How to change Keldeo into his Resolute Form

As mentioned in our previous posts Keldeo is available via Event on Pokémon X, Y, Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire. Here is how to change Keldeo into his Resolute Form

To change Keldeo form you need to teach him Secret Sword (his signature move)

- In Pokémon X & Y go to the Move Tutor located in Snowbelle City

- In Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire go to the Move Tutor located in Mauville City

To change Keldeo back to it’s Ordinary Form simply remove Secret Sword from his move set

Okay going back to my “Garnet taught all the Crystal Gems how to fuse theory.”

I’m betting the first person she ever fused with (besides themselves) was Rose.  Like okay, so they find Garnet and take her back to the temple.  And based on what we know so far, I’m gonna bet Bismuth and Crazy Legs and Snowflake (whoever the hell they are) were there, and everyone is bubbling over with excitement over having someone new and strange, and they ask Garnet.  They’re like, “Dude, how did you do this?  How do we do this?”

And they expect Garnet to have the answers, but Garnet has absolutely no idea what she’s doing.  And she’s still brand new and kind of bashful, so she just shrugs and is like, “Well… when Ruby and Sapphire fused… they were… dancing…?” 

And the world is pretty old, so maybe they haven’t seen humans dance yet, and they’d ask what that was.  But assuming they know what dancing is, they’re like, huh okay that’s weird.  And then someone brings up the question- “Wait.  Does that mean three gems can fuse?”

And Garnet’s like, “Well… three Rubies can fuse, but they’re all the same, and I don’t know-”

And Rose being the way Rose is- endlessly curious and a little impulsive, honestly- takes Garnet’s hands and is like, “Fuse with me.  Let’s try.”

Because honestly Rose would be the first gem that Garnet trusts on Earth. It just makes sense.  Bismuth is a little too brash, Pearl a little off-putting, and who knows about the other ones.  But Rose is welcoming and warm and comfortable, and Garnet just trusts her, okay???  I would. 

But maybe not completely.  Maybe it doesn’t work with Rose the first time, because the point of fusion is that you feel intimate, and like equals, and Garnet is still new in a strange place and scared and this is the leader of the Crystal Gems, so she can’t feel equal yet. 

That’s okay.  They chalk it up to a “well we tried,” and Garnet is a little flustered and pretty giddy over dancing with someone as beautiful as Rose Quartz.  Pearl, though.  Pearl isn’t cool with this.  Pearl isn’t cool with any of this. 

One, Pearl isn’t even sure if she can fuse, because Pearls don’t fuse.  They’re not made for that.  They wouldn’t ever have a reason to.  Second, fusion is wrong.  It’s a homeworld tactic and it’s cheating and it’s only ever supposed to be between the same type of gem, and Pearl doesn’t trust it.  Third, Garnet danced with Rose.  Her Rose.  And Pearl just doesn’t really get what’s going on and isn’t cool with it. 

And I don’t know what happens.  I don’t know HOW it happens, maybe Pearl is having a breakdown and Garnet comforts her, or maybe Pearl explodes about how Garnet “Doesn’t make any sense!!!”  But something has to happen, similar to the Peridot and Garnet almost-fusion moment, where Pearl is like, “I just don’t get you.  I don’t get any of this.”

And Garnet’s like, “You could try to get me. If you want.”

And they dance.  Okay.  Just Pearl and Garnet dancing on the beach, and Pearl is very wary at first, because she doesn’t exactly trust this new gem, and Garnet is a little hesitant because dancing between Ruby and Sapphire had been so easy, but this is new territory. But they dance, and they slowly start to relax.  Garnet gains more confidence, and Pearl lets Garnet spin her around.  They start having fun, genuine fun, with each other, laughing and spinning and maybe Garnet tosses Pearl gently or maybe Pearl just melts into her, but either way next thing you know they’re fused, and Sardonyx is sitting there on the beach, looking a little surprised at first before giggling manically.  She sits there, laughing to herself in pure joy for a while, before getting up and running, just playing around like Stevonnie the first time she fused.

And eventually Pearl and Garnet unfuse, and they just stand there for a moment still in each other’s arms, and Pearl looks up at Garnet with a shy, kind of apologetic, smile, and says, “I think I get it now.” 

And they go back to the temple, and maybe they tell everyone the good news -that three gems CAN indeed fuse with each other- or maybe they keep it a secret for a while until it just falls into the conversations, but either way it happened and it’s their’s, and Rose definitely notices the way they’re both smiling for days afterwards, and she’s glad that something made Pearl smile like that.

perisaur  asked:

ive been readin the heck out of your occult au tag and i LOVE it!! if someone's already brought this up (i don't think they have because i've gotten about 8 pages into the tag and haven't seen anything like this yet) but could some of the ghosts be au versions of corrupted gems? the fact that only garnet can see ghosts reminds me of how she uses future vision to predict where they will find corrupted gems in the show.

hey thanks!! i actually decided a while back to ditch the whole frankengarnet thing (mostly bc i really couldn’t justify killing ruby and sapphire) meaning garnet now won’t have the whole ‘communicating with the dead’ thing going on. i’ll be starting her origin comic soon so watch out!

as for corrupted gems translating into the au, i’ve had many asks about this gone unanswered and this is because….i got nothin’. corruption is a v specific thing in the show and in this universe the supernaturals are trying to blend in with humanity (except the vampires who want to reign as a dominant species). to have corruption-style monsters roaming around and be so undisguised might mean the humans weeding out the supernaturals with torches and pitchforks.

i did talk briefly about having a more subtle corruption for jasper’s story arc, which could lead into a redemption story (could, i haven’t made solid plans that far ahead yet.) i was gonna just have her be one of the big bad vamps but then earthlings aired and changed e v e r y t h i n g.

Pokémon XY/ORAS - European & Australian Keldeo Event

For those of you in Europe & Australia, the Keldeo event is now available on Pokémon X, Y, Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire games. 

  • This event is available through Mystery Gift > Receive Gift > Get Via Internet and gives you the Mythical Pokémon Keldeo, which can’t be found in the wild. 
  • This event is only running through to October 24th so get while you can. 
  • It’ll be added on North American games later today.

(All information here is taken from and is used for informative purposes only.)

Gem Fusion Ideas (2016 update)

Last year, I made multiple lists of my gemstone ideas for gem fusions. Looking back and reading those lists, I was rather…off. I chose certain gemstones more for their colors rather than any other reasons. It’s pretty much been confirmed that gemstone color doesn’t always necessarily matter when it comes to fusions.

So, this time, I’m going to take gemstone properties and meaning into account, rather than just color.

Also, keep this in mind, I’m not going to list every single possible fusion. That would be overkill. Instead, I will list the fusions that I can come up with a gemstone for.

List of potential gem fusion ideas, as well as a canon list below the Read More.

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