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I’m just looking for some awesome blogs to follow in the Once Upon A Time fandom.
I’m really hating all the anti fandom rubbish at the moment with hate being thrown on all ships & pairings so I’m looking for blogs that don’t throw too much anti stuff around.

I’ll tell you what pairings I like : Snowing, Captain Swan, Rumbelle & (let’s take a moment to remember…) Outlaw Queen.
I’m just finding it difficult to find any blogs, that ship them all without hating on another.
So.. any help would be very much appreciated.

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I think instead of Rumple trying to be the person Belle wants him to be. And trying to win her love back. I want him to place his ring and every reminder he has, the cup etc and store it in a box somewhere.

I’d like him to learn to be ok with being alone. To let go of trying to have a future with Belle. Because as she said there’s too much heartache.

I want him to learn that he’ll be ok and doesn’t need a support. I want Rumple to rescue himself from the darkness and not do it for anyone but himself.
Then he can work on being a loving papa.

Then later on. After he learns he can kick his addiction on his own, he and Belle can reconnect if they want or move on.

Right now I think it important that both of them figure out what they want. Belle is already doing that. And she has shown she’s ok without Rumple and staying with her friends.

Rumple doesn’t have that. So for him he needs to learn that he can still be a good loving father and be the best man he could be without needing to do that for Belle.

Working Out - Part 9

Mr. Gold/Belle French, Teen+

Summary: Mr. Gold, hopelessly in love with Belle French, the town librarian, overhears a conversation between her Ruby about the appeal of well muscled, beefy men. Misinterpreting that this is Belle’s type of man, he joins the local gym to work out. Rather unsuccessfully. Based on a prompt from an anonymous benefactor. :)

Chapter Summary: Gold apologizes, Belle responds, and progress is made.

Notes: I think this chapter is very much needed after the start of the new OUAT season. I hope everyone is happy with our two idiots. They may just get on the same page yet. Also this chapter is hella long. Sorry.

[AO3] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7] [Part 8] [Part 9]

Belle looked up from the book club list to see a very surprising patron standing just inside the doors of the library.

“Papa?” she said, stepping out from behind the circulation desk. “What are you doing here?”

“Hey, Belle.”

Moe French had set foot in the Storybrooke Public Library exactly twice before this. The first was when he helped Belle move her meager belongings into the apartment above the library that came with her job as librarian. The second was the day of the grand re-opening. He stayed long enough to have a piece of cake and glass of punch.

This time he was still in his work uniform and hat, and holding a small vase of a half dozen white roses, her favorite, as it happened. He looked as though he was making a delivery, but that didn’t make much sense. Who would he be delivering them to at the library?


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Once Upon a Time || Hot Topic Fashion Line (Coming Soon)

Featuring looks inspired by: Regina/Evil Queen, Captain Hook/Killian Jones, Rumplestiltskin and Belle, Emma Swan, Captain Swan, and Snow White.

I’m unsure if this is all they’ll have, but I feel like there will be more when they officially release the line. These are taken from their website, which is linked above.

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Rumbelle Is Hope Event #2

So, canon is painful but we knew that. But Rumbelle is still hope, so October 21-23 (the weekend before Halloween so hopefully this does not conflict too badly with any other events) I would encourage everyone to post fluff, smut, and fluffy smut.

Fix-it fics, AUs, or just missing scenes all welcome along with whatever else your depraved little minds can come up with. As long as it’s happy, we want to see it. Arts and fics and vids and metas and whatever else you can come up with.

Make sure to tag all your works with #rumbelle is hope when you post them, or even just tag the blog so we can get everything queued up!

Also, last time we ran this there was some interest from OQ and SQ about running a similar event for them. If anyone would like to do that, please know you have my blessing to use the “is hope” name or just the concept and my ( @standbyyourmantis ) inbox and messages are totally open of you need any help getting going.

The ironic thing is, I really wanted the Rumbelle baby to wake up Belle.

I didn’t talk about it because whenever I post happy theories they never, ever come true.

But I knew that they would never give Rumbelle a TLK, because they need Rumple to be the villain so that Killy the Stu (and now Zelena Sue) can look like a hero. The atrocities they’ve committed against Rumple can just be washed away as long as he’s “evil.”

So, that wasn’t happening.

But I thought that maybe, in her dreams, Belle would see a vision of her future child. And she would realize that child could never be born and have a life if she didn’t wake up. So she would break her OWN curse with a flood of true maternal love like none ever seen, so that her baby could live.

Instead I got a Belle planning to keep herself under the curse forever so her child never got the chance to live. And a coldhearted scummy overtall Pan clone instead of a cute chubby little toddler at that.

This anti-Belle crap is fucking tiresome.... She does not exist merely as a support system for Rumple.

She’s a LIVING, breathing human being who has feelings - just like he does. 

Apparently Rumple’s awful behavior in 4A was not a big deal; apparently Belle has no right to be scarred, to feel traumatized, by what he did.  Oh no,  she has to keep fighting for him despite her HEARING HIM TELL HER in the UW how much he loves the dagger,  the power… THIS after he lied to and deceived her after their marriage I guess she’s just supposed to get over this right away? She fought for him a long time - how about he fight for himself? Instead Rumple is going to go about SB doing his DO thing, probably making a deal with the EQ as seen in photos and pretty much loving his power.

He’s absolutely allowed to be whoever he wants to be and thinks he is, but Belle is allowed to decide that she’s done with him in the sense that she won’t fight for him. If Rumple wants to be a better person, that’s on him now - as it should be.

This is NOT anti-Rumple, this is PRO-Belle……

I guess it’s not surprising that the fanbase feels this way; Rumple was on the show for a year before Belle came on. Either way, this is how I feel.

I’d love to discuss with people, but anyone who’s going to throw barbs or judge me for feeling this way - anyone who’s going to throw hate on Belle? Don’t bother.