A lady ought not to behave in such a way…

The cameras were so focused on the action that they missed your conduct..

Still it doesn’t behoove you to lash out like that..

All the same, I’m glad that you did 

let me know - which one you liked plz (If you did) thanks 


Beautiful pink silk and Honiton lace parasol, featuring an enamel hand wearing a bracelet inscribed with the words ‘I GOVERN’, acting as the opening mechanism.

Thought to have been presented to Queen Victoria at the opening of Prince Alberts Great Exhibition on the 1st of May 1851.

Royal Collection


I spent 3 hours doing this. Hope you’ll like it. Also, you can send me a message with information about some kings and queens. I’d gladly “create” their story.

How To Marry A Grand Duke

Grand Duke Francesco I of Tuscany (1541-1587) promised his clever mistress, Bianca Cappello, that he would marry her—but only if she bore him a son. That was a problem because Bianca was barren. She found a way, though. Bianca simply pretended to be pregnant for nine months! She then adopted the newborn son of an unmarried girl, smuggled the infant into her bedroom, and secured the crown.


There is a bittersweet longing in Aloha ‘Oe (Farewell to Thee). It was written by Queen Lili'uokalani of Hawaii in 1877, after seeing the farewell embrace between an American colonel and his Hawaiian girlfriend. Sixteen years later, Queen Lili'uokalani was deposed by American pineapple and sugar magnates, with assistance from the U.S. Navy. She was not a bad ruler. She just had the audacity to push back against the increasing power of the U.S. companies and draft a new constitution which would give more rights to Hawaiians who were, well, from Hawaii. This was unacceptable.

Hawaii became a “republic” controlled by the United States, and then they stopped pretending and just made it a territory. Queen Lili'uokalani never abdicated. She was placed under house arrest for five years, during which time she wrote her autobiography and a songbook’s worth of music in Hawaiian.