Ruby Dee


Ossie Davis (born Raiford Chatman Davis) 
(December 18, 1917 – February 4, 2005)
Emmy and Grammy award winning Humanitarian, Playwright, Activist, Director, Author, Producer, Actor, Poet and “an upright example of Black Manhood”!
Ruby Dee 
(October 27, 1922 - …)
Emmy and Grammy award winning Journalist, Screenwriter, Activist, Playwright, Actor, Poet; widow of Ossie Davis and living proof that “Black don’t Crack”! 

Ruby Dee dies at 91

New York Daily News: Actress and Civil Rights leader Ruby Dee died Wednesday at age 91, a family member confirmed. 

Photo: Ruby Dee gives a reading at the March on Washington in 1963. (THE WASHINGTON POST/THE WASHINGTON POST/GETTY IMAGES via New York Daily news)


Salute to those who paved the way, BECAUSE OF THEM WE CAN…

#BlackHistoryMonth 2014
CultureSOUL - The Carl Van Vechten Photography series  Van Vechten was a writer, photographer and patron of the arts in New York. He was said to be moved by the artists of the Harlem Renaissance movement and in 1939 he began a photography series that would last for nearly 25 years. Van Vechten, who became friendly with many of the artists, began photographing them in a bold color series. Some 50 years later, this series still stands as one of the finest photo essays on mid-century black artists available. A few highlights from the series here.
Credits: 1. Eartha Kitt / 2. Harry Belafonte / 3. Ruby Dee / 4. Ossie Davis 5. Langston Hughes / 6. Zora Neal Hurston / 7. Pearl Bailey 8. James Earl Jones / 9. W.E.B. Dubois / 10. Mahalia Jackson