Some of y'all: If Belle’s going to be dead, I hope the writing will at least acknowledge her influence on Rumple and show all the ways she’s helped him grow

The same some of y'all: How dare Regina try to appeal to Rumple’s sense of morality by acknowledging Belle’s positive influence on him, what a manipulative bitch

Like I could almost see where you’re coming from if she was trying to con him into doing a personal favor for her, but that’s?? Not what’s happening in this scene?? At all?? She’s admitting she’s in over her head and needs his help??? Like I don’t doubt that he’s walking away without good reason (after all, the writing loves to put Rumple between a rock and a hard place), but can we not ignore the fact that she’s making an open and honest plea for help here? That she’s seeing the “changed man” she met in EF2 walk out on her, and how that must look? That she knows from personal experience how tempting it is to slip into old habits? That maybe, if even Belle’s name isn’t enough for him to change his mind, then she at least gains the confidence of knowing that he really must have a good reason for what he’s doing?

Because I am exhausted.

[So to those calling Rumple an ass in last night’s episode, I mean, really? Just because he didn’t agree to help Regina doesn’t make him an ass. He clearly has his reasons, he even pretended NOT to know Belle and that makes it obvious he has certain reasons as to why he can’t let people know, just yet, that he is awake. He even tried to HELP Rogers and most thought he was just playing him, but it turned out Rumple was right. He is trying to protect people in his own way, just like Regina is.

His life with Belle changed him, he said that, so I think he knows something tragic or dangerous about the curse, just like Regina does, and he is trying to protect people by pretending not to be awake. He is helping in his own way, going at his own pace. You can see it in his eyes how much he wanted to tell Regina he was awake and the look in his eyes when she mentioned Belle? It hurt him. Belle changed him, she made him a new and better man, so I know it hurts that he has to lie, especially about her, but he is doing it for his own reasons, I believe. This time for good reasons.

He isn’t an ass. Just like Regina, he is keeping the fact that he is awake a secret for his own reasons. If he didn’t have his good reasons, I don’t think he would have tried to help Rogers? Anyway, this is just what I think/feel. I’m on Rumple’s side. He is the reason I watch the show and I believe in him.

Could Adam and Eddy prove me wrong? They’re capabale of it honestly, but Rumple’s driving force is Belle and reuniting with her as well as helping his family. So I think he will keep on the right path.]

That moment when a scene from the show reminds you of your own fanfic...

She waved her free hand at him. “Don’t try your tough guy act with me; it won’t work. I’ve seen you try and flirt with a ketchup bottle, you know.” Her expression grew serious. “I’ve been hearing things, Weaver. You’re messing with things you shouldn’t. You know Belle wouldn’t have wanted - ”

“What Belle would have wanted is to be alive.”

Roni sighed, her shoulders dropping. “I know. But this isn’t you.” She gave him a wry smile. “There’s still a good man beneath all that denim. I know there is.”

-To Serve and Protect, Ch 3

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So, while rewatching the season 6 finale of OUAT, as I usually do, with @fandoms-funnies-etc we noticed Belle had a cross stitched message hanging in her kitchen. At first, we didn’t pause to take a closer look so we assumed, from the short glimpse we got, that it said “I love to read” twice because to us that sounded like a logical Belle thing. We even made up this huge story and plot of how Belle under the black fairy’s curse had to remind herself that she loved to read to stay true to herself and hold on to the only part of her past identity that she knew. Knowing us, this became a big inside joke so I made this image and @fandoms-funnies-etc is going to try to make the actual cross stitch soon. We eventually went back to see if we could read what it says and found out it said “a stew to make, a cake to bake” which is nothing compared to “I love to read, I love to read”


“Once upon a time, there was a Beast who took a girl prisoner. But he fell in love with her. And then he let her go. And that is when the girl realized that she loved him too. But in the end, she came back to him, more than a few times.

See? You let me go once before and… we found our way back to each other.

You’re a good man, Rumple. Your heart is pure. You WILL find the answer you need to get rid of the dagger. And you WILL find your way back to me again. I promise.”