Ruffians Thugs


’ Call it what you will… fate… destiny… ’
’ You smell that? Take a deep breath through the nose. ’
’ Really let that seep in. ’
’ What are you getting? ’
’ Your thoughts? ’
’ I don’t know why, but overall it just smells like the color brown. ’
’ I could get used to a view like this. ’
’ Yep, I’m used to it. Guys I want a castle. ’
’ Great. Now I’m the bad guy. ’
’ Look in that mirror. ’
’ I see a strong, confident, beautiful young lady. ’
’ Oh look, you’re here too. ’
’ Skip the drama, stay with Mama! ’
’ This is the story of how I died. ’
’ Don’t worry, this is actually a very fun story and the truth is, it isn’t even mine. ’
’ Oh… oh no… where is my satchel? ’
’ I’ve hidden it. Somewhere you’ll never find it. ’
’ It’s in that pot, isn’t it? ’
’ I’m just teasing! ’
’ How you manage to do that every single day without fail! ’
’ It looks absolutely exhausting, darling! ’
’ Then I don’t know why it takes so long. ’
’ Oh, it’s nothing. ’
’ Who are you, and how did you find me? ’
’ I know not who you are, nor how I came to find you. ’
’ May I just say… Hi. How ya doin’? ’
’ You were my new dream. ’
’ You should know that this is the strangest thing I’ve ever done! ’
’ Let’s just assume for the moment that everyone in here doesn’t like me! ’
’ How ‘bout best two out of three? ’
’ Who’s that? ’
’ They don’t like me. ’
’ Too weak to handle myself out there, huh, ______? ’
’ Go. Live your dream. ’
’ Your dream stinks. I was talking to her. ’
’ I was saying tomorrow is a really big day, and you didn’t really respond. ’
’ I distinctly remember, your birthday was last year. ’
’ No no no, can’t be. ’
’ That’s the funny thing about birthdays, they’re kind of an annual thing. ’
’ You know how I feel about the mumbling. ’
’ Blah blah blah blah blah, it’s very annoying! ’
’ I’m just teasing, you’re adorable. ’
’ I love you so much, darling. ’
’ Let me just get this straight. ’
’ I take you to see the lanterns, bring you back home, and you’ll give me back my satchel? ’
’ When I promise something, I never ever break that promise. ’
’ I didn’t want to have to do this, but you leave me no choice. ’
’ This is kind of an off-day for me. This doesn’t normally happen. ’
’ Fine! I’ll take you to see the lanterns. ’
’ You broke my smolder. ’
’ Here comes the smolder. ’
’ This is bad, this is very very bad, this is really bad… ’
’ They just can’t get my nose right! ’
’ Who cares? ’
’ Well, it’s easy for you to say… ’
’ The party lasted an entire week, and honestly, I don’t remember most of it. ’
’ I’ve been dreaming about them my entire life! ’
’ Haven’t any of you ever had a dream? ’
’ What’s your dream? ’
’ Sorry, boys. I don’t sing. ’
’ Well, I hope you’re here to apologize. ’
’ I have something for you too. ’
’ I should have given it to you before, but I was scared. ’
’ And the thing is, I’m not scared anymore. ’
’ You know what I mean? ’
’ All right, okay, give me a boost, and I’ll pull you up. ’
’ I just… I can’t believe that after all we’ve been through together, you don’t… trust me? ’
’ Sorry… my hands are full. ’
’ I’ve been looking out of a window for eighteen years. ’
’ And what if it is? What do I do then? ’
’ What if it’s not everything I dreamed it would be? ’
’ Well, that’s the good part I guess. ’
’ You get to go find a new dream. ’
’ That’s a lot of hair. ’
’ Oh, now they’re just being mean. ’
’ I can’t believe I did this! ’
’ I mean, what she doesn’t know won’t kill her, right? ’
’ I have made the decision to trust you. ’
’ So, what do you want with my hair? To cut it? ’
’ Listen, the only thing I want to do with your hair is to get out of it… ’
’ I have a big surprise! ’
’ Did I ever tell you I’ve got a thing for brunettes? ’
’ Is it ruffians? Thugs? Have they come for me? ’
’ Stay calm. It can probably smell fear. ’
’ You should see your faces because you look - ’
’ I didn’t see that coming. ’
’ But I know what the big question is? ’
’ So! Hey can I ask you something? ’
’ Because I’m not gonna lie, that would be stupendous… ’
’ Is there any chance that I’m going to get super strength in my hand? ’
’ Oh. Sorry yes, just… lost in thought I guess. ’
’ Whoaaaa! Somebody get me a glass! ’
’ Frying pans… who knew, right? ’
’ Sorry! Just, don’t… don’t freak out. ’
’ Is that blood in your mustache? ’
’ Look at all the blood in his mustache! ’
’ I can’t help but notice you seem a little at war with yourself here. ’
’ Now, I’m only picking up bits and pieces here, of course. ’
’ A little rebellion, a little adventure, that’s good. Healthy, even. ’
’ I mean, this is serious stuff. ’
’ But let me ease your conscience. This is part of growing up. ’
’ You’re way over thinking this, trust me. ’
’ I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m letting you out of the deal. ’
’ What is it going to take for me to get my satchel back? ’
’ You can’t tell anyone about this, okay? ’
’ Well, I’ve gotta say, I didn’t know you had that in you back there. ’
’ Now, I know I’m not supposed to mention the hair. ’
’ Frankly, I’m too scared to ask about the frog. ’
’ If you want to see the lanterns so badly, why haven’t you gone before? ’
’ Why would you ask such a ridiculous question? ’
’ I’ve spent my entire life hiding from people who would use me for my power… ’
’ That criminal is to be hanged for his crimes. ’
’ Hmm. I have magic hair that glows when I sing. ’
tangled au

im watching tangled with my mom and i need to know if someone has done this yet but a klance tangled au

  • keith is rapunzel, definitely, he’s being raised by zarkon/haggar in a tower
  • lance is flynn. “smolder”. need i say more?
  • shiro and allura are the king and queen, keith was shiro’s brother and their parents were thace and moira (thace’s wife aka queen)
  • the same story, the queen was sick and they got the flower, and then keith had magic hair and zarkon/haggar kidnapped him when he was a baby
    • their parents died before keith was found and so shiro kept up the tradition of the lanterns with his wife, allura, in hopes his brother would return
  • lance steals the crown and runs off, finding keith. chaos ensues and they make the deal for the crown and the lanterns
  • pidge and hunk are two of the ruffian/thugs, because seeing them sing ‘ive got a dream’ would be hilarious
  • blue is maximus, but it takes time for blue to trust lance
    • red is the little chameleon guy!!!!
  • adventures and they slowly fall for each other
  • the two other thieves with lance are sendak and prorok
  • the almost-kiss scene, and keith singing
    • keith with super long hair.
      • when it gets cut at the end and lance is just like “mm ill admit i liked it long but you do what you have to.” parallels to his mullet in canon amiright
  • “please dont freak out” “oooooiiim not freaking outijustamveryinterestedinthemagicalqualitiesitpossesseshowlonghasitdonethat???’
    • “…uuum, forever?”
  • zarkon finding keith
    • “oh it was easy, i followed the sound of complete and utter betrayal
Haggar Knows You

You want to fight the Paladins? Why, Lotor!
Look at you, so much like your father
Still a little prince, not a king
You know why we fight the Paladins of voltron?

I know but

That’s right, to keep the empire round, here
Guess, I always knew this day was coming
Knew that soon you’d want to fight like the rest
Not Soon, not yet


Shh! Trust me, pet
Haggar knows you
Haggar knows you
Listen to the druids
It’s a scary universe out there
Haggar knows you
One way or another
Something will go wrong, I swear
Ruffians and thugs, space pirates, traitors
Assasins and plots, the plague


Yes! But
Also laser gun
Woman with pointy ears, and
Stop, no more, you’ll just upset me
Haggars right here
Haggar will protect you
Princey, here’s what I suggest
Skip the fighting
Your not dying
Haggar knows you

Got ahead, get captured by the Paladins
Go ahead, get beaten and left for dead!
Me, I’m just a Druid, what do I know?
I only bathed, and changed, and nursed you
Go ahead and leave me, I deserve it
Go die alone out there, be my guest!
When it’s too late, you’ll see, just wait
Haggar knows you
Haggar knows you
Take it from who raised you
On your own, you won’t survive
Sloppy, can barley fight, immature, clumsy
Who would want to keep you alive?
Gullible, naive, positively grubby
Ditzy and a bit, well, hmm, vague
Plus, I believe gettin’ kinda chummy
With the blue paladin am I right?
Haggar understands
Haggar’s here to help you
All I have is one request


Sign over the rule of the Galra empire to me

Yes, Haggar

You love him very much, dear?

Yes, I love him

Good, keep loving him

Don’t forget it
You’ll regret it
Haggar knows you

I did a thing

You want to go outside? Why, Feyre…!
Look at you, as fragile as a flower
Still a little sapling, just a sprout
You know why we stay up in this manor!

I know but

That’s right, to keep you safe and sound, dear
Guess I always knew this day was coming
Knew that soon you’d want to leave the nest
Soon, but not yet


Trust me, pet
Tamlin knows best
Tamlin  knows best
Listen to Tamlin
It’s a scary world out there
Tamlin knows best
One way or another
Something will go wrong, I swear
Ruffians, thugs
Poison ivy, quicksand
Cannibals and snakes
The plague




Also large bugs
Men with pointy teeth, and
Stop, no more, you’ll just upset me
Tamlin’s right here
Tamlin will protect you
Darling, here’s what I suggest
Skip the drama
Stay with Tamlin
Tamlin knows best
Tamlin knows best
Take it from your Tamsey
On your own, you won’t survive
Sloppy, underdressed
Immature, clumsy
Please, they’ll eat you up alive
Gullible, na??ve
Positively grubby
Ditzy and a bit, well, hmm vague
Plus, I believe
Gettin’ kinda chubby
I’m just saying ‘cause I wuv you
Tamlin understands
Tamlin’s here to help you
All I have is one request


Don’t ever ask to leave this manor again.

Yes, Tamlin.

I love you very much, dear.

I love you more.

I love you most
Don’t forget it
You’ll regret it
Tamlin knows best.

Y/N knows best

Dean is hurt, and so restless, and wants to leave the bunker to go with Sam, and Sam asks Y/N to convince Dean that he’s not well enough yet.

I was listening to my Disney obsessions playlist on Spotify, the “Mother knows best” came on, and I got this vision in my head. So: have a silly, little fic. Hope it can help to cheer up this Sunday. Let me know if you want on or off my tag list, and I’ll be super happy if you tell me what you think of the story.

Word count: 1221

With each step towards the library, the angry voices grow louder. Well, not so much angry, as exasperated and pleading with notes of rage and subtle hints of an underlying threat. Stopping in the doorway, I watch as Dean argues with his brother while leaning heavily on the crutches he has been dependent on the last month and a half.

“I’m going crazy in here,” he says, waving one crutch in the air. “Come on, Sammy, I’ve cleaned every weapon at least twice, and –“

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Citronshipping: HoND and Tangled 

I was inspired to draw these when I saw some old thiefship Disney (Tangled) crossover artworks. Although I chose TKB because I was listening to both of the films soundtracks and the song “ God Help the Outcasts”  reminded me of him and he is more apt for these IMO.Citron is so underrated. The ship is basically the YGODM counterpart to Tangled if done in an Ancient Egypt fairytale something AU. 

 I don’t know what Mariku is doing there. I felt the need to add him, he is supposed to be Pascal but he reminds me of the Pub Thugs/Ruffians for some reason. 


(Sorry! I meant to have this out sooner, but these Disney AU’s take a lot of time! It’s hard condensing an entire movie into something that’s readable. Also there’s the added time of me watching the movie *for research!* and singing along with all the songs… This idea is so cute that I had to make it perfect, though. So here it is!)

This… is the story of how I died… But don’t worry! It’s actually a very fun story, and it isn’t mine…

Once upon a time, a single drop of sunlight fell from the heavens, and from this small drop of sun grew a magic, golden flower. It had the ability to heal the sick and the injured. Nearby a kingdom grew, and the King and Queen were about to have a baby. But the queen grew sick, very sick. So the entire kingdom went out, in search of the magical flower. There was an evil warlock, Father Gothel, who horded the flower’s magic to keep himself young and beautiful for centuries, and all he had to do was sing it a special song.

But the flower was taken from him and was used to heal the ailing queen.

A baby was born, a beautiful princess with golden hair. To celebrate her birth, the King and Queen launched a flying lantern into the sky, naming her Princess Amy. But in the night, Father Gothel came and stole the baby away, knowing that the healing ability of the flower had transferred to her golden hair. Gothel raised the child as his own in a high tower hidden in the forest, and she grew to be a beautiful young woman of many talents…

When Amy turns eighteen, she asks if Gothel will take her to see the lanterns that appear every year on her birthday. But Gothel had found his new magic flower, and this time, he was determined to keep it hidden. He refuses (and refuses quite dramatically with a full musical number and choreography), but in return, he decides that he would get Amy her favorite color of paint for her birthday and leaves for the long journey.

“I love you very much, dear.” “I love you more.” “I love you most.”

Meanwhile, somewhere in the kingdom, a vain thief called Flynn Rider steals the princess’s crown. Escaping with the help of the Stabbington Brothers, Tyler and Ethan, Flynn disappears into the forest where he finds Amy’s tower. Amy, terrified of the intruder, gives a swift blow to the head with a frying pan, and Flynn hits the floor.

When he awakes, Flynn finds himself tied to a chair and his satchel containing the precious crown missing. He makes a deal with Amy to take her to see the lanterns if she will then return his satchel. The two set out together, Amy ecstatic to see the world and Flynn begrudgingly following along behind her. Thinking that he’ll scare Amy into turning back, Flynn takes her to the Snuggly Egos, a pub run by a rough and tough man named Ed Edgar.

Instead of being scared by the ruffians and thugs who call themselves “Egos”, (Wilford would definitely be the little drunk guy with the cupid wings; amiright?) Amy befriends them all, even the rather intimidating Google, and they help her and Flynn to escape when the royal guard is hot on their tail. Gothel, who soon realizes that Amy has run away from home, enlists the help of Tyler and Ethan to get her back. Pursued by the royal guard and the Stabbington Brothers, Flynn and Amy get stuck inside a small cave as a flood of water slowly encroaches.

“My name isn’t really Flynn Rider,” the thief confides in Amy, “it’s Mark Fischbach. Someone might as well know.”

“I have magic hair that glows when I sing,” Amy replies, and suddenly the answer becomes clear! They escape the cave just in time and wash up on the shore of a small river outside where Amy heals Mark’s injured hand and the two begin to feel the stirrings of something more between them.

As Mark is gathering firewood, however, Gothel, already fading, approaches Amy with the satchel and dares her to give it to Mark and see whether or not he will stay with her. At first, Amy refuses, hiding the satchel along the way. Then, when the two of them arrive in Corona, Amy learns to trust the beguiling thief, and as they await the lanterns’ release, Amy confides in him that she fears what will happen after her dream of seeing the lanterns finally comes true.

“You get to go find a new dream.”

Amy returns to satchel to Mark as the lanterns’ glow envelopes them in rosy light, and she admits it to herself—she’s in love with the savvy thief who’s stolen her heart. Mark, however, sees Tyler and Ethan standing onshore, waiting for him. He quickly decides that he will give them the crown, give up thievery, and stay with Amy. When he tries to return the crown, however, the brothers tie him to a boat headed for the castle and try to take Amy, their real prize.

Gothel saves Amy at the last moment, and together they return to the tower in the woods. But Amy, always a clever young woman, finally pieces together the puzzle and realizes that she is the missing princess of Corona. When she tries to escape, Gothel binds her in chains, informing her that her beloved thief is soon going to hang for his crimes.

The Egos, however, help Mark escape the palace, and he rushes to Amy’s tower only to be attacked and stabbed by Father Gothel. Amy makes a deal with her captor. If he will let her heal Mark, she will stay with him, but before she can heal him, Mark cuts Amy’s hair, breaking the magic spell. Father Gothel, his shell cracking and splintering in oblivion, fades into dust.

“You were my new dream,” Mark tells Amy with his dying breath. “And you were mine,” she replies, a single tear rolling down her cheek. But with the last of her magic, the tear heals Mark. Together with Mark, Amy returns to the palace and to the arms of her real, loving parents.

And they all lived happily ever after…

(Guys, friends, buddies, pals, cuties, if anyone *hint, hint* were to ever want to *wink, wink* create art for one of my stories *very obvious neon sign blinking* this should be the one *pulls cord and mounds of glitter falls from the ceiling*. Not that I would ever directly ask for something like that… But this is definitely my favorite Disney AU.)

Okay, so, like, I NEED an AU of Gabriel Agreste sing this song to his son??? Because… R E A S O N S:

{Gabriel: You want to go outside? Why, Adrien…!

Look at you, my dearest, dearest flower!

Still a little sapling, just a sprout

You know why we stay up in this manor…

Adrien: I know, but…

Gabriel: That’s right, to keep you safe and sound, dear
Guess I always knew this day was coming
Knew that soon you’d want to leave the nest…
Soon, but not yet

Adrien: But-

Gabriel: Shhh, trust me, dear
Father knows best

Father knows best,
Listen to your father
It’s a scary world out there
Father knows best
One way or another
Something will go wrong, I swear

Ruffians, thugs
Paparazzi, a car crash!
Kidnappers and bigots
The stalkers!

Adrien: No!

Gabriel: Yes!

Adrien: But-

Gabriel: Also large dogs,
Fans with eager hands, and
Stop, no more, you’ll just upset me
Father’s right here
Father will protect you
Darling, here’s what I suggest…
Skip the drama
Stay with papa…
Father knows best.

Father knows best
Take it from your daddy
On your own, you won’t survive
Fashionably overdressed,
Immature, agile
Please, they’ll eat you alive*
Lenient and naïve,
Positively deft
Dorky and a bit, well, hmm spacey
Plus, I believe
Way too empathetic

I’m just sayin’ ‘cause I love you
Father understands!
Father’s here to help you
All I have is one request…

Adrien: Yes?

Gabriel: Don’t ever ask to leave this manor again.

Adrien: Yes, Father.

Gabriel: I love you very much, dear.

Adrien: I love you more.

Gabriel: I love you most.
Don’t forget it
You’ll regret it…
Father knows best}

* I honestly think that, without Nino acting as a buffer to introduce him to the others, Adrien would have remained isolated (except for Chloè) precisely because of the standards his father has taught him to keep, all neatly perfect as Adrien keeps himself.
This said, I did this with my friend @thebipear. We… tried to adapt the song to Gabriel and Adrien Agreste as much as we could… And this happened.

soooo, this is going to be happening I guess lol! I’ve always loved Berry Sweet sims, and @berrysweetboutique‘s challenge seems like a fun one, and I haven’t really messed with berrysweets in a long while, anyway would you like to meet them? In order from left to right

Eyelet Meringue:

  •  Aspiration: Big Happy Family
  • Traits: Creative, Art Lover , Perfectionist

  • Her Story: Eyelet has only ever known the world of her home. Her father has kept her in their home since the death of her mother, which has been since the day she was born. It’s for her own protection of course, the outside world is a dangerous place full of ruffians, thugs, poison ivy, quicksand, cannibals and snakes oh my! She hate’s it though and dreams of the outside world, a world she has only seen through the glass in the windows, or in the books she reads. She thinks of her self as a princess just waiting for her prince charming to come and rescue her. Only, as her 18th birthday approaches her dreams of being rescued seem to be just that dreams. 

Sorbet Blush:  

  • Aspiration: Big Happy Family 
  • Traits: Active, Foodie, Loves the Outdoors

  • His Story: Sorbet comes from a long line of Military and Police personnel, he also comes from a huge family. He wants nothing more than to follow in his fathers footsteps. He enjoys his life, but has always felt like something was missing. He lives with his best friend he met while in the academy Razzle Plum.

Razzle Plum:

Aspiration: Soulmate

Traits: Goofball, Art Lover, Bro

His Story: Razzle Plum is an only child, and has no true connection to his family. He was severely mistreated as a child, and even though child services came to the home several times nothing was ever done. He ran away at the tender age of 16 and never once looked back. Because of his past though, he has a hard time letting people into his life. The only person he has let get close to him since he left his home, has been Sorbet. 

So there you have it guys, a little bit about each person. I can not guarantee, that I will finish this challenge, but who knows! Maybe I can, but we all know how I am with these types of things. lol!

Imagine the Batfam...

Imagine the Batboys singing “Mother Knows Best” from Tangled to convince an injured Cass to stay in the Manor, away from the villains, the paparazzi, and potential boys WHO COULD STEAL THEIR PRECIOUS PRINCESS SISTER AWAY FROM THEM!!!!


Cass: …???

Damian: Brother knows best. One way or another, something will go wrong, I swear!

Cass: -__-

Jason: Ruffians! Thugs! Poison Ivy! Riddler! Ra’s al Ghul and Bane! Two-Face, yes!

Cass: TT_TT

Tim: Also Clayface, goons with bazookas and stop, no more, you’ll just upset me.

Cass: plz stop


Bruce: *walks in*

*dead silence*

Dick: Oh, hey Bruce! We totally weren’t trying to scare Cass into staying inside, away from people and stuff…yeah… hehe

Bruce: ……… SKIP THE DRAMA STAY WITH PAPA! FATHER KNOWS BEST! *dramatic swish of cape*

Cass: …….I’m calling Barbara.

Tangled Sentence Meme
  • "This is the story of how I died. Don't worry, this is actually a fun story."
  • "She was running out of time and that's when people usually start to look for a miracle."
  • "To celebrate her birth, the King and Queen launched a flying lantern into the sky."
  • "And for that one moment, everything was perfect."
  • "The outside world is a dangerous place filled with horrible, selfish people. You must stay here where you're safe."
  • "Guys, I want a castle."
  • "All the things we've seen and its only eight in the morning. Gentlemen, this is a very big day."
  • "I distinctly remember your birthday was last year."
  • "That's the funny thing about birthdays, they're kind of an annual thing."
  • "I can't believe that after all we've been through, you don't trust me? Ouch."
  • "Okay, okay, okay...I've got a person in my closet."
  • "You are not leaving the tower! Ever!"
  • "Ugh, great. Now I'm the bad guy."
  • "I know not who you are nor how I came to find you, but may I just say...hi. How ya doin'?"
  • "Tomorrow evening they will light the night sky with these lanterns. You will act as my guide, take me to these lanterns, and return me home safely."
  • "When I promise something, I never ever break that promise."
  • "You know I can't help but notice you seem a little at war with yourself here."
  • "This is part of growing up. A little rebellion, a little adventure-that's good. Healthy even!"
  • "Is it ruffians? Thugs? Have they come for me?"
  • "To me that's part man smell and the other part is really bad man smell. I don't know why but overall it just smells like the color brown."
  • "Find your humanity! Haven't any of you ever had a dream?"
  • "Go. Live your dream."
  • "Let's just assume for the moment that everyone in here doesn't like me."
  • "I have got to get me one of these."
  • "Perhaps you want to stop acting like wild dogs chasing their tails and think for a moment."
  • "I was going to offer you something worth one thousand crowns, would have made you rich beyond belief."
  • "You can't tell anyone about this, okay? It could ruin my reputation."
  • "I just listened to the sound of complete and utter betrayl and followed that."
  • "Is there any chance that I'm gonna get super strength in my hand? Because I'm not gonna lie, that would be stupendous."
  • "Today is kind of the biggest day of my life, and the thing is, I need you not to get him arrested."
  • "I've been looking out a window for eighteen years, dreaming about what it might feel like when these lights rise in the sky. What if its not everything I dreamed it would be?"
  • "You get to go find a new dream."
  • "How much do you think someone would pay to stay young and healthy forever?"
  • "The world is dark and selfish and cruel. If it finds even the slightest ray of sunshine, it destroys it."
  • "I'm the lost princess."
  • "I've spent my entire life hiding from people who would use me for my power but I should have been hiding from you."
  • "You want me to be the bad guy? Fine. Now I'm the bad guy."
  • "Our secret will die with him."
  • "No! I won't stop. For every minute of the rest of my life I will fight! I will never stop trying to get away from you."
  • "You were my new dream."
a list of things I will never be over:

-the floating lights
-“guys, I want a castle”
-“I’m making hazelnut soup for dinner, your favorite–surprise!”
-Rapunzel befriending RUFFIANS and THUGS
-“that’s a lot of hair.” “she’s growing it out.”
-how Rapunzel starts calling Flynn Eugene like right away
-“a fake reputation is all a man has.”
-Eugene and Max fighting like pre-schoolers
-kingdom dance
-“I bought them. most of them.”
-“what if it’s not everything I dreamed it would be?” “it will be.” “and what if it is? what’ll I do then?” “that’s the good part I guess–you get to go find a new dream.”
-“you were my new dream.” “and you were mine.”

So I had this super fucking vivid dream last night, like a modern AU fallout 4. I remembered this scene in particular and kinda just started drawing without thinking, after trying to write down what I remembered about the dream, I couldn’t remember who it was that Cory was dragged to the hospital with (I think Piper after she put up a new article, the BPD/BoS)

Also I swore I would never draw a more ‘human/not ghoul’ Hancock, but after this dream-thing, I tried my best at more of a burn victim look to replicate ghoulification sure, not the whole face, but quite a good part of the left side of his body.

 gah it’s not 100% what I had in mind but it’s just a doodle, so whatever. ;n;

More below the cut if you want more info on the au thingy if you want to read about it.

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Lock-blade knives have been dated to the 15th century. In Spain, one early lock-blade design was the Andalusian clasp knife the navaja. But the rise in popularity of the navaja occurred at a time of increased restrictions upon the wearing bladed weapons by persons outside the Spanish nobility, around the late 1600s

During the first part of the 18th century, the blade heel and backspring of the navaja were altered to provide a locking device for the blade. With its locking blade, the navaja was now a versatile fighting knife, able to safely deliver thrusts as well as slashes. The design is thought to have been first adopted by the working classes, sailors, teamsters, and artisans. And, in Spain, the navaja epitomized the concept of a defensive knife to be carried at all times on the person.

Its association with gamblers, rogues, ruffians, and thugs comes from its frequent use as a weapon, where it was often used to enforce the collection of gambling debts or to rob innocent victims, as it proved sufficiently formidable as an offensive arm. (It was specifically named by the Spanish military governor of Catalonia, in his edict of 29 May 1750 prohibiting the carrying of edged weapons.)

A priest executed by French forces for carrying a navaja

Despite official disapproval, the navaja de muelles became popular in Spain as a fighting and general utility knife, and was the primary personal arm of the Spanish guerrilleros who opposed Napoleon during his invasion and subsequent occupation of Spain in the Peninsular War.


However, in Spain the carrying of a navaja did not necessarily identify its owner as a criminal. During the earlier 19th century, the navaja was carried by men of all classes and backgrounds, including the upper classes, the clergy, and the aristocracy.

In 18th and 19th century Spain knife-fighting schools could be found in the major cities.

Duel with navaja