Queen Victoria’s Sapphire Coronet Might Leave the UK

The UK’s minister of culture has put a temporary export ban on Queen Victoria’s Sapphire Coronet preventing it from leaving the country after the tiara’s new buyer applied to take it out of the UK.  The hope is that the tiara will be purchased by a British museum like the Victoria & Albert or by Queen Elizabeth II for the Royal Collection.  The tiara was designed for Queen Victoria by her husband, Prince Albert in 1942 and it was one of the only pieces with colored stones she wore after his death.

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Nubian Pyramids - Meroe, Sudan 

Over 255 pyramids, used as tombs for Kings and Queens, were built in the Nile Valley, around the year 300BCE. The best preserved of these pyramids are located in the former Kingdom of Meroe. While taking influence from the Egyptian Pyramids north of the Kingdom, the pyramids found in Meroe differ by featuring a steeper incline, and a narrower base. 

Treasure hunting excavations were held here in the 1800′s, with jewels and antiques from the pyramids now on display in museums in Berlin and Munich.

In 1972 there was a coup d'état attempt in Morocco. Four Northrop F-5 jets intercepted King Hassan II’s Boeing 727. Reportedly, King Hassan (himself a pilot), grabbed the radio and told the rebel pilots, “Stop firing! The tyrant is dead!” The rebel pilots, fooled, broke off their attack. Hassan remained king of Morocco until 1999.