“Shine like the whole universe is yours.” ~Rumi 

Wishing my sweet friend Michaela @islandfeuer​ a very Happy Birthday!! I treasure our friendship and hope that you are surrounded by love, peace and joy, today and always!!! *BIG HUGS* ~Angie 😙💕🤗

Love the broken parts you carry.
—  because at the broken parts is where our strength resides // Hina Syeda @abillionlittlethoughts
Expecting others to understand you, will leave you empty.
—  believe in yourself (don’t expect others to) // Hina Syeda @abillionlittlethoughts
In all the
seven seas,
the oceans,
and the breeze,
find your way home.
And realize all that
you search for: exists
in your very existence.
—  look within // Hina Syeda @abillionlittlethoughts