Adventurer Lady Belle never expected her attempt to run from a forced wedding to a cruel husband and being hunted by said knight would lead her to this unexpected predicament. For it seems her new mysterious scaly captor isn’t willing to let her go until the leg she hurt while escaping into his territory is all healed and not until he can prepare for winter for himself and his child.

Most of all Belle never counted on how much she would come to feel at home with the two nagas either.


Derek Sante interviews Robert Carlyle at SDCC 2015


Just a little fic inspired by this.

Rumplestiltskin hobbled toward his hut, trying not to spill the water from the bucket he was carrying. As much as it pained his ankle to do so, he was trying to hurry: he had left Bae home alone and even though he was sleeping when he’d left and he’d only been away for a bunch of minutes, he couldn’t help but worry: he was just a baby, not even one year old.
He would have never left him alone, but Milah was nowhere to be seen (she was probably at the inn) and the sun was setting: they needed that water and walking to the well in the dark was always dangerous.
As he neared the hut, he heard something that made his blood freeze: Bae was crying. He started running, as much as his ankle would allow him to do so, and dropped the bucket: water be damned, he would walk to the well later, even in the middle of the night. The only important thing now was that he got to Bae as fast as possible.
He stormed through the door and saw his son on the ground next to his crib, crying his eyes out, but apparently unharmed. Rumplestiltskin reasoned that he must have woken up alone and fallen from the crib trying to reach one of his parents. He knelt to the ground next to him and hugged him tight, checking for any bruises or bumps. Luckily, he found none.
“It’s ok, Bae, your papa is here. It’s alright now.” Bae seemed to hold onto him with all of his little strength.
“Papa.” Rumplestiltskin nearly had a stroke. He looked at his son, bewildered.
“What… what did you just say?”
“Papa!” He repeated. Bae was laughing now, eyes still red from crying, and snugged happily into his father embrace. Rumplestiltskin couldn’t believe his ears. His son had just spoken his first word. And that word had been “papa”. His eyes watered but he blinked back the tears, not wanting to upset his son.
“Yeah. Your papa loves you so much.” He got up with difficulty, holding Bae with one arm and grabbing his staff with the other. He laid his son back into his crib and watched as he fell back into sleep, a serene smile on his little face.
Rumplestiltskin’s life wasn’t easy. He slept and ate little, his ankle was broken beyond repair, and the whole village, including his wife, loathed him.
But for his son he would endure anything.
He was worth it.


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by Briar_Rose7

After an earthquake, Mr. Gold finds himself buried under debris. He gives up to panic and desperation until he finds that he is not alone. The voice of a woman in the same situation finds him. Together they must try to mantain the hope in each other until the rescue.

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Words: 4401, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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five by five meme: [4/5] ships - Regina Mills + Rumplestiltskin

I thought you changed. More like evolved. Coming back from the dead and being a slave to the Wicked Witch tends to do that to you. But if you don’t think villains can get happy endings, just watch me take one. There’s no author of my fate, no storybook with my destiny. I’ve been a villain a thousand times over and yet I’m about to get everything I desire. As unbelievable as it sounds, I want the same for you.