I know some folks like to pretend that all of their followers are actually what their usernames say they are, but personally, I’d find that a little stressful. I’m being followed by a Lesbian Mermaid Queen? On the one hand, awesome. On the other hand, she could have me killed. Just a bit of pressure there.

Hey guys!  Before I post today’s One a Day illustration to start off the week, I wanted to share this piece I did for a client over the weekend.  Why it’s special is because it’s the first commision I’ve done/taken from someone over the net!  I’ve done paid work for family/close friends before but hesitant to do transactions with people over the net cause of some horror stories I’ve heard in the past.  And, I guess a buncha other reasons too.

Fortunately, everything regarding this one was quick and smooth!  Thanks for the job, “EmpoleonStriker”!  You can follow him on Twitter with the same name, and he’ll be starting up a YouTube Channel with it as well. 

Hope you guys like the art!