Kari’s Favorite Things Challenge

 So get this! Y’all cause I am a weirdo I have been thinking about doing this for months. I did a celebration thingy for 666 so off course I wanted one for 6666 aswell :D

This one is gonna be a challenge and since the number 6666 is wicked cool and sorta a fav thing of mine the prompts are gonna reflect that. There are gonna be 66 prompts (and 66 spots for people to sign up for). There are gonna be 6 different categories amongst those prompts and there will be 6 different characters you can chose from to write for.

Sign ups end when I run out of prompts. No more will be added. Only one person for each prompt but no limit on characters. 


1. You have to send me an ask telling me your pairing (and if the pairing is two of the characters on the list please let me know which one you wanna focus on). The ask also has to say which prompt you choose (state the NUMBER not just the prompt. Send a backup prompt in case the one you want is taken. IMs, reblogs and replies will be ignore

2. I am fine with most pairings but please no dealistar, wincest (of any kind) or samifer. I wanna read all these fics and I can’t stomach those pairings. No hate if you ship it I just don’t. No male readers or OMCs are allowed either. Again no offense I just don’t read them.

3. You can write fluff, angst smut -  if you write smut please no non-con, A/B/O or daddy/mommy kinks. Again no shaming. I just can’t bring myself to read those.

4. Word min: 500 and word max: 6000 words.

5. It can be the start of a series or a one shot. Please don’t make it the middle part of a series - I don’t have time to catch up on 66 series for this one.

6. The fic is due June 15th. If you have to drop out or need an extension that is cool - just let me know a week ahead of time. People signing up and not completing the challenge without getting back to me that they need to drop out will be banned from my future challenges.

7. All are allowed to sign up, the tags are only for signal boost, but one person can only sign up once.

8. Tag me @thing-you-do-with-that-thing in the A/N and use the # Kari’s favorite things challenge within the first five tags. 

9. Have FUN :D

Characters you can write for:

It is TFW and J2M - I know but they are the ones I read the most and this is my challenge.

You can however pair them with any other character you like (again not any form of wincest, samifer or dealistar), you can pair them with a female reader or a OFC (no male readers or OMCs please), or you can write a general fic. You just have to let me know which and which guy you will focus on.


1. Dean

2. Jensen

3. Sam

4. Jared

5. Cas

6. Misha

Examples of an Ask:

Hey I would like to join your challenge and write for Destiel (with focus on Cas). I would like prompt 66 with prompt 5 as back up


Hey can I join your challenge and write for Jared x reader with prompt 10 and 9 as back up please?

Prompts are under the cut

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Gabrielle’s 100 Follower Challenge!

I have 100 followers! Yay!! First off I want to say that you guys are awesome!! I love each and every one of you! This blog wouldn’t be what it is without your likes, reblogs and amazing feedback! I thought a good way to show my appreciation and excitement would be to host a challenge. So here goes nothing…

Originally posted by sher-lockian

-To enter all you have to do is send me an ASK with your desired prompt and pairing. There will be 2 writers per prompt. 

-You can write whatever you want the world is your oyster. All I ask is that if you don’t write smut unless your 18+.

-Tag me and include “Gabrielle’s Challenge” in the first 5 tags.

-This will be due on July 14th.

Most of the prompts can be taken in multiple directions, so let your imagination run wild. I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!!

1. “Tell me you’ve never thought about it.” (1. @just-a-supernatural-smut-blog Dean x Reader. 2. @pie-not-cake-you-assbutt Sam x Reader.)

2. “I expected more from a Winchester.” (1. @theas-bedtime-stories Dean x Reader. 2._________)

3. “I guess I won. I did love you more.”

4. “Yes, I’m a virgin!”

5. “I’m going to need chicken blood, salt, five candles and a bottle of vodka.”( @georgialouisea. Dean x Reader. 2. @fangirlofeverythingme Dean x Reader

6. “One last time.” 

7. “I’d die for you, I’d kill for you, and if you take another one of my fries, I’ll just plain kill you.” (1. @abbessolute Friend!Dean x Reader,Reader x Friend!Sam)

8. “You’re not as evil as people think you are.”(1. @fangirlofeverythingme Dean x Reader. 2.______)

9. “I’ll never be god enough, will I?” (1. @mega-mrs-dean-winchester Dean x Reader. 2. ______)

10. “Were you ever going to tell me?” (1. @iwantthedean Dean x Reader. 2. ______)

11. “You can’t keep it all inside, you know? Bottling it up won’t do any good.”

12. “I’m not leaving until you tell me what’s wrong, and don’t try lying to me.”(1. @katymacsupernatural Dean x Reader. 2.________)

13. “I don’t like being told what to do unless I’m naked.” (1. @waywardmoeyy Dean x Reader. 2. _______)

14. “Was she any good?” (1. @cantankeroustorpedotechnician Dean x Reader. 2. @mega-mrs-dean-winchester Friend!Sam x Reader)

15. “You’re so sexy when you’re all hot and bothered.”

16. “By the way I’m not wearing any underwear.” (1. @jayankles Dean x Reader. 2. _______)

17. “Dance with me.”

18. “You’ve been a very bad boy.”(1. @fangirlofeverythingme Dean x Reader. 2. _____)

19. “I’m late.” (1. @wideawakeandwriting Dean x Reader. 2. @not-that-rude-but-very-ginger Dean x Reader.)

20. “No one’s looking.” (1. @melissaj616 Dean x Reader. 2. _____)

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    Do you like rude gingers with amazing typing and 1920′s plucking skills? Do you like underrated characters with quite miserable endings that some people (i.e. me) would like to change into something better? Do you like bread? Do you like puns? 


    Like/Reblog this if you’re interested with Doctor Who’s DONNA NOBLE. Written by Regina. Who’s gonna leave this on your dash then run away as fast as she can out of shyness. 

                                                                    —If any symptoms persist, consult your Doctor.


“Wait a minute, what are you dressed like that for?”

The Doctor took one look at your dress -or, more specifically, every inch of skin that was very much not dress- and knew that he was doomed. Not that he wasn’t doomed in the first place, he had known that you would be the end of him for a while, but the dress simply confirmed it. Or made him more doomed. Double doomed? Was that a thing? Probably not, but he had just made it a thing, so that was that, wasn’t it? Yes, quite. Quite doubly doomed.

That was rude, he suddenly realized. What had come out of his rude and not ginger mouth had probably sounded very rude indeed, although he hadn’t meant to be insulting. He was just… surprised. You were sensible enough to not wear a skirt when there was the possibility that you might be running for your life, which meant that you never wore skirts at all. At least, not during TARDIS trips. In fact, now that he thought of it, he had never even seen you in any sort of dress or skirt. For all he had known, you didn’t own any. Obviously, he was wrong, and for once, that made him happy. Very, very… happy. Or, his eyes were happy. His hands were not. Why was it that eyes could touch as much as they liked but hands were so limited?

“I was just… in the mood for something nice,” you said, smoothing out the silk fabric of your dress. That wasn’t fair. Not fair at all. The dress cut off just above the knee and with you leaning against the wall, smoothing the dress had allowed your fingertips to brush across the skin of your thigh but he wanted to do that and it wasn’t one bit fair. "Is this not okay, for where we’re going? Should I change? I can change.“

No, no, no-no-no-no-no-no-no-no-no, that’s great just the way it is,“ he assured you hurriedly. "Perfect, really, molto bene.” He paused. He wanted to say something, but what could he say without giving away the fact that he was checking out your legs? “You’re, uh- that’s very… pretty.”

Was that the best he could come up with? Really? His brilliant self and his great big Time Lord brain and all he could stutter out was that you were pretty?

“Thanks, Doctor.” You flashed him a smile, that smile, the one he showed you the universe for.

Oh, yeah. No doubt about it. He was doomed.

An Unlikely Enemy (Steve Rogers x Reader)

this was super fun to write so thank you @ the lovely anon who requested this!! 


Request; Can I request an imagine where Y/N and Steve have moved together but Y/N’s cat just don’t seem to like Steve? Maybe something like Steve has no idea how to act with the cat and Y/N find the whole situation funny? Thanks a lot! The world need more fluffy Steve imagines and you’re an amazing writer ! :D


Y/N - Your name

Y/L/N - Your Last Name

Warnings; a mean cat 

Word count; 451 

Originally posted by find-a-reaction-gif

Y/N was perfect in Steve eyes. You had the perfect hair, the perfect smile and a charismatic personality that could make even Nick Fury smile on a bad day. The only flaw? Ron Fleasley. 

It probably sounds like Steve didn’t like the ginger Harry Potter character . Ron was a six month old cat who you found in a box outside your apartment building. He was a ginger cat, which is why you called him Ron, after your favourite Harry Potter character. But it wasn’t until the great flea outbreak of March ‘16 that he earned his full title.

But, you just called him Ron. And Ron did not like Steve. He loved everyone else, even Tony, but especially Thor. Whenever the Super Soldier came within a meter of Ron, he would begin hissing and meowing. 

But now, they were room-mates.

‘That’s the last box!’ You sighed with relief, chucking the box into the pile with the others. ‘We’re officially living together.’

Steve had got fed up of living in Stark Towers - His apartment did kind of get destroyed by Hydra, and he didn’t ever get round to getting another one, between finding his best friend and protecting everyone. So, you finally took a huge step.

He went to pull you into a celebratory hug, but it was rudely interrupted by a flash of ginger and a cat clinging to your shirt. ‘I think Ron is hungry. Can you grab the cat food?’

Steve went to reach for the box of food, but there was a ginger whoosh and the cat was perched on the food box, refusing to let him anywhere near it. You rolled your eyes and chuckled at your cat, before picking him up.

‘That thing terrifies me.’ Steve commented, taking a step back.

‘What? Ron’s the friendliest cat ever, Steve. What’s so terrifying about a tiny furball?’ You placed the cat back on the ground, and he slunk away.

‘Friendly? Y/N, he looks at me the same way that Tony did when we first met.’

‘Lighten up, Rogers. I’m sure he’ll warm up to you eventually.’ You rolled your eyes and followed Ron through to the lounge, collapsing on the sofa as he curled up on your lap.

Steve sat down next to you and went to stroke him, but Ron hissed at him, attempting to scratch your boyfriend. 

Steve could take down HYDRA twice and defeat a murderous robot - But this cat still scared the shit out of him.

.’I don’t like it.’ Steve commented again.

‘So the amazing, brilliant Captain America, who fought in the war and is supposedly fearless, is scared of a kitten? I can’t wait to tell Tony about this.

  • Izuru Kamukura: Now, first things first. Be honest. How do I look?
  • Chiaki Nananmi: Umm... different.
  • Izuru Kamukura: Good different or bad different?
  • Chaki Nanami: Just...different.
  • Izuru Kamukura: Am I... ginger?
  • Chaki Nanami: No, you're just sort of... brown.
  • Izuru Kamukura: [disappointed] Aw, I wanted to be ginger! I've never been ginger! And you, Chiaki Nanami! Fat lot of good you were! You gave up on me! [Chiaki looks annoyed] Oh, that's rude. Is that the sort of man I am now? Am I rude? Rude and not ginger.

funky-fandoms  asked:

Do you know any good tentoo and rose fanfics? (Fluff dirty anything)

 Tentoo/Rose fic recs

This is only a tiny proportion of the ones I’ve loved.

My number #1 rec is tripwirealarm’s “The Wind by Night: set aside an uninterrupted block of time for this (or savour a chapter each day like the treat it is!), every single word is glorious and it’s the best characterisation and introspection of Tentoo that I’ve ever read.

Here’s at partial list of some others that I remember and loved!

Series or multi-chapter

Teen or below ratings
Adult ratings

Oneshot/short-chaptered (adult unless otherwise noted)

Longer rec lists: fogsblue’s (x)  orbitingasupernova’s (x), mariechambers’s (x)

All my fic rec lists can be found here

this untucked episode showed how a 23-year-old and a 22-year-old are more mature than their older two competitors. It was totally rude from Ginger and Kennedy to throw both Pearl and Violet under the bus to justify that they deserved to be in the top 3 more than them… While Ginger and Kennedy were trying to make excuses backstage, Pearl and Violet remained silent and respectful, and more importantly, they were true to each other… 

If a person that doesn’t have any morality and prefers to critique their friends to become a finalist wins this competition and becomes America’s Next Drag Superstar I’ll riot… 

madabouttennant  asked:

Ten x Rose, 17 please :-)

17. Meeting at a party whilst drunk AU.

It was Donna’s birthday, of course he had to come. If not, he’d have gotten an earful from his rude, and frankly very ginger, sister. She’d invited quite the crowd. Childhood friends, coworkers, and family. Blimey, there were a lot, though. 

Walking over to the punch bowl, James grabbed his 5th cup? 6th? Eh, he wasn’t keeping track anymore. All he knew is that everything was fuzzy and he had a warm buzz flowing through his veins. 

Donna’s voice carried through the halls of their house. She always loved a good party. He’d rather be in his flat reading or maybe working out some calculations to…. something. He couldn’t think straight right now.

Stumbling into the dining room, a blur of blonde hair and the feeling of punch spilling down the front of his shirt snapped him out of his reverie as he heard “I’m so sorry, mate. Lemme get that for you.”

His vision cleared a bit and he saw a woman reaching for his shirt with a flannel. “Oh, no. I’m… I’m quite alright. Thanks, though…” he slurred.

“Rose. Rose Tyler,” Rose replied, her hand outstretched. He reached his hand out to greet hers.

“Dr. James Noble. Although, some people call me the Doctor.”

She smiled, her tongue peeking out from between her teeth and, blimey, was she beautiful. “I know who you are,” she laughed, “You work for Torchwood, yeah? On the 6th floor with all the other scientists? I’m one of the field agents.” Her eyes sparkled as a grin came across her face. “Wait! You’re the bloke that blew up lab 16, aren’t you?”

James blushed, “Erm, yeah… I suppose I am.” Why couldn’t he spit his words out? His gob was usually non-stop but this girl, this gorgeous pink and yellow girl, managed to take away every clever thing he wanted to say.

The room started spinning and he reached out, grabbing the table for support as Rose reached forward to steady him. “You’re a bit pissed, aren’t ya? You might want to go home and rest for a bit. You’re gonna have a shite headache when you wake up.” Her words didn’t register as he lost his grip on the table and the world went black.

Waking up with a splitting headache and how in the world did he get back to his flat? His clock said it was 3:15 pm. Looking over himself, he noticed he was still wearing his jeans from last night but his sticky t-shirt was gone. Stumbling into his en-suite, James groaned at the light as he downed some paracetamol and trudged back to his bed.

Stripping down to his pants, he noticed a piece of paper sticking out of the pocket of his jeans. Opening it, James saw it was a note from whoever brought him home last night.

‘James, you got absolutely pissed at Donna’s party last night and ended up passing out. Your mate Jack and I brought you back to your flat after Donna gave us your address and spare key. I still have that, by the way. Along with your shirt you somehow got off in my car. Maybe in exchange for your stuff back you could take me out for chips? I feel like that’s a fair trade. Your drunken savior, Rose Tyler. (P.S. +44 3069 990181 Call me anytime you want, I’m not busy. ;))’

Reaching for his phone, James grinned like a loon as he called up Rose. 

Send me a number and either a Ten/Rose or Teninch ship and I’ll write you a fic.

scullywolf  asked:

Hrm, fic prompt. How about Doctor (any)/Rose and a misunderstanding due to a TARDIS mkstranslation?

Title: Lost in Mis-translation

Pairing: Ten/Rose

Rating: T

A/N: This took forever, sorry! But I finally came up with a ridiculous idea for this in the middle of working on something else so here it is! Thanks for the prompt :) Oh! Also, I relied totally on online translators for anything that wasn’t an alien language so if I got any of it wrong, I apologize in advance!

Rose walked out of the kitchen carrying two cups of tea. She suppressed a laugh when she saw the Doctor had moved as far away as possible from her mum on the sofa. He looked the most horrible, dangerous creatures in the universe–of the alien and human variety–in the eye without flinching, but put him in the same room as Jackie Tyler for more than 20 minutes and he looked ready to run for his life. 

Rose leaned over the sofa and handed a cup to her mother. “Here you go, Mum.”

“Thank you, sweetheart,” Jackie said, shooting the Doctor a very annoyed glance.

Rolling her eyes, Rose walked around to the side of the sofa where the Doctor was sitting and placed a hand on his shoulder. He jumped and whipped his head towards her. Rose raised an eyebrow at him. “You okay?" 

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