Dangerous Fun
  • Dangerous Fun
  • Studio Killers
I can only imagine the places where it had been
And what it had done
In unknown whereabouts and abandoned warehouses
Dangerous fun
But I hold the thought it's somewhere licking its paws
Waiting for my call
Wandering at ease, the backstreets and alleys
It's all my fault
Then you let love in, I thought it was gone for good

Dear Skillers, Bouncers and Friends. We thought we’d give you an update, as we have been a bit quiet recently. Rest assured, after the excitement of our first live shows in 2014 (and the Kickstarter campaign), we have been beavering away in the background. We’re on the verge of partnering with some amazing people, together with whom, we’ll be able to spread our pixelated wings on a massive scale. This will mean you’ll see and hear a lot more of us - with any luck at a live show near you. More of that to come very soon. With this in mind, we are very excited to announce that our first confirmed live show of 2015, is a repeat visit to the epic Ruisrock festival in July. We will be headlining the Ranta stage on the Friday night. If you can’t make that show, we will once again be recording it for posterity and this year, we’ll share the whole show with you on our YouTube Channel. By way of thanks for your support of the last few years, as we embark on the next exciting chapter for Studio Killers.


“Aw I poured wine on my ciggies, bollocks.” - Matty Healy before performing Talk! at Ruisrock in Finland.