PSA about women walking alone at night

Hey, everyone! I was walking home late last night and I just felt like I needed to say some stuff. Yes, it is inspired by true events.

Dudes, let me give you some advice on how to interact with women walking alone late at night. This advice is intended to help you make them feel comfortable and safe from…yeah, you. And also for you to avoid getting your dick kicked into your chest cavity. My females, I’m putting out some tips that I learned from my daddy (who was a cop) that have helped make me feel safer while walking home. (Obviously subject to editing if people have some reliable source they’d like to share that contradicts what I’ve said. It’s about being safe, after all).

My dudes…

If you see a woman walking alone late at night, don’t walk behind her. If you’re going the same way as her, try crossing to the other side of the street, or making it really clear you are not paying any attention to her. If she looks back at you, politely say that you are keeping your distance and wish her a good night. If she stops to let you walk by her, it’s not an insult. It’s for her safety, because she has been trained not to trust men late at night. She is protecting her six, and if you’re a decent guy, you will let her. Don’t ask a woman you see walking late at night for a cigarette, a dollar, or to use her phone. Don’t say shit to her unless it’s to tell her to have a good night and be safe. If you see a woman being harassed, loudly offer to call the police, or just go ahead and do so. Don’t offer to walk her home, because that’s a familiar line and will put her instantly on the defensive. Instead, ask her if you can call her a taxi or contact a friend. If a woman gives you a dirty look when she’s walking home at 2 AM, please don’t call her a bitch. She’s protecting herself, and if you think she has that right, then just take it with an understanding nod, instead of acting like a fucking baby. If you’re a professional driver, don’t follow beside her slowly, like you’re casing her. If she needs a cab, she will make that obvious. If you’re a bouncer, and she is leaving your protection, give her advice on the safest ways to walk. If a woman asks for your help, and you consent to giving it to her, please be respectful of boundaries and make it clear you are not helping her for any reason other than to make sure she is safe.


Firstly, I know how fucking obnoxious it is to have to tailor your entire life to the sexual urges of predators. I know you just want to say “Screw this” sometimes and go out for a walk because why should you have to stay cooped up? I also know that sometimes, you can’t help it. Sometimes your ride ditches you and you don’t have cab fare. i am not going to lecture you, because you know what you’re doing.

So maybe instead I can give you some things you maybe haven’t thought of before.

1) Take off your high heels. If that grosses you out and you don’t want to carry spare shoes, carry a pair of socks in your purse (or your bra. Come on, they make great hoists) and wear them over your bare feet. I’ve seen those little rubber shoe things too, that look like flats…those are dope.

2) Avoid dark places. Even if it means you have to walk a little out of the way. You need to be able to see everything around your for at least a hundred feet, because a man can clear 100 feet at a dead run, very quickly.

3) Always look around, constantly. Predators want an easy mark, and if you’re paying attention, you cannot be an easy mark.

4) Pass by as many ATM’s as possible and look directly at them. They have continual activity on their cameras, so if you are snatched, the police can document your movements.

5) Only carry cards. If the place you’re going only takes cash, then have a specific amount and no more than that. The idea is to minimize incentives to rob you. If a man approaches you to rob you, and you have nothing to give him, he will likely leave at once, because he is usually nervous and doesn’t want to be identified, so be prepared to empty that bag out on the road and show him you have no valuables.

6) Should you have a weapon? Only if you know how to use them and are willing to do so, otherwise they end up being taken from you and used on you. Long range weapons like pepper spray are better.

7) Don’t talk on your cellphone in the standard way. I know you think that it’s a good idea, but the fact is, it distracts you and holding it can block your line of sight. A man can grab you and smash it and no one can track you. Instead, put it on speaker, tuck it in a pocket, and give constant location updates, if you feel threatened. Or prearrange a text appointment with someone who can call authorities if you don’t reply.

8) No music. Do not be that girl, walking in the dark, with her phone on a loud song to take her mind off the scariness of it. Music draws attention to you and distracts you. It can also mask noises of a confrontation.

9) If a man walks behind you, you have two options. You can put your back to a wall and allow him to pass by you, or you can cross the street. If he follows, find a public place immediately. If this isn’t possible, the fact is, he’s a threat. If it were me, I’d look him right in the eye and make sure he can see that I’m willing to kill. Don’t ignore a threat, and ladies, walking alone at 2 am means every man is a potential threat. Run, if you feel threatened. Who the fuck cares if he isn’t “actually a bad guy” or thinks it’s weird? Just ask yourself, “What if he is a bad guy?”

10) Be willing to drop everything in your hands. If there’s something you don’t want to leave in the street, shove it in your bra or your pocket.

11) There’s a lot of debate about how to deal with an attacker if it does happen. Some say to do what you’re told, and some say to fight like hell. I can’t make that decision for you, but you have to be aware, and try and understand the attacker. Ask questions. If you think they aren’t listening…it’s up to you. Personally, a guy better not try to put his dick in my mouth, because I will bite it the fuck off and see what happens, but thats me. Don’t go with him. If he has a weapon, then he is willing to kill you. So make the choice. If you go with him, you stand a much higher risk of never coming back, because in solitude, with no threat of discovery, he can do whatever he wants. If he wants you to leave where you are, it means that place is safer, so stay in that place.

12) Do learn self defense. If a man can hit you once, he can win. Learn how not to get hit. Learn how to get out of suppression holds. Learn what to do if grabbed from behind.

13) Minimize physical risk. Take off all jewelry, Ponytails are just convenient handles. (I had a friend get grabbed from behind by her ponytail and lifted off the ground, with a knife to her throat. She couldn’t get free because he had all her hair in one hand. Hair is VERY strong. So take your hair down, because if he can only get a handful, you can usually tear free, but if he has all of it, you can’t go anywhere.) Same with loose clothing or clothes with strings. Keys are weapons, rings are weapons. High heeled shoes can kill a man.

14) The cops will not be angry with you if you call them because you feel threatened, and it turns out nothing is wrong. They just won’t. In fact, I can think of at least ten famous cases where a woman called the cops because she was being followed and it turned out the guy was like some horrible rapist or murderer they finally caught.

15) You have the right to defend yourself. Better to be alive and dealing with assault charges than dead in a gutter.

One time I flipped a jogger upside down because he came up behind me really fast while I was walking home from work at midnight. He laid on his back looking up at me like “WTF DID I DO” and I just said to him, “Hey man, I am really sorry, but you scared the shit outta me.” And helped him up. 

And you know what? He was totally cool about it. Said he completely understood and asked me what martial art that was. I told him it was Aikido and then offered to pay his cleaning or medical later if he needed it. He shook his head and goes, “No, ma’am, we’re good.” and jogged on. 

I’m not telling you that so that you kick every man you see at night in the balls. Men have to walk home at night sometimes, same as us. I’m telling you that because women have been taught they have no right to be fierce. And they absolutely do. It’s better to defend yourself first and ask questions later, to run first and feel silly later, to strip down or button up first and let loose later.

Be safe. Women, be smart. And dudes…don’t take this personally. If you agree that women should be equals, then treat them with respect.

Until My Last Moment

Summary: Thanks to Bucky, during a game of truth or dare the reader is put into a compromising position..which may or may not lead to more fun positions with a certain super soldier later on. 

Word Count:  6028

Author’s note: Guys…SMUTT SO MUCH SMUTT! The reader also has a past with Wade this is kinda a dead pool imagine too? ( but not in the way you guys will think;)~ the reader also has powers!!)

Sam laughed, “ And that was how I lost my virginity..but if that story leaves this room y’all are cold”. The entire room laughed along with him, even though there was only five other people in it.

You all had been bored in between missions and decided to play a game of truth or dare. When alcohol was thrown into the equation, things got dirty real fast. Steve laughed, “ God after hearing that story I don’t think being a virgin is too bad”.

Bucky and Natasha threw you knowing glances, but the blush on your cheeks made things pretty obvious anyways. How could you not have a crush on the most well liked man in all of America?

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By: CloudyGyeom

Prompt: “You deserve a happy ending.”

Summary: He was like the ocean, gilded with shades of blues, whites and grays. You wanted to see everything he had to offer. Puppy!Wang ; Shifter!Wang ; Boxer!Wang —smut.

I. II.

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To our beloved ELF ♥

Salute! it’s Sergeant Lee Hyukjae. Heoheohoe I said Sergeant… I’m a Sergeant. Can everyone believe that? The time when I was cutely wearing onto the private first class badge it seemed like it was yesterday but I’ve now filled all the levels of army service ribbon and when I pose with it, its not a joke. I’ve even have a squad  leader badge on my shoulders because I was the squad commander!!! Heoheo anyway is everyone  doing well? It’s been a looooong time since I wrote a letter. Did you guys wait for a long time? The day has cleared up and the weather has become better so would you even have thought of me while you run around playing outside all the time? I know very well that everyone is going around playing because you are excited. Well it’s okay. I can understand. While you can still play, play to your hearts content now, When the Summer comes, everyone has to regain your senses and work faithfully for you regular job. I’m also slowly preparing to meet our ELF now. I’ve been washing well so I won’t look like someone in my 30s, taking care of my skin and exercising hard so I will have the stamina to run around all night during Sushow and I’ve  also been reading lots of book so that I can become smarter and make high level jokes when we meet guys… I’ll be preparing this and that. The most important thing is the preparation for out comeback album!!! In order not to disappoint our ELF who has waited for a long time, I’ve been worrying again and again so I will gift you guys good music and performance as a present!! No but even if it is not so. I’ve actually really had a lot of worried. What kind of posture and image should we prepare to come out with over what ELF wants, we want and the general public wants… in the end, after worrying an d worrying, I’ve started to feel uneasy and several thoughts became complicated but the conclusion in my heart even just for a little but!!… I will tell you guys next time. I really miss our ELF. Because you guys have worn the the rubber shoes for such a long time, your feet should smell of rubber… but now you guys have to wear the rubber shoes again for Kyuhyunnie…. sigh you guys have had  a hard time. but well what can we do? We have many people.. I will register you guys as rubber cultural assets. Hang on just for a little bit more!! Hang on!! Just in a while more, D&E and D&E Company CEO will be coming back so I hope you will spend everyday enjoyably. Because it’s Summer, don’t eat much cold stuff and be careful not to get food poisoning and a cold. Because you guys are old now, you guys can’t just eat everything like before. Just don’t be sick please!! Also, because it is getting warm, you can take this chance and shave your head bald. I love you our ELF ♥

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the second and final part of the childhood friend! daniel au

(image credit)

pairing: kang daniel x reader (featuring kang dongho)
genre: fluff, angst
summary: You’ve never let your relationship with Kang Daniel move beyond the fun and physical, especially since he’s your brother’s best friend. Throw in a distraction, some sexy stubble, and a meddling brother, and you have a recipe for disaster.

one | two

  • you don’t expect to meet your childhood friend kang daniel again at university, but when you do, it’s only a matter of time till you become friends again 
  • it’s a little different now, your old hide and seek games replaced by lazy afternoons at his apartment, his arm comfortably around your shoulders and his cats on both your laps
  • it doesn’t take long for the two of you to fall into a rhythm, and by your third year, you’ve taken five general classes together despite having different majors
  • when you enter your basic philosophy and logic class, daniel’s already taken a seat beside a pretty girl in a sundress, which has you swallowing down the drop of jealousy building up in your throat and sitting elsewhere
  • to your left is an boy—no, man, you think—with stubble dark against his pale skin and an expression so bored it’s intimidating, and you don’t realize you’re staring till he looks at you and smirks, like a tiger spotting prey
  • you bite your lip and smile, feeling the tips of your ears turning warm, because he may not be your usual type, but that tattoo peeking from beneath the low collar of his white shirt is attractive as hell
  • when the professor asks all of you to pair up and you see daniel talking to the girl next to him, you shrug and turn to mr. sexy tiger, as you’ve taken to calling him in your head
  • his name is kang dongho, and though you’re a little worried about whether he’ll be a good project partner, soon you’re saving his number and pointedly not looking at daniel, who’s been glancing at you with a frown
  • later that day, you’re at daniel’s apartment, his hand at the back of your neck and drawing you closer
  • you and daniel make out every so often whenever neither of you are dating, and that’s completely normal between friends, isn’t it?
  • but you pull back, asking him whether he’s thinking of seriously dating the girl from philosophy class because you need to know if your arrangement has to change any time soon 
  • he says no, and you pull him into the kiss, and he tastes like the gummy candies he likes to eat, some sugar on the corner of his lip for you to lick, and you’ve never had a sweet tooth but daniel’s mouth is more addictive than candy
  • afterwards, you’re texting dongho about your meeting the next day, and daniel is laughing because kang dongho is the complete opposite of all the boys you’ve gone for throughout your three years at university
  • “remember lai guanlin”
  • you stick your tongue out at him and call him an idiot, but at midnight, daniel insists on walking you back to your dorm, and you ignore the little voice in your head that tells you how easy it would be to pull him close and finally confess what had been at the tip of your tongue over six years ago
  • that weekend, you’re at the library with dongho, reminding yourself that you’re an adult, there to study and not to ogle the exposed area of his chest nor the way he bites his pen in thought
  • then you get texts from daniel asking for help with the assignment, and you roll your eyes before sending the relevant book titles since you and dongho have practically finished your project 
  • [5:40 PM] cat daniel: ur rly so hot when ur being competent
  • you’re grinning at your phone, choosing the appropriate sticker to send, when dongho asks you if you want to get barbecue with him tonight
  • “as partners?” you say, confused, and dongho smirks in that way that makes you melt, laughing at you, and your cheeks turn pink
  • “i’ll get the car,” he says, taking your stunned silence as affirmation, and you’re still smiling when daniel texts you again, telling you to come over, but you only have enough time to send a sad face and ‘can’t, bbq with the tiger’ before dongho says he’s outside
  • back at his apartment, daniel begins to feel uneasy because you’ve only ever taken your dates to cute, trendy little places like cafes and diners, and they’ve always been lanky younger boys like sewoon and jihoon, not men who look at you like they want to devour you like this kang dongho
  • daniel knows it’s hypocritical to feel this way when he can never get enough of your lips, when he’s always glad to see you wearing those off-shoulder tops you like so much because it’s easier for him to mouth at your neck and collarbones, and he tells himself that he’s worried and not jealous, no not at all 
  • you’re back at the dorm with ramen and beer from the nearby convenience store because you’d been too shy to eat like you wanted in front of dongho, when you get a call from your older brother 
  • “what’s this i hear about you dating a bad boy?” daehyun says in a teasing tone, but you can hear the warning in his voice, and you’re angry because only one person knew that you were going out tonight
  • “what did daniel tell you about dongho, oppa?” you say, trying to keep your voice level 
  • your brother sighs, saying, “he called your date bad news. are you going over to daniel’s apartment? we need to talk about this later, Y/N,” and you grunt in response before hanging up, pulling on a hoodie and rubber shoes and rushing to daniel’s apartment to give him a piece of your mind
  • when he opens the door, you storm inside, your arms crossed over your chest as you seethe and say, “what the fuck?” and daniel smiles uncomfortably, shrugging
  • the two of you stand in awkward silence, and for the first time since you met him you see daniel’s face turn serious 
  • “i don’t think your brother would approve of you dating him,” he says, looking away because both of you know that it’s bullshit, but before you can call him out, he asks, “have you kissed him?“
  • your fists are at your side and you shut your eyes tight, holding back the waves of frustration and hurt and anger that are making it difficult to breathe
  • “that’s none of my brother’s business, and it’s certainly not yours,” you say, narrowing your eyes at him, and you can’t stop yourself from poking him in the chest, your face near his as you hiss, “and do you fucking think he’d approve of you sticking your tongue down my throat every tuesday, asshole?” 
  • “it’s different with us,” he says lamely, still not looking you in the eye, and all the fight drains out of you, leaving you feeling exhausted
  • “of course it is, daniel,” you say, the hurt palpable in your voice, “because i know it’ll never be anything more for you.” 
  • you don’t look at him when you leave his apartment, and when he texts you throughout the week you delete his messages without reading them 
  • kang dongho takes you out on one more date, this time to the zoo, but all you can think about when you see the lions and tigers are daniel’s cats, and you find yourself tearing up, apologizing to dongho and telling him it’s better if you stay friends 
  • “it was worth a shot,” he says before taking you home, and you’re sorry you and dongho have so little in common because he’s really quite sweet under that intimidating exterior
  • you tell yourself it has nothing to do with a certain b-boying idiot 
  • but later that night you remember how early on in your freshman year, you and daniel had ended up at an ice cream parlor past ten in the evening after terrible dates with other people, how the wet asphalt had glistened under the street lights, the way daniel’s eyes twinkled as he took your hand and brought you back to his place
  • that first time, he’d tasted like cupcake sprinkles and home, but you’d pulled back and laughed it off, and you had been the one to bring up the arrangement because ‘friends who make out every so often’ sounded better to you than the unknown you’d have to face if you’d admitted any feelings
  • daniel is awake thinking back to the same moment, the space on his couch feeling empty without you in it, and he realizes you deserve more than what he’s been willing to give you, more than the bits and pieces of himself no one else is willing to accept, that flirtatious texts and kissing sessions are not all he wants with you
  • two days later, you’re at your dorm studying when someone knocks, and you open the door to kang daniel, looking more nervous than you’ve ever seen him
  • before you can shut the door, he says, “i’m an idiot,” and you narrow your eyes, gesturing for him to continue, “i’m an idiot who wanted your heart without asking, who wanted all the best parts of you without showing you the best parts of me. i’m a coward who couldn’t tell you six years ago when i left, or three years ago when i met you again, or two weeks ago when i called your brother instead, that i like you and want to be with you—are you—are you crying?” 
  • and he pulls you to his chest like he has every time you’ve cried in front of him, and you can feel in the tightness of his embrace that he would do anything in his power to make things okay again
  • “you’re a big fucking idiot,” you mumble into his chest, and he laughs, his hand rubbing soothing circles onto your lower back
  • “i’m sorry,” daniel says, “i really like you,” and you stay like that for a while, feeling lighter than you have in ages
  • you pull back to smile up at him, stroking his cheek, watching his face for his reaction to your next words
  • “you’re telling my brother”
  • and his eyes go wide, the colour draining from his face, but you’re laughing at him, relaxing in his arms, and daniel knows two things:
  • first, that meeting you fifteen years ago was one of the best things to happen to him
  • and second, that the many years ahead will be that much sweeter with you by his side.

eunhyukee44: I’ve never imagined that today will come… reality has yet to hit me huhuhuhuhu I was really touched and choked up because of soo~~ooo many people who came to the venue. Our ELF who waited  overnight in front of the guardhouse after wearing rubber shoes for 1 year and 9 months!!! I really really love you!! Thank you very very much!!!!!! I really really missed you all  ㅜㅜ We are now only gonna walk on a flower path !!! In order to reciprocate the love from everyone, you can just enjoy from now on!!!! Our worldwide ELF who congratulated me on my discharge from various parts of the world!!! Thank you very much once again~ Thank you once again to the reporters who came early and wrote lots of good article  ㅜㅜ everyone please be happy!!!! I love you  💙
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eunhyukee44:  oho is that so?
Banner says “we didn’t shave our heads  ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ”

eunhyukee44: the ELF that are at SUM~~~you must be tired so go back early today and rest a lot!!! You all gotta save your condition and play well at our fanmeet~ #elf # makingthemgohome #imwatchingyouall  ©

tozierstrashmouth  asked:

Oh my god your most recent drabble is fantastic and heart-wrenching, can I request a fix-it sequel to it? My heart needs to be put back together haha - you write so well!

(Thank you so much!! here’s a sequel for you!)

Eddie was leaning against the picnic table outside of the school, the wood giving him an itchy feeling under his skin. He’d told no one of the out of the blue text from Richie. He knew that if he did, they’d all want to join him and maybe give the boy a piece of their minds. But Eddie really wanted to face him first. Maybe he’d yell, maybe he’d bail but he knew he wanted to do it before anyone else. All he’d got was that green notification reading ‘Hey, if you wouldn’t mind…I’d like to meet you after school today? If that’s ok, I’ll see you at the picnic tables.’ and his heart had burst from his chest. 

He psyched himself out at least twenty times before he managed to sit still at the table, tracing the wood lines but careful not to get any dirt under his nails. He was just about to pull his hand away when he was interrupted. 

“Hey.” It was quiet and eerily soft, Eddie should’ve been startled but the voice was just too nice to hear. He glanced up, slowly pulling his hand away from the risks of splinters to face Richie. The mop top was standing awkwardly in front of the bench, fidgeting with his hands. Eddie gave him an expectant face. 

“What are we here for?” Was what he decided to say, figuring it was appropriate to skip a greeting for the guy who’d blown him off nearly thirty times. Richie took a deep breath and sat down, closer to the edge than to Eddie. He swiped the pad of his thumb under his nose. 

“Is this killing you, like it’s killing me?” Richie asked, turning his head to Eddie who scoffed audibly. 

“I don’t think you should ask that. I mean, it’s been in your hands the entire time, Rich. We tried to include you but you blew us off.” Eddie narrowed his eyes, the chilly air biting at his nose. Richie looked off at their classmates flooding out of the double doors. 

“I made a stupid decision, ok? I know I did-”

“Than why the fuck would you do it?” Eddie shouted harshly, Richie widened his eyes and looked shocked for a second. “There’s nothing wrong with getting a girlfriend, Rich.” Eddie swallowed bitterly with that statement “But you acted like we didn’t exist.” 

“I guess I just got swept up, y’know?” Richie turned to him and Eddie looked at him with confusion. “Somebody wanted to date me, that’s not something I thought would happen since I’m so god damn annoying.” Richie sighed and hunched forward, clasping his hands together and resting his chin on his thumbs. 

Eddie wanted to say something to comfort him but he was a little too shocked. 

“So, I just wanted to make sure that things were gonna go well. Angie was a lot to keep up with, I didn’t want her to break up with me, ok? I know it was wrong and this isn’t me trying to guilt trip you into forgiving me either.” he shook his head. 

“I’m just swallowing my pride and apologizing because you deserve that.” Richie turned, crossing his right leg over the bench to face Eddie. Eddie hiked his sweater sleeves over his hands to pull nervously at them. 


“Ok?” Richie leaned closer and Eddie felt himself want to lean too close, so he shuffled backwards. 

“Ok. I get it. Ok, we can work it out.” Eddie shrugged, Richie knew those words should be making him happy but he felt a tug in his chest at the look on Eddie’s face. 

“You and Me, we’re good right?” Richie asked, nerves filling up his stomach and it felt like an anchor. Eddie sighed and looked around for a few seconds. 

“I don’t know, Richie. I honestly don’t. that hurt like hell and-” He interrupted himself before he went too far and just shook his head. “You know what? It’s fine. We’re ok.” He shrugged again but Richie wasn’t that dumb. 

“So, does this mean you can’t forgive me?” 

“I said-” 

“But you didn’t mean it, honestly Eds. I know you too well.” Richie let the nickname slip out before he could stop it and Eddie stiffened, hands balling into fists. Richie glanced down at them and something flickered on his face. “You can hit me if you want, would that help?” 

Eddie widened his eyes but looked down at his fists and quickly stopped clenching them. “That’s-”

“C’mon, You know you want to, I’d hit me if I were you.” Richie didn’t sound much like his teasing self, in fact he just sounded guilty. Eddie frowned, channeling all his inner anger at his friend. “Just do it, I deserve it!” He seemed desperate now. 

“Fine, close your eyes.” Eddie demanded and Richie just did as he said. For a minute, Eddie did raise his fist but he quickly slapped it down and burst forward to connect their lips. Of course, Richie had flinched at the contact but let out a surprised mumble. So Eddie pulled away and sat back. 

Richie brushed his fingers over his mouth and looked confused. “That was not a hit but it did knock me down a few pegs.” 

Eddie rolled his lips together and shrugged. “Sorry.” 

Richie smiled slightly. “Are you?” 

Eddie let the smile that had started in the corner of his lips grow as he shook his head “No.” 

Richie’s hands fell into his lap and he hesitantly scooted closer to Eddie. “So, tell me, how are the others?” He asked, picking at the strings of rubber hanging off his shoes. Eddie clicked his tongue. 

“Huh, They…they’re pissed too.” Eddie bit his lip and looked at Richie who was looking regretful. “But, they could forgive you-” he took a deep breath “because we love you.” 

Richie smiled and let out a pitying laugh for himself and looked down at Eddie. 

“I don’t know if they’ll be as easy to sway as me though, they aren’t in love with you after all.” Eddie smiled before realizing exactly what he’d admitted too. He figured from the kiss, it was obvious that there was something but he didn’t really want to admit to being in love with him yet. 

Richie chuckled and threw his arm around Eddie. “Maybe not but I think I’m pretty charming.” 

Eddie rolled his eyes. “Sure. Just explain yourself and you should be ok. At least you’ll be on probation.” 

Richie licked his lips and nodded. “So…are we really ok here?” He went back to his nervous tone and tilted his chin down to Eddie. 

Eddie was quiet for a few seconds. “What’s here anyway? Where are we exactly?” 

Richie retracted his arm from Eddie’s shoulders, the boy immediately missed the warmth. “Anywhere you’d want to be, Eds?” 

“I’d rather hear where you want to be. I’ve been unsure for too long so…”He gestured his hand teasingly and waited for him. 

Richie stuck his tongue from the corner of his mouth and chuckled. “Well, I suppose..” Richie paused and brought his face close to Eddie’s, noses touching. “Here’s nice.” 

Eddie smirked. “Interesting….” Eddie wouldn’t make the first move this time and Richie figured that out. 

So he kissed him. 


170712 Hyukjae’s first IG updates after discharging ❤️️

eunhyukee44 : I’ve never imagined that today will come… reality has yet to hit me euheuheuheu I was really touched and choked up because soo~~~oo many people came to the venue. Our ELF who waited overnight in front of the guardhouse after wearing rubber shoes for 1 year and 9 months!!! I really really missed you all TT We are now only gonna walk on a flower path!!!! In order to reciprocate the love from everyone that waited for a long time. I will work really hard and show you lots of good sieds of me so everyone, you can just enjoy from now on!!!! Our worlwide ELF who congratulated me on my discharge from various parts of the world!!! Thank you very very much once again~ thank you once again to the reporters who came early and wrote lots of good articles too TT everyone please be happy!!!!! I love you 💙 

* Yesung’s comment on Hyuk’s IG: heart…? Heol ㅎㅎㅎ 😍 

* Donghae liked Hyuk’s ig post  :)  

eunhyukee44 : oho is that so?

* Banner says “we didnt shave our heads”   

eunhyukee44 :  The ELF that are at SUM~~~~ you must be tired so go back early and rest a lot!!! You all gotta save your condition and play well at our fanmeeting~ #elf #makingthemgohome #imwatchingyouall  

eunhyukee44 : Starting from the commanding officer, the many comissioned officers, seniors.juniors.fellow soldiers and comrades, thank you all so much. Salute!

 (c) (c) (c) (c) (c)


smtown_sum: Welcome Back D&E Celebration Box

To our beloved ELF♥(rubber shoes for 6 years) 
Everyone!! I’m finally returning TT  Have you been well for two years? I want to see baldy ELF quickly:) Let’s meet soon ♥


Beloved ELF. 2 years has finally passed. We are finally going to meet. let’s have a good time in the future. I love you! ©


170711 smtown_sum IG : Welcome Back D&E CELEBRATION BOX

Hyukjae’s message : To our beloved ELF♡ (rubber shoes for 6 years) Everyone!! I’m finally returning TT Have you been well for two years? I want to see baldy ELF quickly :) Let’s meet soooon ♡

Donghae’s message : Beloved E.L.F, 2 years have finally passed, we are finally going to meet, let’s have good times in future. I love you!  © © ©