It’s been a rough few weeks for Belle (Emilie de Ravin) and Rumple (Robert Carlyle) on Once Upon a Time. Belle’s decision to give up their newborn son appeared to be the final nail in their turbulent relationship’s coffin.

But we’ve heard that in Sunday’s fall finale, a “surprising danger” to their son will put the estranged couple together again – physically at least. And De Ravin hints that the threat will spark “a lot of changes in their relationship” that she guarantees will please (and possibly confuse) fans.

Considering how emotionally distant Belle and Rumple have been since she got pregnant, any time they spend together has to be a good sign, right?

Rumbelle thoughts, fears and speculations.

I hope that what Belle just did will help her understand Rumplestiltskin’s need for power. She gave away her son because she feared that someone more powerful than her was trying to hurt him. That’s exactly why Rumple craves power, because if he is the most powerful around, then he can protect his family.

We know that we’ll see the grown up Rumbaby again, so my greatest fear right now is that someone will irreversibly speed up his aging. I really don’t know how Rumbelle could come back from this, because Rumple would blame Belle for it, and rightfully so. I don’t think he could or should ever forgive her if their son suddenly turned 28 because she gave him up.

My current theory is that the guy Belle saw in her dream is the Rumbaby, but the Rumbaby from the AU that will come to life in the next episode. Somehow, Rumple and Belle had a child in that AU, but Rumple royally screwed things up, probably while trying to find Bae. So his son, who now hates him, uses his powers (he’s the product of TL and the son of the Dark One, after all) to contact his mother from another timeline, hoping to… idk, save at least her? Change the course of fate? That would explain how could “Morpheus” know so many things.

November Recap

So this is a thing I’m going to try to do, because all the cool kids are doing it. This month was really quite productive for me, which was surprising considering how hard it seemed like it was to get writing sometimes.

  • Bartender  - Part 2 - Belle x Gold, @ashadeofpemberley prompted me this for the first Rumbelle is Hope, Gold plays music while Belle is closing down the bar and one of her favorite songs comes on.
  • Bartender - Part 3 - Belle x Gold, ghostwriter107 prompted Keith being a jerk and Gold to the rescue. Minor warning for attempted sexual assault.
  • Slings and Arrows - Chapter 2 - Spun Lace, spinner!Rumple/Lacey, Lacey gets caught in a snow storm and seeks shelter with Rumple. Smut ensues.
  • Picky Hearts - a prompt fic for Ru’s impromptu spite ficathon, Belle x Gold, purely fluffy, @sarashouldbestudying, For the Spite Prompt-a-Thon: an unusual proposal.
  • Warmth - a prompt fic for the spite ficathon, Belle x Rumple, purely fluffy, semi-canon compliant, warning for menstruation stuff
  • For Rent - another prompt fic for the spite ficathon, Belle x Gold, fluffy and silly, prompted by @leni-ba Rumbelle + “Call me tomorrow.”
  • Between the Sheets - a second fic in my Between verse, Belle x Rumple, semi-canon compliant, smut and fluff, blow jobs in the morning
  • Bartender - Part 4 - Belle x Gold, more of the continuing shenanigans of bartender!Belle and Mr. Gold, Belle gets sick and Gold has to take over the bar
  • A Certain Reputation - Papafire, set in the Bragging Rights verse, prompted by my darling BR Anon who wanted to know if Neal existed and what he thought about his dad and Belle

Total fics: 9

Total word count: 17,707

Graphics/Gifsets I made can be found under the tag: #my stuff. I made several more Rumbelle aesthetics for various fics, but also the general ones I’m posting in my series, and I made a ton of clips for Skin Deep gifsets. :)

The end of the chapter

My fixit for 6x09 - which I’m sure will be AU by Sunday’s episode.  Some angst, some hope, and some things i would really love to hear be discussed.

No beta, so please excuse any mistakes.

Granny had insisted that she stay with her – told her that no one should go through what she was going through on their own.  She should probably be grateful for that, but she couldn’t think right now.  She was a raw nerve ending whiplashing from one extreme to another – from grief over giving away her baby to fury at Rumple for endangering them and then ending up in stark, numb exhaustion.  All she wanted right now was to sleep and dream of her baby.

She ignored the knock on her door.  It came again, more insistent, and this time with a questioning, “Belle?”  in Regina’s voice.  Or, maybe it was the Evil Queen.   She couldn’t be bothered to care.

The knock came again.  She angrily shouted, “Go away!”, and burrowed under the covers.  There was a soft whoosh of air as Regina teleported herself inside.  Did no one respect her wishes?

She heard Regina move a chair closer to the bed and sit down.  “Belle – there’s something you need to know.”

“Go away.”


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Emilie to the rescue - I’m so happy!!!!! Rumbelle will grow closer together and they’ll BOTH grow as people. Maybe even eventually we’ll get some romance??? Ok, I have to calm down ….!

****But we’ve heard that in Sunday’s fall finale, a “surprising danger” to their son will put the estranged couple together again – physically at least. And De Ravin hints that the threat will spark “a lot of changes in their relationship” that she guarantees will please (and possibly confuse) fans.****

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