Ruffians Thugs

tangled au

im watching tangled with my mom and i need to know if someone has done this yet but a klance tangled au

  • keith is rapunzel, definitely, he’s being raised by zarkon/haggar in a tower
  • lance is flynn. “smolder”. need i say more?
  • shiro and allura are the king and queen, keith was shiro’s brother and their parents were thace and moira (thace’s wife aka queen)
  • the same story, the queen was sick and they got the flower, and then keith had magic hair and zarkon/haggar kidnapped him when he was a baby
    • their parents died before keith was found and so shiro kept up the tradition of the lanterns with his wife, allura, in hopes his brother would return
  • lance steals the crown and runs off, finding keith. chaos ensues and they make the deal for the crown and the lanterns
  • pidge and hunk are two of the ruffian/thugs, because seeing them sing ‘ive got a dream’ would be hilarious
  • blue is maximus, but it takes time for blue to trust lance
    • red is the little chameleon guy!!!!
  • adventures and they slowly fall for each other
  • the two other thieves with lance are sendak and prorok
  • the almost-kiss scene, and keith singing
    • keith with super long hair.
      • when it gets cut at the end and lance is just like “mm ill admit i liked it long but you do what you have to.” parallels to his mullet in canon amiright
  • “please dont freak out” “oooooiiim not freaking outijustamveryinterestedinthemagicalqualitiesitpossesseshowlonghasitdonethat???’
    • “…uuum, forever?”
  • zarkon finding keith
    • “oh it was easy, i followed the sound of complete and utter betrayal

Now it´s time! I´ll beg you to join the Jensson-twins universe c:

First you need some information about the setting:
• the story sets place on a small fictional planet called “Castor”
• they´re all high tech
• there´re no animals but some other fictional species besides humans
• the sun is never shining through the clouds, most of time it´s raining
• over 95% of the planet is covered by water
• the planet is ruled by an abusive government which brought absolute piece, most people accept their rude way of reign bcs of the piece
• the army is the absolute safeguard of the whole planet and under controle of the seminal rich leaders
• the only section which ignores the rules of the government are the dregs in the shaddows of the streets (ruffians, dealers, bounty hunters, thugs…)

And of corse about the sections:
• the empires of Castor are living in beautiful apartments in the high buildings, they have their own private partys about every night and are just enjoying their success, everyone of them is rich and also rude
• the emipires are lil racists, they only accept humans in their section
• the army is very abusive, the soilders have strict training and never free time, there is no escape if you once joined
• the army is parted into the typical rangs, but on top there is always an empirer
• the dregs are living in the shaddow and try to prevent contact with the empire or army (eccept for deals of corse), they can be identified by their dirty clothes and upset appereance
• all dregs hate the empires with their heart and soul

Now about your chance to join me:

I want you to create (nothing already used, also no candies and guardians) an original character (OC) for this project. I want to create a whole new universe, so I need your help and support!
You may draw it on your own, use doll creator games or commission someone to create you the character.

A few things you need to think about:

• remember where they live! This is a high tech planet without plants, beaches and sun. there is no desert, no countries as we know them. the only languages are the ones from the diffrent species( for example humans speak “human”, aliens have their own languages, Water-people speak “aquarine”)

• hybrids are allowed but think about that this world has no animals, so the hybrids should rather look like aliens, not like “Nekos” or “Kitsunes”) you may use star wars species as inspiration

• no special powers (no flying, bending and such things) the only ability you may give them has to be something typical for their species (like echolot or nightsight) OR just a talent (like fast runner or good gunner)

• choose your section carefully! a kind harted empire or a crybaby dreg is unrealistic

• remember to give them strengths AND weaknesses, no OP characters

• think about their past, everyone has a reason for their behavior

Now how to participate:

When you created your OC (with dollmaker or drew him/her) reblog this post and add some information about him/her you think might be important c:
(Name, Age, section, do he/she know how to fight?, what does he/she use to fight?, does he/she speak different languages?, likes, dislikes, family, backstory, goals, random facts…)

Hope my story will find some interests ♥♥

For everyone who is participating  have a lil gift: I´ll choose four OCs that will appear on the official poster for the story c:


Is there a deadline?
- For the poster-giveaway yes. I´ll do it this month. For the whole thing. No. You also may paticipate in june 2k27

Are water hybrids alright?
- Yes, but remember: No animals and no special powers like shape shifting. No once a fishtail always a fishtail and that means no contact to the people in the cities


Citronshipping: HoND and Tangled 

I was inspired to draw these when I saw some old thiefship Disney (Tangled) crossover artworks. Although I chose TKB because I was listening to both of the films soundtracks and the song “ God Help the Outcasts”  reminded me of him and he is more apt for these IMO.Citron is so underrated. The ship is basically the YGODM counterpart to Tangled if done in an Ancient Egypt fairytale something AU. 

 I don’t know what Mariku is doing there. I felt the need to add him, he is supposed to be Pascal but he reminds me of the Pub Thugs/Ruffians for some reason. 


Pairing: Jungkook X Reader

Criminal/Gang AU!

Summary: Outlaws, hoodlums, ruffians, thugs, gangsters. N211 topped all the lists. The most feared subunit gang, you were called. You took pride in it. Your gang-mates thrived in the title. Seven innocent boys and two girls, after all, would only be expected to be eliminating characters in video games, but little did the world know, right and wrong did not exist in your dictionary, kill and assassinate did. 


“Darling, you don’t want to do that.” You feigned a pout as you bent over the man sitting in front of you twitching because of the bloodshot bruise on his elbow.

“Unless you want me to do this.” You gestured towards the gun you’d pulled out, now hovering above his redness and watched in amusement as he stiffened for a moment before flinching away. “Pity we didn’t chain you.” You teased and further pushed the dangerous metal into his already torn flesh. Remaining unpleased with the incredulous look he shot you, you clicked a new set of rifles into the gun and waved it at him, wanting to see terror laced in his expression.

“Drop it, Y/N.” Not shifting your eyes away from the now horrified man, you practically spat your words at the new presence that infuriated you in every way possible.

“What do you want, Jungkook?” You felt the vibrations of his feet as he took composed steps towards you.

“You gone. But it’s really the boss who wants you- and Jade, in his office, now.”

You nodded dubiously and looked to the physical epitome of silence, your teammate- Jade.

“If he moves the slightest bit-“ You knocked on Jungkook’s chest with your forefinger, “you’re dead.”Snickering harshly, the boy engulfed the right side of your head with his rather large hand and pushed you with sheer force towards the door. Gritting your teeth, you stormed out of the cage, your tattooed fingers brushing against the rough fabric of your robe.

Jade glared at the boy and walked after you.


Crescent. The gang you were a part of was called crescent. It had seemed strange to you when you were ten, stranger when you were fifteen and quite knowledgeable. A crescent was one of the most pleasing things to see. It was loved when the moon shone in its form. It was loved when a person’s smiling eyes curved to form one. It was soothing. Why, then, was the brutality you committed named after such a charming thing?

But you hadn’t been allowed to ask questions. You hadn’t been allowed to talk, to demand, to plead. They had told you that only the ones who’d grow up to be one of the best and the most skilled, out of the rest of the little children taken in to transform into rotting, sinful beings, would be worthy of the right. You’d worked hard for it. You’d taken countless beatings, starved for several days, and worked your body to be as attentive and fast as a cheetah, as slim as a slithering snake yet as strong as a raging bull. Your efforts had paid off. You’d become one of the most powerful teenage assassins in the gang.

 It wasn’t long before you realized that the rest of the child trainees had been disposed of as dead.

 Then, you understood.

It was called crescent because it was the wicked grin a sinner wore on his face. It was the cruel curve etched on your face when you set out to wrong. True happiness had long gone. In fact, emotion in any form had long disappeared. All you felt was the desire to torture people when given the chance. And you were given chances, many of them. Being one of the best was the best thing that gratified your soul. You were no good, none at all.


“Come in!” A hoarse voice rumbled from inside the boss’s office. Kai, he was called. It would’ve been more appropriate to name him after the devil, he was the incarnation of one. Scaring the living daylights out of people was his favorite hobby, others included killing and making others do his dirty work. He spent his days counting money in his lavish chair. Every part of his office was cushioned. Although you hated the man greatly, you definitely respected his brain. It worked beauteous plans.

You cautiously entered his realm. Bowing as soon as his hard stare met yours, you looked around and spotted six boys lounging comfortably on the leather couch. Jade, having seen the same thing, raised her eyebrows questioningly, while yours contorted into a scowl. Paying no heed to your expressions he stated- “I’ve made a decision.”

You were all interrupted by Jungkook slipping into the office quietly. You frowned again and before you could raise questions, he silenced you saying “I’ve chained him. It’s fine.” Pleased on finally having everyone he needed to deliver his news to, Kai repeated-

“As I said, I’ve made a desici-“

“Yeah, that’s your job. It’s what you’re supposed to do.” 

Stillness took over the air and the boss taunted you with his eyes. You clenched your jaw, blaming Jungkook. His  presence never failed to make you cranky.

 Silently, you mused at your slim chances of survival.

After several moments of silence, Kai uttered something you never would’ve deemed of hearing.

“It’s alright. You’ve finally earned the right. All of you have.”

You almost gasped.

In crescent, youngsters had never been allowed to express. You’d been told to ‘shuck it’ whenever one of you uttered so much as a syllable.

“N211-“ Kai’s call broke through your thoughts, ”it’s time you finally started working as a subunit.”


N211 was the highest subunit in the crescent. Only the perfect assassins were positioned here. Having been created around the time you turned seventeen, almost adult, you’d been put in the unit immediately. After you, followed Jade and then seven other boys.

 Seven boys you’d refused to work with. You still remembered the day Kai had raised an amused brow at your raging denial. He’d finally put you all into two separate groups, Quinn- consisting of Jade and you, and Bangtan- consisting of the seven boys- namely Namjoon, Seokjin- or Jin, Yoongi, Hoseok, Jimin, Taehyung, and Jungkook.

You looked up to find a mad, deathly grin on Kai’s face.

You’d had a delightful time plotting murders with Jade. That was, until now.

“Now you’re being put to the real test, my dears.”

ok but can you imagine Robin running around the batcave singing

Robin knows best
Listen to your Robin
It’s a scary world out there

Robin knows best
One way or another
Something will go wrong, I swear

Ruffians, thugs
Poison ivy, quicksand
Cannibals and snakes, the plague

Skip the killin, catch the villain
Robin knows best

Don’t forget it
You’ll regret it
Robin knows best

“That doesn’t even rhyme”

a list of things I will never be over:

-the floating lights
-“guys, I want a castle”
-“I’m making hazelnut soup for dinner, your favorite–surprise!”
-Rapunzel befriending RUFFIANS and THUGS
-“that’s a lot of hair.” “she’s growing it out.”
-how Rapunzel starts calling Flynn Eugene like right away
-“a fake reputation is all a man has.”
-Eugene and Max fighting like pre-schoolers
-kingdom dance
-“I bought them. most of them.”
-“what if it’s not everything I dreamed it would be?” “it will be.” “and what if it is? what’ll I do then?” “that’s the good part I guess–you get to go find a new dream.”
-“you were my new dream.” “and you were mine.”