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Love this world! But what do you mean by True Royalty? Are the True Royals that terrifying?

From an earlier post - There are… not even rumors, really, because that implies a certain freedom of speech. Better to say - there are things you can be told, if you are willing to put yourself in debt to find someone who will tell them to you (which unfortunately comes naturally to university students).

And if you have gone to these length, begged and stolen and paid, then a creature with far too many eyes or maybe no eyes at all may you about the things deep, deep in the Elsewhere. What it comes down to is this: if you were to compare it to an ocean, the things you meet in the baseball diamond on a half-moon are minnows, and the small courts are perhaps something larger, more respectable. The Royalty is something with bio-luminescence along its flanks and teeth like knives that has never seen the sun. If your journey has taken you deep enough Elsewhere to find them, to use their names, you are never, ever coming back.

The creature telling you this does so in a whisper, and there is fear in its voice. When you know what it can tell you, it says that this knowledge is not a kind thing to wear. Despite the iron screws under your pillow you dream of dark water that night, and every night after that, and each time when you wake up the sunlight moves wrong until your eyes clear, like it’s not being cast by the sun at all. 

invisible illnesses are valid ❤
invisible disabilities are valid 💛
using a mobility aid is valid 💚
takings pain medicine is valid 💙
being an age regressor or a carer
w/ an invisible illness is valid 💜
please remember that not all illnesses and disabilities are visible! one day I could be just fine and then next day I will need my cane! Don’t exclude us! Don’t forget us! 💖

Royalty // Hoshi // Pt. 7

Pt. 1 // Pt. 2 // Pt.3 // Pt.4 // Pt. 5 // Pt. 6 // Pt. 7 

Word Count: 1,629

Genre: Royal au, Fluff as always 

Summary: You’re driven from your own kingdom by your wicked step-mother and flee to the one safe place you know…but how safe will it stay

“I… you… what?” you questioned, after being completely taken aback with his declaration.

“I want you to meet my parents, I know it’s risky, naturally it’s always risky to meet the king and queen of any kingdom, but since you’re so close to me I’m sure they won’t do anything to you.” Soonyoung stated, sitting up a bit more straight than before, only adding to the serious tension that now filled the air.

“Are you sure you want me to meet them? Won’t they get the wrong impression if you introduce a girl to them?” you asked, “I’m probably putting their kingdom in danger as well, there’s no way they will like me.”

“They’ll like you because I like you, and they impression they are going to get would be absolutely correct. I have full intentions to make this beautiful princess mine.” He said with a bright smile. You felt as if all the blood in your body had rushed to your face, making you light headed and you limbs feel like rubber. Did he just confess? You asked yourself as you stared at his smiling face. Soonyoung laughed and stood up, brushing the sand from his pants, then offered a hand to you. Slowly, you took his hand and let him pull you up, then followed him back up to the castle in a fog. You had forgotten about the stress that had just filled you at the thought of meeting the king and queen, the people with the highest power of this kingdom, who, if happened to be in a bad mood, would behead you for walking into the court the wrong way. Stories about the king of the Ocean Kingdom had travelled as far as your own kingdom, which was the furthest of all the kingdoms. No one was safe when they met with the king and queen, even their own son Soonyoung. The part of the conversation you had with Soonyoung that stuck out the most was that he liked you, and he liked you enough to introduce you to his parents. A prince introducing a girl to his parents was a big deal, no one ever did that unless they intended to marry each other… it was the only way to make sure their significant other stayed safe from their wrath.

Before you had noticed, you were standing in front of your room, and Soonyoung was staring at you.

“Get some good rest tonight, you haven’t gotten a proper night of sleep in a while.” Soonyoung stated before turning and leaving, not even waiting for a response from you.

“Goodnight!” you called as he left, your voice echoing through the long hallway.

You happily opened the door to your room, finding that the staff had shut the windows and turned down the bed, and even laid out pajamas for you to change into. You gladly changed into them, leaving your other pair of clothes folded neatly on the desk before crawling into the soft bed, falling asleep within seconds of your head landing on the pillow.

The next morning you woke up to sun shinning on your face and the salty ocean breeze blowing the sound of the crashing waves into your room. You sat up in bed and looked out the window that someone had opened while you were sleeping. You slipped out from under the covers and walked out onto the balcony, leaning against the railings and taking in the beautiful scenery that lay under your eyes.  

Not long after you had crawled out from bed had a maid arrived, almost as if they had sensed you had woken up. She helped you change into the outfit you had on the day before since you didn’t have any other outfits, “but we’ve sent in an order to get more, so don’t worry honey,” the maid had told you. You smiled and nodded, not really caring whether you had one outfit or a million, all that matters was that you weren’t crushed by the stifling heat of the ocean sun. So far, the heat was the only complaint you had about this beautiful place. Having grown up in a kingdom that was always cold, the sudden heat was too much for your poor body.

“Prince Soonyoung is waiting for you at breakfast.” the maid announced after you had finished putting yourself together. You nodded and headed out to the room. Soonyoung had pointed out the dining room sometime yesterday, you could probably find it again…right? Wrong. Within a few seconds you were totally lost in the maze of hallways that made up the huge palace.

After wandering around for a while, you finally found another person who you quickly rushed up to for help. He had blonde hair and a round face and was a bit shorter looking than Soonyoung.

“Excuse me, could you help me find the dining hall?” you asked, hoping he wouldn’t throw you out of the palace, thinking you where some random person that had somehow made their way into the palace.

“Oh hello! You’re Soonyoung’s guest (y/n), right?” He questioned, smiling at you. You nodded, instantly relieved he knew who you were. “I’ll show you, just follow me!” he said, turning the opposite direction you had been looking in.

“My names Seungkwan by the way, I think you’ve meet Hansol right? I do pretty much the same thing as him.” He explained as you followed him through several hallways, the area slowly becoming more familiar as you continued to walk. You listened to Seungkwan go one about various things, something he and Hansol had done this morning, a few things Soonyoung had told him about you, and his first impression of you when he saw you walking with Soonyoung yesterday. He was quite the chatterbox, but you didn’t have much to say, and what he was talking about was pretty interesting, so you didn’t mind.

Eventually you made it to the dining hall, and like the maid had told you, Soonyoung was waiting for you. A big smile grew onto his face when you opened the door. You thanked Seungkwan, then walked over to the long table. Rather than taking the seat at the other end of the long table like you knew you should have, you sat down in the seat to the left of Soonyoung. If possible, Soonyoung’s smile grew even bigger. He was obviously flattered you went against the royalty norms in order to sit closer to him.

“Did you sleep well? It sure did take a while for you to get here.” Soonyoung said with a chuckle.

“I slept really well! I actually got lost on the way here, that’s why it took so long. Seungkwan helped me in the end though.” you explained as one of the staff workers began to set the table for the breakfast you and Soonyoung were about to eat. He laughed when he realized you got lost.

“Is the palace really that big?” he asked, picking up a fork and leaning against the table. Apparently all manners were out at this breakfast. At first glance no one would have been able to tell you two were royalty, aside from the fancy outfits the two of you where sporting.

“Compared to mine it is…” you answered, also picking up a fork and stabbing it into a piece of fruit that sat on your plate.

The two of you continued to talk all throughout breakfast, and even long after the food had been cleared away. You talked and laughed and enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere.

“What do you want to do today?” Soonyoung questioned, leaning back in his chair. “You’ll meet with the King and Queen when your new wardrobe comes in, and that should be either tomorrow or the day after that, so we’ve got some time on our hand.” you nodded as he spoke, letting out a quiet sigh of relief, at least you had time to mentally prepare yourself to meet such powerful people.

“What is there to do?” you asked, then watched as Soonyoung pondered over the question, his fingers tracing patterns on the cloth that covered the table.

“We could go walk around the town…” he finally answered with a sparkle in his eye.

“Is it safe?” you asked.

“Yah, its not like Seungcheols, plus we have guards all over the surrounding city. I do it all the time.” You nodded.

“So that’s why you were so clueless when we went out at Seungcheols.” you giggled. Soonyoung cocked his head in confusion, but didn’t ask for you to elaborate.

“That sounds like a good plan to me.” you finally declared. To be honest, you loved wandering around towns. You were never aloud to when you still lived at your kingdom, for reasons unknown to you. Naturally, you snuck out every chance you had though.

“Alright cool! Let’s head out now!” Soonyoung exclaimed, standing up so fast his chair made a horrible scraping noise against the stone floor.  

The two of you excitedly walked out of the palace and towards the gates. Soonyoung stopped and talked with the guards for a bit, the three of them laughing before Soonyoung started down the path again. The sword strapped around Soonyoung’s waist was the only protection the two of you had, but you later realized chance of you needing it were extremely slim. The townsfolk excitedly greeted Soonyoung with small bows, or none at all. He was equally as friendly with them, and treated them as friends rather than subjects, something you had never seen from anyone else before.  

“Welcome to my world (y/n).” Soonyoung declared as the two of you made your way through the crowded street, a proud smile noticeable as he looked over all that surrounded.

A digital illustration of the infamous French queen, for my mother’s Christmas gift.

Found on my new Redbubble store: http://www.redbubble.com/people/alisadraws/works/24543134-marie-antoinette-rococo-ship-hair?asc=u&ref=recent-owner