Ruby Squad Rewrite Idea, the Ruby/Sapphire Binary is Trash:

Not all of the Squad members are Rubies. Doc is a Yellow Sapphire, and Leggy is a Green Sapphire.

Throughout the series, the Rubies are exposed to comments from the rest of the CGs and other people that Rubies can’t be yellow, or green, otherwise they’d be Sapphires.

Doc/Ace dismisses it as rebel lies. She is a Ruby. She feels like a Ruby, she’s been told she was a Ruby her whole life, and no one can tell her otherwise. Not if they want to remain in one piece.

Leggy/Newbie is confused by this, much like she has trouble with many other things. She tries her best to understand why these comments are being made. Eventually she comes across sources that state that Rubies and Sapphires belong to the corundum group and that Rubies are just a red form of Sapphire. This leads her to question the whole point of having Rubies and Sapphires in the first place, especially when she doesn’t feel like either. She decides that she’s what she terms as a “corundum gem”, neither Sapphire nor Ruby.

Navy/Rook hears about Newbie’s findings and realises that she never felt right as a Ruby, not being much of a fighter and not feeling comfortable with the usual Ruby uniforms. She decides that if a Ruby is merely a red Sapphire, then she must be a Red Sapphire. She shapeshifts her hair to cover one side of her face, her clothes become a long flowing dress and she wears gloves on her sleeves. The feeling or joy she gets when somebody addresses her as “my clarity” is beyond simple words.

Army/Tank and Eyeball/Vet aren’t exactly sure how to respond to all this, but they’re still their teammates, and thus they always seek to respect their identities and give them love anyway. And of course they won’t show mercy to anyone who doesn’t show the same level of respect.

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Guess who’s back! Me!) And I am so glad to draw my suffragettes again. 


I think that soon I will draw more Lapis and Peridot humans, because I like any different AU with them. Some ideas are really curious, interesting and unusual… (actually, I’ve read two fanfics and both of them kinda explore my mind. But the first one is really-really violent. I didn’t expect that i will read it. But I did and loved it.)

I’ve never draw violence, and I will not, but I want to draw some touching and romantic scene from it. They were so natural!

but suffragettes will come again)

And the last warning for this day I wanted to say. Maybe I will be late with posting my sketches because of my short film. I need to work a lot for the good graduating. 

Thank you everyone for likes, reposts and following me!) I hope I will draw better day by day and you’ll see my progress) Have a nice day!


✨Steven Universe!!✨
+Just a happy edit I made!! I really wanted to use this audio too, and it was annoying since it’s so fast, but this came out great!! And masking lion was so annoying omg. I hope y'all enjoy!
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cosmos-curiosity  asked:

Sorry if this has already been asked, but do you think that watching Steven Universe helped you discover your sexuality?

Yes! I believe it played a role.

I’ve pretty much always had a feeling I was sapphic, but didn’t exactly know how to put it into words, or who to talk to about it. I felt really confused for a while, and because heterosexuality was all I had ever seen and all I had ever known, I ignored these feelings and just went with what I was told. 

When I first watched SU, I remember seeing couples like Ruby and Sapphire and saying to myself- “Why does this feel so refreshing?”  I’d never really seen healthy portrayals of f/f relationships before that point on TV, and it made me feel really happy inside. Characters like Pearl, Garnet(my wife, who also admittedly played a role bc I’m in love with her lmao) and ESPECIALLY ships like Amedot helped out too! Finding the Tumblr community, meeting great friends who I feel free to talk and vent to and just having all of you guys as followers has helped so much as well!

Don’t even get me started on Rebecca herself, who, as a bisexual woman, is such an inspiration to me! She’s a lovely human being, who has created a masterpiece that has not only helped me, but I’m sure she’s helped sooo many other people to discover parts of themselves as well.

So yes, SU is very important to me, as are you guys and the rest of the Amedot community.

And done! Thank you @gemanimate for organizing this huge thing of a project! I really enjoyed having full creative autonomy in my work - so much so that I’ve started to reconsider my career path - so I’m grateful I had this opportunity to explore and play around with the style. I can’t wait to see everyone’s great works in the final product :3 

Now onto my other gemanimate shot that I’m collaborating with another artist on…