Stu, let me ask you a question: how did you not realize until then that you had too many eggs? Nobody sells eggs in a big cloth-covered basket, so you must have done that yourself. That means you spent god-knows-how-long opening up twelve whole cartons of eggs, carefully placing each egg one-by-one inside a big basket, and then covering it with a big picnic cloth… and at no point- at no point- did you ever stop and think “gee, there might be TOO MANY FUCKING EGGS HERE

You really have lost control of your life.

Only The Pure Of Heart May See Our Picture Of Muscular Tommy Pickles

Every true ’90s kid remembers watching Tommy Pickles, the brave and kindhearted baby who led a crew of baby friends in the classic Nicktoon “Rugrats.” We have in our possession an image depicting Tommy Pickles as a hulking, muscle-bound behemoth. However, in order to see it, you must prove yourself to be as pure of heart and sound of mind as Tommy Pickles himself. 
Demonstrate your virtues in the trials of this quiz, and the picture of muscular Tommy Pickles shall be yours to behold.

Same, Stu