Royce Reed's Boyfriend Allegedly Caught Cheating

Soon after BBW’s Royce Reed revealed her new boyfriend, Dezmon Briscoe to the viewing public, news went viral that he was allegedly involved in a “sexting” scandal with none other than the mother of his son, Christina Nero.

Shortly after the show aired, Nero ousted Briscoe by releasing the alleged text conversation the two shared.

However, Nero’s claims didn’t sit well, as Royce took to twitter to set the record straight, even posting a text message confronting Briscoe about the claims.

Welp, what tangled webs we weave. What’s done in he dark must come to light right? As for now I’ll just kick back, sip my tea and watch this mess unfold. 


Can’t forget our favorite Royce Reed moment. The girls were so embarrassed by her behavior.  Getting low in a dance off is worse than releasing naked pictures of yourself.