Still struggling with cameraman mode rug issue. I was wondering if it happens in premade house too or not, so visited Caliente house. and then… ta-da! Rugs sticking out from their house too! But it will disappear in close up. Maybe it happens because  of screen resolution (not sure I’m using this word right) becoming rough? Anyway it’s still under investigation.

jenba said: That’s so strange! :( I hope they fix it soon, too. Do you use Buckley’s Camera Mod? Just wondering because I’ve only noticed the rug thing on Sam’s house; maybe it’s just the angle, but maybe Buckley’s mod helps?

Didn’t have that camera mod, but definitely will try that one! Thank you for wonderful information :D

ajoya-sims said: Love that you are sharing your photos with us! Thank you for welcoming us into your world! ♥♥♥

Aww, thank you so much for sweet message, ajoya! I love both sharing and watching other simmer’s beautiful screenshots <3

TS2 to TS4 - Nofowle Living Set

Hey guys!

So this set is a conversion from TS2 Nofowle living chair (TS2 Base Game) & the add-ons (Sofa,loveseat) which were stored at and made by Frogger.
Unfortunately naturalsims closed a long time ago and frogger is no longer active since 2009 I think?I checked the policy and it was okay with recoloring and modifying so I guess it’s ok :)

Anyway I choose some other items from TS2 as well to make a complete set of this living set.

So the set consists of 8 items : Sofa , Loveseat , Living Chair , Coffee Table Big (Made by me) , Coffee Table Small , Bowl with Flowers , Light , Rug.
All of them have their original colors from TS2 (I added 4 more colors to the seats and 2 more colours to the coffee tables) along with the catalog descriptions and prices.
The rug is a Sims 2 mesh with my textures.

In total we have 13 swatches for the seats, 5 swatches for the coffee tables,6 for the light,3 for the bowl and 13 for the rug!They are of course compatible with the Design Tool.

You can grab them here:



Now excuse me I’m gonna lay down for a while..

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