Fuck a groupie, I group their type up with scrutiny, you want a Superhead, I want the new version of Ruby Dee…
—  Rob Regal, “Same Ol’”

Ossie Davis (born Raiford Chatman Davis) 
(December 18, 1917 – February 4, 2005)
Emmy and Grammy award winning Humanitarian, Playwright, Activist, Director, Author, Producer, Actor, Poet and “an upright example of Black Manhood”!
Ruby Dee 
(October 27, 1922 - …)
Emmy and Grammy award winning Journalist, Screenwriter, Activist, Playwright, Actor, Poet; widow of Ossie Davis and living proof that “Black don’t Crack”! 


Salute to those who paved the way, BECAUSE OF THEM WE CAN…




Whitewash is a 1994 television special and animated short film that was based on a true story. The program was produced and directed by Michael Sporn with a screenplay by Ntozake Shange. Ruby Dee and Linda Lavin provide voices for the animated characters.


Whitewash uses animation to tell the story of a young black girl’s encounter with racism. On their way home from school, Helene and her brother are attacked by a group of white thugs who beat him up and spray-paint her face white.


"People, I Just Found Out The Loss Of Spiritual Mother, The Late, Great Ruby Dee. I’m Crushed By This Bad News And I Know Ruby Has Already Been Embraced In A Warm Loving Hug From Her Life Partner Of 57 Years, Mr. Ossie Davis.

It Has Been One Of My Great Blessings In Life To Work With Two Of The Finest Artist And Activist. Ruby And Ossie Were In The Battlefields With Paul Robeson, Malcolm X And Dr. Martin Luther King. Ruby And Ossie Served As A Living Example That One Could Be An Artist And A Activist Too,That One Could Be An Artist And Still Deal With What It Means To Be A Black Woman And A Black Man In These United States.

God Bless You Ruby Dee. God Bless You Ossie Davis.

The Both Of You Told Us ‘To Always Do The Right Thing’.”

Spike Lee