that the people who often portray themselves as the most angry social justice warriors in public on their blogs are the quickest to search my blog for personal details and let the racism and homophobia fly in private. 

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