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I'm a little hesitant about Amandla tbh (hoping she will have green contacts) but I LOVED her as Rue in The Hunger Games and I'm interested to see how she portrays Ruby! Kudos to the casting department for picking an actual teenager rather than some 22 year old. I think her age will make Thurmond a lot more poignant.

I don’t think her eye color matters, really. :)  And, yes, I’m excited she’s actually a teenager!

So. I’m holding a very NSFW themed game in Chatsy

Click this because it has all the rules and how to play

Your muse has to be 18 and the mun as to be 18. Because the sexual themes will be extreme.

Mutuals only. as in, You follow me, I follow you. And the DANGAN RONPA fandom ONLY.

I’ll be starting it later, but we need people to join. So click the link, look over the rules and then like this to join.

((Anyone not following me or I don’t follow or isn’t DANGAN RONPA will not  be sent the chatsy link


Assise dans ce bus, dont le vieux moteur fatigué grondait et cahotait, j'ai alors subitement senti que le temps filait, que je perdais des pans entiers de mon existence dans ces petits allers et retours dans le sempiternel décors des mêmes rues.
—  Jojo Moyes, Avant toi