Am I the only one that didn’t see the lie?

People keep saying Rumple lied to Belle in the dream, Maybe it’s just me but I can’t find the lie. He approached Belle with the character he was given. In her dream he was the owner of the Dark Castle. But he also approached her as a man who loved her. He is a man who loved her.  I realize this might be a bad thing to do but if I had some random character in a dream break the world of the dream to tell me it wasn’t real and say… what? “You’re cursed and I’m really your husband and you’re dreaming and you hate me but I need to kiss you because I need you to wake ‘up?” Like A) No that doesn’t go with the dream. And B) I’d tell them they were nuts. 

Also his actions were essentially “I will do anything to save her” She was going to die. He was put on a clock, wake her up now or she and her child sleep forever. So he behaved true to his heart. He behaved the way he always wants to with Belle, he treated her the way he did when they were married. He honestly spoke to her telling her what she needed  to hear. Yes it was in the realm of the dream so he lied about like…. not traveling or anything. But that’s not really a lie so much as playing the part assigned. I literally see NO lie during the entire exchange and I call bullshit to the existence of one. I mean really……….. How is that a lie?  He didn’t say or do anything false.

Rumbelle support to everyone

Only one episode in and we’re already falling apart as a fandom.

I long for the days where it was the Rumbelle fandom as a united front against the haters and at times the showrunners.

 I miss too the days when almost the entire OUAT fandom was a group that supported each other, but those days are long long gone. 

We’ve split into so many factions it seems. Those that support Belle at all costs and come across hostile towards Rumple. Those that support Rumple at all costs and are hostile towards Belle.

Those that try to stay neutral but even the slightest move in either direction with criticisms gets jumped on. 

Those that are trying their damnedest to support each viewpoint because in the end we all really just love Rumbelle and know that the writers ruined things when the decided Rumple wanted to rule the world in s4. and now he’s a gangster that makes deals with everyone and cheats them.. 

Then there’s the few that are so positive that they see all this as a necessary storyline that will pay off big. That’s where I want to be, but I am not. I don’t trust we’re going to get the payoff people are hoping for. That won’t be Bold Storytelling. 

I’m not sure where I fall because i have friends in all the categories and I understand each of them. And I feel like I’m going to cry out of frustration because I want to let all of you know that I agree, but then I get worried that if I agree and discuss one person pov then others will assume that I’m being a hater..

I really wish we could come together as a fandom and do something. At first I was thinking of getting the attention of ABC , OUAT, and Adam by trying to start an event that will trend of Twitter. It seems that Adam gives people what they want if they annoy him enough, or he quits Twitter for an hour.

So at first I was thinking of suggesting we start a trend about Eddy’s constant hostility towards us with (I can’t recall waht Violet and I said) But we could show all the quotes, etc that were positive and how wrong Eddy was/is. Because at the moment I am salty about Eddy’s comments regarding us as a fandom. He says the same f*ing thing every year but only this year he took it even farther. And then Adam tweets about how grateful he was to the Oncers that watched on Sunday and I just felt livid. Why would I support you when Eddy just slapped me in the face?

But that may be too negative for us to get enough Rumbelle fans and supporters to join us.  What about something positive? Something to remind them that we love Rumbelle and why. Post quotes, moments, that contradict what they say in interviews. That they can’t deter our love and hope for Rumbelle?

Think something like that will get noticed and may unite us? We’re so splintered that at times I don’t think fics and beautiful art will sustain us when the canon is so depressing.

Petition to retire Rumple and Belle from OUAT 2k16!

They are too beautiful and pure for A&E to keep sullying with their character assassinating plots! I’m starting a post to have Rumple and Belle retired from this awful show because the creators no longer deserve them. I love Rumple andI love Belle. Robert Carlyle and Emilie De Ravin are fantastic actors with excellent chemistry, but this writing no longer does them justice. After the newest Morpheus baby plot twist, Belle’s uncharacteristically spiteful treatment of Rumple in the Dark Castle, and Eddy’s remarks of"Belle hating Rumple" and “Rumple’s motto is ‘I take babies’”my heart is broken, and I can’t take it anymore!

At least one of the show-runners have been gradually self-inserting their own spite for Rumbelle into the canon writing. My guess, it’s Eddy Kitsis. Starting in 3B when they killed off Bae, Rumple’s arc has been cyclical, underdeveloped, framed in a way that makes it feel like we’re supposed to be rooting against Rumbelle, instead of for them. Eddy has emotionally abused the Rumbelle fandom with cruel and mocking statements, like “Rumple is a difficult man to love, and every time the fans get angry for falling for him.“ I have one thing to say that, being a “difficult man to love” was never insurmountable obstacle back when the show still made sense from S1-S3A, and you weren’t obsessed with stupid plot fuckery and making Hook look better than everyone and anyone, no matter the cost. Eddy, you prick, we just want the Rumple and Belle of S1-S3A back! The Rumbelle who was dynamic, well-developed, well-written, and the one that we were meant to hope for in the canon narrative. It’s been 2.5-3 seasons now of this bullshit, and I know that if Rumbelle continue to stay on this show any longer past this season that it’ll probably never change.

I hate how Eddy acts like we as fans are deluding ourselves for expecting something better for Rumple and Belle than this cruel, unfair, hopeless, cyclical, and utterly soul crushing mockery that you two have made of their beautiful relationship in the past 2.5-3 seasons in your sudden spitefulness, laziness, and desire to prop up Hook/CS! Don’t act like you didn’t purposely change the entire hopeful tone for Rumbelle in 3B because it suddenly became too inconvenient for you when you wanted to prop up your gross self-insert couple (CS), and were too lazy and unskilled to actually write Hook into a likable character in your rush to “redeem” him, so you felt it necessary to degrade Rumbelle.

Adam, please retire Rumple and Belle from this show sometime this season. A happy ending would be preferable, but honestly I don’t even know if I care what happens anymore in canon because they almost aren’t recognizable as Rumple and Belle at this point. If you, however, are planning on making them into a salvageable and recognizable version of Rumple and Belle in S6, if you’re not going through with this ridiculously out of character plot of Rumple trying to steal a baby from his true love, if you can keep Belle in character for more than two episodes at a time, and if Belle’s not going to be besties with Zelena (the woman who tortured Rumple for a year, and killed Bae), then give her and Rumple a light hearted and feel good happy ending together that puts an end to the angst and their presence on the show in 6A once and for all.

Otherwise, break them up permanently, and end their presence on this show by killing them both off because if you character assassinate them with a plot where they are each other’s enemies, and teaming up with each other’s enemies to take a baby away from each other then they will no longer be recognizable as Rumple and Belle to me. If you make Rumple and Belle each other’s enemies, then there will be no forgiveness of the writers or saving them on this show’s canon in the future of this show on my part. Rumple tried to get Milah to come home to take care of Bae. Why would it make any sense for him to try and take a baby away from his true love? Why would Belle run away from Rumple to Hook and Zelena, instead of fucking confronting her husband, like the brave character she is meant to be written as? I get being wary of Rumple after what went down between them in S4, and taking back the curse with little deeper explanation. But not giving him a chance to explain his side of the issue or allowing him any rights to his child is uncharacteristically cruel, childish, and unfair of Belle. I won’t accept it as canon if it’s a regular thing throughout 6A.

All I care about is Rumple and Belle being off this show permanently if Eddy’s character assassinating self-insert spite, meaningless and largely OOC angst for Rumbelle are what we have to look forward to in 6A. I just want to finally have some peace of mind, and live in a world of fanfiction. I love Rumple and Belle too much to see them degraded like this.

I really don’t like Eddy Kitsis. Why does he think it’s cool to mock the Rumbelle fandom? He has ruined the spirit of OUAT with his spite! My goal is to get this up to 1000+ notes, so that I can tweet it to Adam.

Fic: Inheritance (Chapter 12)

Title: Inheritance
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Five years after leaving town to see the world, a death in the family forces Belle French back to Storybrooke to deal with the estate. Never intending to stay very long, she nevertheless soon finds herself drawn back into old friendships, old dreams, and an old love that’s not as finished as once she had hoped. Belle might be back in her hometown, but after five years away from the wreckage she left behind, is it possible to ever really come home?

A/N: Lovely banner courtesy of @rowofstars, isn’t it pretty? :D 

A/N 2: Also, trigger warning for mild symptoms/discussion of depression. And no, before anyone asks, Belle is not pregnant. Belle’s issues are emotional, not obstetric. 

On AO3 | All chapters

Chapter 12

Belle was dozing.

She was warm, comfortable, held in strong arms and pleasantly sore, and for a moment she was just asleep enough to lose all context. She shifted, curled up around the body wrapped around her, and closed her eyes against intruding reality. If she kept her eyes closed she didn’t have to face the fallout. If she kept her eyes closed, she could ignore whatever momentary madness had led her here in the first place.

So she dozed; exhaustion washing over her as if she’d been tired for weeks, and this was her first chance to relax. She slipped into sleep without even realising it, and she could have sworn as she did that she felt a pair of soft lips pressed against her crown.

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You all know that I love Golden Queen scenes, but why is Rumple giving the EQ some key, or whatever?

I love Regina and Rumple scenes, but this isn’t Regina. This is the Evil Queen. Please, don’t tell me that Eddy’s bs about “No one taking a baby from Rumple,” and “Rumple’s motto is ‘I take babies’” is actually going to fucking come true! The idea that he would try to take a baby away from Belle, his true love, particularly with another villain is unforgivably and inconceivably OOC. There would be no more reason to watch if they did that because it would utterly assassinate Rumple’s character beyond repair. I know he’s lied to Belle before in S4, it was shitty, he’s sorry for it, and he’s being better and honest now. He never threatened her, never intentionally hurt her, and never forced her into something she didn’t want. He’s never disrespected her. I could see Rumple being justifiably angry about Belle trying to take the baby away from him, and refusing to back out of their kid’s life, no matter what. But trying to take the baby from Belle is completely out of character, and I won’t acknowledge it as canon if they actually make him do it.

The only way that I could accept Rumple doing something dark again would be if it were he were blackmailed into doing it by another villain to protect family (that’s stupid and repetitive too). Otherwise, there is no reason to come back and watch this show. That being said, Rumple looks highly uncomfortable with the EQ, like she’s asking him to do something that he won’t like when he’s giving her that key. What are everyone’s theories?