Ruffians Thugs


Ugh!” Came the response from a certain blonde runaway. Stumbling about in this forest, barefoot and trying to keep her long hair bunched up in her arms so she wouldn’t get it snagged on logs or collect leaves and dirt. Rapunzel had wanted to leave her tower for so long and now that she had (after hesitating for weeks) she finally was out in the wide open world. And of course she kept her guard up, looking for any ruffians and thugs too while balancing a frying pan under her arm.

Just when she thought she had a good pace going, her eyes forward and unseen to her. Rapunzel then tripped over a uprooted branch and went falling face first on the grass. “Oww.” Frying pan went flying ahead of her, hair fell over her figure like a golden blanket and stinging pain shot from her left ankle. Pushing herself up she flung her hair back and sat to take a look at her ankle.

“Maybe I shouldn’t have left my tower. I should heal this, and….and go back.” Taking a quick glance around, Rapunzel looked for anyone that may be lurking nearby. Seeing the coast was clear she took some of her hair and wrapped it around her ankle. “Flower gleam and glow, let your power shine….” Her voice echoed out into the what she thought was empty forest, her hair starting to glow.