Old Flames, New Sparks - Epilogue

Characters: Y/N Y/L/N-Ackles, Danneel Ackles, Jensen Ackles, JJ Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Genevieve Padalecki

Pairing: Danneel x Reader x Jensen, Jared x Gen

Warnings: 6 year time jump, babies (yep that’s a warning - ask Jensen :P)    

Word Count: 1100ish

A/N: I didn’t plan on this until I was writing part 8. I guess I weren’t completely ready to let them go but this will be the very last part of this series. Thanks to all you have followed it :D

This series is written for my free square in @spnpolybingo

Thanks to my amazing lil sis @mysupernaturalfics for betaing this series for me.


You were sitting on the floor with JJ in the pillow fort the two of you had build while being home alone for a few hours. You were aware that to most it would seem odd you had shared this new with your 3 year old daughter before her other two parents, but you and JJ always had a special connection. Biologically she wasn’t your daughter, but that didn’t matter to you. Or to JJ, Jensen, or Danneel for that matter. No matter what law or biology said you would always be family. Family was about who you loved after all and the four of you, soon to be 6, had plenty of that to go around.

“So it will be twins?” JJ frowned slightly as she tried to understand the news you had just shared with her. You couldn’t help but laugh at her child logic, pulling her into your lap.

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Aren’t We Getting Food?

Title: Aren’t We Getting Food?

Characters: Sam, Dean and Reader

Pairings: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 424

Summary: Reader walks in on Sam changing. 

Warnings: Half naked Sam (yes, that’s a warning), making out.


“That’s it!” You had finally found out what you were hunting and exactly how to kill it.  Jumping up you quickly grabbed your notes and headed over to Sam and Dean’s room to share your good news.

You’d reached the boy’s room and just walked right in like usual only this time what you’d seen was completely unexpected.

You opened the door and quickly started sharing the information you had found.

“Guys it’s a freaking ghost. The lore says we have to salt and burn the body and any remains.” Still looking over your notes to make sure you didn’t miss anything. “Are you guys even -” just then you looked up and were surprised to see Sam pulling on a t-shirt.

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You knew Sam was fit, but oh my god! His biceps alone could make any woman weak in the knees, then you pair it with his beautiful hazel eyes and that little grin of his -

Y/N what are you thinking!? You have a case to worry about, plus Sam is Dean’s little brother.  He would kill you if he knew what you were thinking.

“I, uh, sorry. I’ll come back.” As you turned to walk out Sam grabbed your wrist and pulled you back toward him.

“There’s no need for you to leave. We’re all adults here.”

“Yeah,but” you said glancing back at the door.

Before you could react sam had his arms around your waist and you were now pressed against his firm chest.

“Sam,” you whispered, while he slowly ran his nose along your jaw.

The next thing you knew your lips were moving with his. Slow at first, as Sam slid his hand into your hair and deepens the kiss. Then something changed. In an instant the kiss went from soft to needy. He pinned you against the wall and began kissing down your neck, only breaking away to push your shirt over your head.

‘Hey Sam have you, oh well, didn’t know you were busy.” Dean said smugly walking toward the bathroom.

“Dean! What are you doing here?! I thought you were going to talk to some witnesses.” Sam said, still standing in front of you.

“They weren’t home. Have you seen Y/N? I figured we could go get some food.”

Sam looked down at you eyes wide, silently asking what you were going to do.

“Uh, hi Dean.” You said, peeking your head just past Sam’s arm. You pulled your shirt on before stepping around Sam and walking toward the door.

“Aren’t we getting food?”


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Hey guys so I have been plotting this challenge for a while. It will be a 4 part challenge with 1 part dedicated to each season. Since fall is just around the corner - that is the season we will begin with.

Each part of the challenge will run for 3 months - to fit the season. There will be no extension since 3 month is plenty of time to come up with something. If you want to drop out for one reason or another that is totally fine. Just sent me an ask and I will remove you from my list. If you don’t turn in your fic on time and you haven’t kept in touch, you will be banned from all my future challenges.

Do I have to take part in all 4 seasons?

No. You can take part in one, in two ect. Any you would like.

If I do all do the stories have to be linked?

No. They can be but that is not an acquirement.

If I do them all do I have to write the same pairing each time?


Will you read and reblog my fic?

You betcha :D

Do my fic have to be autumn themed?

Since it is the idea of the challenge - yes I am afraid so.

When Do I Post?

Between Sep 1st and November 26th. Sign Ups start now and ends when there are no more prompts


Due Date: November 26th

Word min: 600 words

Word Max: 6k words

Style: It can be a drabble, one shot or beginning of a series. Do not put in in the middle of an ongoing series since I plan on reading them and don’t want to read 10 parts of something to understand the entry.

Genre: Fluff, smut, angst are all welcome. DO NOT write smut if you are under the age of 18 and tag everything with appropriate warnings. AUs are more than welcome!

Limits on what you can write: No Mommy/daddy kinks, no non/dub con, no A/B/O, no glorification on cheating, no wife hate in rpfs! - if you got any questions at any time feel free to send me an ask. 

Format: State in your A/N that it is for my (thing-you-do-with-that-thing) Seasons of Love - Colors of Fall Challenge. And use the # SoL - Colors of Fall challenge in the first 5 tags.

Submit: After you posted on tumblr you have to add yourself and your fic to this doc. If you don’t do this you will not be added to the masterlist I create when the challenge is over. If you got questions - just ask :D

Doc link it case tumblr is an ass:

How do I join?

You pick a prompt and a pairing off the list. Send me the prompt number along with a backup just in case and your pairing of choice. ASKS ONLY!! REPLIES, REBLOGS AND IMS WILL BE IGNORED!

There are no limits on the pairings but I only allow 1 person per prompt so think before you sign up. If you don’t think you will be doing it then don’t take the spot from someone else. Prompts and Pairings are under the cut!

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Throwing Insults

Rating: All ages
Pairing: Ten x Rose
Characters: Tenth Doctor, Rose Tyler, Amy Pond (with references to Rory)
Find it: AO3
Summary: When Rose’s morning gets disrupted by a rude bloke in a hurry, the last thing she expects is for him to be her soulmate.
Tags: Soulmate AU, telepathy, not an angsty soulmate fic :D 
Words: 3,190
Author’s Notes: Hey, look at me! I’m finally writing a Soulmate AU! I’ve been wanting to write one for ages and ages. When I saw this prompt, I had to write it. And it’s Soulmate Month at @doctorroseprompts, so this is for that as well!

I’m still trying to figure out how to make it work for a canon based fic, but for now, have this fun little Ten x Rose AU. :D I hope you enjoy it, as I certainly had fun writing it! It’s my first time writing Amy, and her appearance was a bit of a surprise. Silly muse.

Thanks very much to the lovely @aimtoallonsy for the beta.

Rose shivers as she steps outside her favorite coffee shop and takes a sip of her freshly brewed hazelnut latte, closing her eyes as she savors the warm, caffeinated drink.

Thinking she’d been late to work this morning, Rose had sprinted from her flat to the bus without her usual dose of necessary caffeine. However, upon arriving to work at Henricks, she’d discovered her alarm clock had been a hour off, so she’d taken advantage of the extra hour for an infrequent treat.

With the first taste of coffee on her tongue, Rose steps forward to retrace her steps back to Henricks, and without warning, a brown blur of pinstripes and wild hair bumps into Rose, sending her coffee cup flying into the air.

“Oi!” she shouts, stumbling forward slightly. “Watch it!”

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Title: Djinn

Characters: Sam, Reader, Dean

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1068

Warnings: Typical supernatural violence, heartbreak, slightly vulnerable!Dean, angst, small amount of fluff.

A/N: This is my first attempt at writing in first person and writing violence. So let me know what you guys think! :)

This hunt had been a hard one. We had thought that there was only one djinn, but it turned out that there were two. Dean being the arrogant person he is decided to go in before Sam and I got there. That’s when the djinn got ahold of him.

“Dean!” Sam shouted as we entered the warehouse. “Ok, we need to search every single room. No splitting up. We’ll be too vulnerable if the djinn finds us.” As we started looking through the rooms I started praying that we would find Dean and that he would be ok.

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Kari’s Favorite Things Challenge

 So get this! Y’all cause I am a weirdo I have been thinking about doing this for months. I did a celebration thingy for 666 so off course I wanted one for 6666 aswell :D

This one is gonna be a challenge and since the number 6666 is wicked cool and sorta a fav thing of mine the prompts are gonna reflect that. There are gonna be 66 prompts (and 66 spots for people to sign up for). There are gonna be 6 different categories amongst those prompts and there will be 6 different characters you can chose from to write for.

Sign ups end when I run out of prompts. No more will be added. Only one person for each prompt but no limit on characters. 


1. You have to send me an ask telling me your pairing (and if the pairing is two of the characters on the list please let me know which one you wanna focus on). The ask also has to say which prompt you choose (state the NUMBER not just the prompt. Send a backup prompt in case the one you want is taken. IMs, reblogs and replies will be ignore

2. I am fine with most pairings but please no dealistar, wincest (of any kind) or samifer. I wanna read all these fics and I can’t stomach those pairings. No hate if you ship it I just don’t. No male readers or OMCs are allowed either. Again no offense I just don’t read them.

3. You can write fluff, angst smut -  if you write smut please no non-con, A/B/O or daddy/mommy kinks. Again no shaming. I just can’t bring myself to read those.

4. Word min: 500 and word max: 6000 words.

5. It can be the start of a series or a one shot. Please don’t make it the middle part of a series - I don’t have time to catch up on 66 series for this one.

6. The fic is due June 15th. If you have to drop out or need an extension that is cool - just let me know a week ahead of time. People signing up and not completing the challenge without getting back to me that they need to drop out will be banned from my future challenges.

7. All are allowed to sign up, the tags are only for signal boost, but one person can only sign up once.

8. Tag me @thing-you-do-with-that-thing in the A/N and use the # Kari’s favorite things challenge within the first five tags. 

9. Have FUN :D

Characters you can write for:

It is TFW and J2M - I know but they are the ones I read the most and this is my challenge.

You can however pair them with any other character you like (again not any form of wincest, samifer or dealistar), you can pair them with a female reader or a OFC (no male readers or OMCs please), or you can write a general fic. You just have to let me know which and which guy you will focus on.


1. Dean

2. Jensen

3. Sam

4. Jared

5. Cas

6. Misha

Examples of an Ask:

Hey I would like to join your challenge and write for Destiel (with focus on Cas). I would like prompt 66 with prompt 5 as back up


Hey can I join your challenge and write for Jared x reader with prompt 10 and 9 as back up please?

Prompts are under the cut

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“Wait a minute, what are you dressed like that for?”

The Doctor took one look at your dress -or, more specifically, every inch of skin that was very much not dress- and knew that he was doomed. Not that he wasn’t doomed in the first place, he had known that you would be the end of him for a while, but the dress simply confirmed it. Or made him more doomed. Double doomed? Was that a thing? Probably not, but he had just made it a thing, so that was that, wasn’t it? Yes, quite. Quite doubly doomed.

That was rude, he suddenly realized. What had come out of his rude and not ginger mouth had probably sounded very rude indeed, although he hadn’t meant to be insulting. He was just… surprised. You were sensible enough to not wear a skirt when there was the possibility that you might be running for your life, which meant that you never wore skirts at all. At least, not during TARDIS trips. In fact, now that he thought of it, he had never even seen you in any sort of dress or skirt. For all he had known, you didn’t own any. Obviously, he was wrong, and for once, that made him happy. Very, very… happy. Or, his eyes were happy. His hands were not. Why was it that eyes could touch as much as they liked but hands were so limited?

“I was just… in the mood for something nice,” you said, smoothing out the silk fabric of your dress. That wasn’t fair. Not fair at all. The dress cut off just above the knee and with you leaning against the wall, smoothing the dress had allowed your fingertips to brush across the skin of your thigh but he wanted to do that and it wasn’t one bit fair. "Is this not okay, for where we’re going? Should I change? I can change.“

No, no, no-no-no-no-no-no-no-no-no, that’s great just the way it is,“ he assured you hurriedly. "Perfect, really, molto bene.” He paused. He wanted to say something, but what could he say without giving away the fact that he was checking out your legs? “You’re, uh- that’s very… pretty.”

Was that the best he could come up with? Really? His brilliant self and his great big Time Lord brain and all he could stutter out was that you were pretty?

“Thanks, Doctor.” You flashed him a smile, that smile, the one he showed you the universe for.

Oh, yeah. No doubt about it. He was doomed.