25 Favorite Photographs of Grand Duchess Olga {7/25}

As a child, Olga was once frightened when she witnessed a policeman arresting someone on the street. She thought the policeman would come to arrest her because she had behaved badly for Miss Eagar. Olga said to Miss Eager, 'Did you see that policeman?'” Miss Eagar told her the policeman would not bother her. Olga replied, "But this one was writing something; I was afraid he might have been writing ‘I saw Olga, and she was very naughty.’" Miss Eager said this would be highly unlikely, but Olga reminded her rather reproachfully - that some time before she had seen a drunken woman arrested in the street, and had asked Miss Eagar to tell the police not to hurt her. Miss Eagar, however, had refused to interfere, saying that "the woman was naughty and the police quite right in taking her." Miss Eagar responded to this irrefutable fact by stating that a person had to be quite big and very naughty before the police would take that person to prison. 

Nevertheless, upon returning home, Olga asked everyone if a policeman had come by while she was out, then recounted the entire story to her father. Had her father ever been a prisoner? she asked. The Emperor answered that he had never been quite naughty enough to go to prison, where upon Olga replied with much admiration, "Oh! How very good you must have been!"

When reading a history lesson, she remarked that she was glad she lived in current times, when people were good and not as evil as they had been in the past.

Princess Antonia of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen, nee Infanta of Portugal, with her husband, Leopold, their son, Ferdinand (later King of Romania) and Marie, Countess of Flanders, nee Princess of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen.  


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