Tumblr RP Lexicon

For anyone new to RPing, or even those who have experience and are just new to RP on Tumblr, there are a few terms floating around that I’m going to explain!

  • Mun - This is you! The person behind the character. It’s short for ‘mundane’ (which makes me think of muggles from Harry Potter lol) and is a useful term if you don’t know someone’s name, it’s easy to refer to them as Character-mun.
  • Muse - The character you’re writing. This is a handy term to use because it refers specifically to your portrayal and thus is useful to distinguish between the canon character and your version (or indeed other peoples’ versions!)
  • Headcanon - This is a piece of trivia or information not explicitly stated in canon but which is true for your muse, or which you believe may be true about the canon character in general. It is often helpful to cite existing information or circumstances in canon that led you to develop that belief.
  • Canon - If something is canon, that means it exists in the original source material (e.g. Naruto’s manga) or is something stated by the creator to be true. 
  • Thread - A thread is a sequence of roleplay replies between partners that is usually plotted beforehand and on Tumblr comes in the form of reblogged text posts. Normally they are titled and people commit to them quite seriously, though this varies from person to person.
  • Open - Open posts are like unplotted mini-threads where someone posts a starter that anyone can respond to. Sometimes these will be restricted, for example tagged as being only open to 'mutuals’ or to a certain 'group verse’.
  • Mutual/mutuals - Someone you follow and they also follow you back.
  • Group verse - A specific type of AU that has a backstory and setting determined by the verse creator. These usually do not allow duplicates of a character and must be joined via an application process.
  • AU - Alternate Universe. Generally this means the character’s backstory is altered somehow or they are placed in an entirely different setting from their canon 'verse.
  • Faceclaim/FC - A 'faceclaim’ is a character (or person) that the muse’s looks are to be based on. Basically it’s just a 'likeness’.
    Some people have 'mun faceclaims’ too but those are nothing to do with pretending to be that person and are normally used for icons or reaction image purposes.
  • Indie/independent - A blog that does not belong to any specific roleplay group or verse. This is important to know because some blogs affiliated with groups are exclusive and will not RP with anyone outside the group.
  • Munday - A (non-obligatory) tradition of sorts. On mondays, muns who wish to participate often reblog memes where followers can ask questions about the person behind the character, and/or post a photo of themselves.
  • Sexual sunday - Similar to the above, taking place on sundays and sometimes nsfw memes will be reblogged, or invitations to ask the muses personal questions and such. Again, this is NOT an obligatory thing and not everyone participates so you do not have to if you don’t want, and it is best to not assume that another blog is participating unless they state as such. There are many who make a point of avoiding it or solely make dashboard commentary with their muse regarding it.

Shipping is a big thing in Tumblr RP and there are several terms related to it also.

  • Ship - Abbreviation of 'relationship’, generally referring to the romantic variety by default. Also used as a verb, to 'ship something’ means to be a fan of a certain couple or pairing.
  • Multiship - Denotes blogs that allow multiple romantic relationships between their muse and others to develop, with no restrictions character-wise. Each ship generally occurring in different universes with no overlap.
  • Single-ship - A blog which limits itself to only one romantic relationship with any other muse at one time. If two blogs are single-ship with each other in this manner it is referred to as Exclusive.
  • Multi single-ship - Generally means that they will multiship but will not take on ships with more than one muse of any particular character at a time. If they already have one ship with a certain character, they won’t ship with any other blogs that play the same muse.
  • OTP/NOTP/BROTP - One True Pairing, i.e. a ship highly favored above others/A pairing that is hated/A favourite platonic pairing (from the term 'bros’)

Corrections and suggested additions welcome

RP Dictionary--Dead On Arrival Thread

Threads that come with an expiration date from the get go.  Alternatively, threads that are killed by one or both muns before they can develop into anything.

RP Dictionary #1

FC; faceclaim-

an person used to represent your character.
Ex. Karen Gillan is the FC of Amelia Pond. Jenna Coleman is the FC of Clara Oswald.


out of character, usually an out of character post


a word meaning your character, using your character as a muse, in a sense.


The admin, the person writing the replies. 

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This is how the rp dictionary is going to look, and I’m quite pleased with it. Now if more than one person sends in a definition for each person or word, I’m going to display the others at the bottom in here like so.

“pissed, upset”

“The act of being upset, angry, or bitter as result of being made fun of or embarassed. Also a characteristic of a person who feels out of place or is feeling attacked”

Evelina Unique is a unique and amazing person. She is kind and caring and very open and forgiving. She is amazingly perfect and someone I want in my life for a long time. If I was to look up Evelina Unique in the dictionary the meaning of your name would be as followed; Kind, Caring, Cute, Unique, Sweet, One of a kind, and an all around amazing perfect. - Cinderella Starburst