Aaaaay I was on Fake Ruby’s Twitter page and I noticed something that warmed my heart (cuter than the baby pic). Gen reshared this:

I know it’s just a reshare, but it was just so sweet. I love when the actors stand up for other people. They have so much power and influence, and they use it better than most… to support their fans, to stand up for others, and they’re always donating and having fundraisers for things that matter, for equality, for people with depression, for kids with down syndrome, and so much more… including otters. 😂

Congrats Padalecki’s on your baby girl. I know Odette will grow up to be amazing, just like the two of you… 


little idea i had of gem swap with Ruby Sapphire and awkward first meetings, since Garnet takes after ruby and their hair I like to think that in GemSwap garnet takes after Sapphire’s hair and have dreadlocks?? also garnet with dreadlocks ??

And done! Thank you @gemanimate for organizing this huge thing of a project! I really enjoyed having full creative autonomy in my work - so much so that I’ve started to reconsider my career path - so I’m grateful I had this opportunity to explore and play around with the style. I can’t wait to see everyone’s great works in the final product :3 

Now onto my other gemanimate shot that I’m collaborating with another artist on…