I noticed something adorable about Rumplestiltskin...

So I was binge watching Rumbelle clips online late tonight/early this morning and I noticed something

You know in Season 2 Episode 12 of Once Upon A Time when Rumple tells Belle to go fetch straw in the village and that once she had gone that he never expected to see her again? Okay well, later on in that episode when Rumple is moodily looking out the window like a heroine in a trashy soap opera and he sees Belle out the window. When he sees her he gives a little smile and then he turns and runs, stomps noisily down the stairs to go and sit at his wheel and act all nonchalant. He doesn’t use hos magic like he always does. He doesn’t poof on down and wait for her to come through the front door. In his excitement of seeing Belle, the woman that he had grown to care for and was ready to part woth for her own good, he forgets about his magic and he doesn’t think. He just lets himself go and he runs down the stairs, across the castle, to the entry hall and he parks his out of breath behind down on that stool and waits for her to come walking in that door.

Thought it was adorable and felt like sharing


I’m so sorry Robert Carlyle.  It’s just that nothing makes my heart clench faster than precious adorable smols, and Bobby is certainly that.  And then pairing him with the even tinier and equally adorable Emilie as Belle…I just never stood a chance. 

I tried to depict myself and Rush/Rumple/Belle to scale as best as possible.  I’m about 1.5 inches taller than Bobby.

This comic was probably a huge waste of time and internet space, but I needed an outlet for the intense feelings I have towards these overwhelmingly cute smols.