Rugged Man

anonymous asked:

Which Shiro haircut do you prefer?

9.8/10 youthful and bright. 50% your daughter calls me daddy and 50% i’ll have her home by 7pm. this is the hair of a boy who has yet to see the world, but i trust him with my life.

200/10 as close to perfection as humanity will come. his hair looks like a dancing radish man. wise, distinguished; i would die for this man.

6/10 an effort was made, but every time i look at him abba starts playing.

10/10 the new season of samurai jack looks great!! rugged, edgy, this man is either about to toss a motorcycle into oncoming traffic or spend an hour staring soulfully at clouds. i want to watch him do both.

.1/10 look. i don’t want to speak ill of a six year old but what the fuck

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