Fellas, How Would You Feel If Your Ex Tweeted Pics Of Your Child Sleeping With Another Man....


I’m not for gossip on my blog (side eye) but I rarely get on here and talk about senseless reality shows…………


Today, I was browsing through the blog sites and came across a picture of Royce Reed (don’t worry if you don’t know her…she’s of no importance) from Basketball Wives Concubines and her new boo. Then I saw a picture of her man sleeping with her son. 


Now this picture WOULD have been cute if he was the father. But seeing how this boy’s father is Dwight Howard, I wonder if Howard is sitting up in his hotel room (it’s basketball season) pissed that she would post pictures on the internet of his son with another man.

Where I do feel that it’s important for a man/woman whose significant other has a child to connect with them….I think it’s crossing the line to post personal things like this on the internet. Where’s the respect Royce for your son’s father?

I don’t know….maybe people do things differently then I would have but that’s just not something I would post on Twitter. 

Fellas, how would you feel if your ex tweeted pictures of your young child with another man like this? RUDE!

*Shame Royce! Your son is TOO young to be getting dragged into your BULL. 


Can’t forget our favorite Royce Reed moment. The girls were so embarrassed by her behavior.  Getting low in a dance off is worse than releasing naked pictures of yourself.