Rubin Kazan


Russian football is rotting: the decline of Rubin Kazan

By Domm Norris

The winds of winter continue to reverberate across Russia, as all eyes begin to turn away from the snow-capped mountains of Sochi; however, the carnival atmosphere in the southern reaches of the nation have not been wholly felt in other areas of the world’s most vast state. Rubin Kazan’s plight this season has been one of demoralisation as the memories of league title successes a mere five years ago begin to feel like incomprehensible dreams.

Rubin’s league victories, in both 2008 and 2009, brought the club to the fore of European football, with memorable Champions League performances against Barcelona major highlights in the club’s history. Despite those fantastic performances, there remained notable voices questioning just how legitimate the club’s domestic successes were, with some believing that they had used a complex match rigging system to ensure a short period of dominance. However, under the guidance of Kurban Berdyev, accompanied by the influential performances of Alejandro Dominguez and Aleksandr Bukharov, Rubin looked as though they would be capable of competing at the top of the table for the foreseeable future.

Fast forward to the present day and the club is rotting.

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Harry Redknapp heart surgery
Harry Redknapp heart surgery

Tottenham Hotspur boss Harry Redknapp has had to undergo heart surgery today after being admitted to hospital last night for tests. Harry has had to have an operation to help to clear a minor blockage to one of his arteries but the 64 year old is optimistic of a quick recovery.

Redknapp explained, “I’m hoping I can be back at work again in a couple of days.” In the mean time, the managerial duties for tomorrows trip to Russia, where Tottenham Hotspur face Rubin Kazan, will fall to Assistant manager Kevin Bond and first-team coach Joe Jordan.   Tottenham Hotspur are currently at the top of Group A in the Europa League, two points ahead of the Greek side PAOK. Harry Redknapp should be back in charge of the action for Sunday’s trip to Craven Cottage, where Tottenham Hotspur face Fulham.