“Stay With Me” - Sam Smith Cover

by Scott HoyingRozzi CraneMitch Grassi, & Cary Singer

Come Away To The Water (feat. Rozzi Crane)
  • Come Away To The Water (feat. Rozzi Crane)
  • Maroon 5
  • The Hunger Games: Songs From District 12 And Beyond

A new Maroon 5 track for you, fresh off The Hunger Games Soundtrack. “Come Away To The Water” doesn’t sound like a typical Maroon 5 track, it’s haunting and very folk sounding. A perfect addition to THG Soundtrack. Rozzi Crane is also features on this track.


A.C.T. Homecoming Celebration: Rozzi Crane, Darren Criss + Auction [30 minutes] (by njsmommy09)


“Stay With Me” by Rozzi Crane, Scott Hoying, Mitch Grassi, & Cary Singer (Sam Smith Cover)

With musical vibes like Adele, Amy, and Aretha, it’s hard not to love Rozzi Crane—even Adam Levine fell head-over-feet for this rising star.

We chatted with the busy singer about her upcoming album (featuring Kendrick Lamar!) and a song on the Hunger Games soundtrack. 

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