“You son of a bitch!” – My honest and long-winded thoughts about the Season Finale

If you had asked me yesterday what I thought of the Season Finale, I might not have had many great things to say about it. I watched the episode after being awake for nearly 24 hours and hyped up about it for two weeks. The first word that came to my mind was “anticlimactic”. I re-watched Season 3 over the weekend and was waiting for a huge reveal about this absolutely bad thing Robert did. Something that was so much bigger than him not returning home asap. After all, it was a mystery for two episodes and Jasper made it sound so bad. Watching the episode, I felt like nothing was really happening:

-          We did not get anywhere with Jaspenor - which was to be expected - though him finally telling her that he loves her was so overdue (even Tom was confused it was never said before). But in my overtired state, not even their conversation felt as dramatic, loving and passionate as any of the other ones beforehand.

-          And Robert, well, apart from him knowing about Liam and Kathryn and calling her a whore, there was nothing new. I expected him to have had bad parting words with his dad, meddling in Jaspenor’s relationship and we all “feared” (?) there might be something starting with Willow. Sure, him inviting Sebastian and firing Spencer (GET HIM BACK!!!) was really bad, but not this huge revelation that I hoped for. He is an asshole like I expected, maybe a bit more mentally deranged than I thought but still, I did not feel satisfied by the episode. It would have made a great mid-season finale but a season finale? Not so much in my eyes.

I knew even yesterday, that my feelings were due to me being so tired and my brain not being able to spare cells for being compassionate and excitable and I, myself, hyping this episode up so much in my head. I tried to make gifs to stay connected to the episode, but as much as I love Mark directing episodes, it’s a bitch to gif his close-ups with the E! Logo taking up half the character’s faces. So, I was even more annoyed after that and finally decided to go to sleep. Me being in Europe, meant it was 4am when the episode aired and I finally went to bed at 9am, after being awake for 27 hours. Obviously, I wasn’t able to really sleep enough (luckily, I took the day off work beforehand, knowing that I wouldn’t be in the right frame of mind to go to work) and felt disappointed by it all for the rest of the day. To get my mind off things, I decided to spent the day watching all eight episodes of Jo, starring our lovely Tom Austen. If you are even remotely interested in Tom Austen and haven’t watched it yet, you better get on it. I am no fan of Crime Dramas, even left the room when my family watched them at home, but with the right eye-candy, even I could be persuaded. The whole show is so good and Tom is delectable. Think Season 2 Jasper in unbuttoned Henley Shirts. Watching it, put me in a better mood, even though I’m a bit sad now that it was only eight episodes.

Now it’s 7:15 pm on Tuesday and I finally am calm and composed enough to give the Season 3 Finale another chance and will write down my (new and improved) thoughts on it below.

Okay, I don’t even really know where to start. I still don’t consider it the best or the strongest episode, but I like it way better now that I’m of sound mind. I think it’s easiest to once again go through all the characters.

Let’s start with Cyrus:

I am super glad that we get to keep Jake Maskall for another season. As much as I disliked him in the beginning, as glad I am about his comic relief in every episode now. Compared to Robert, he is actually quite sane and likeable. I can’t wait to see what news his doctor has for him – hopefully they are good. Two seasons with cancer should be enough for that poor soul. Wow, I never thought I see the day in which I felt sympathetic for Cyrus :D


He really is the only one who was able to see through Robert, sad that it only comes across as jealousy to the other ones. Him going to Cyrus in the end does shows the newly determined HRH we need for Season 4. He needs a new purpose just like in Season 2. His character arc always goes from lovesick puppy in the odd seasons to fierce badass in the even seasons. He was so weak with Kathryn and broke Willows heart, it’s time for him to stay away from girls for a while. I’m still not ruling out a possible Kathryn pregnancy, depending on Christina Wolfe’s availability for Season 4. To be honest though? I can totally live without it and won’t be sad to see her go.


The moment Robert gave her the list, I expected her to be on top. Well, we all expected it after 3x07 and their HP conversation. I do not necessarily expect her to find out what Robbie really is like, but I don’t think she will marry him. She would make in amazing queen, but not with this king by her side. She was so into Liam and he is the polar opposite of Robert – in looks and character - so I can’t see her falling for him. Sure, he can be immensely charming, but Willow is one of the few people on the show who is not after the crown. I’m also certain that Robert just saw her dumping an insane amount of tickets into Liam’s box at the People’s Gala and wants to get even. We’ve had enough love triangles this season to last for the rest of the show. So either Liam just will not give a damn or Willow will be tough on Robert and show him that she’s not to be messed with.


BRING ME BACK SPENCER!!! I NEED SPENCER!!!!! The look on her face when Spencer hugs her and the one at the end when she realizes what kind of monster she helped put on the thrown were amazing. She needs to be in cahoots with Cyrus and Liam to bring down Robert.


Liam might be the better king in real life, but this is a TV Drama and King Robert is the best thing that could have happened to the show. No matter if it’s true of not, I will always believe that Robbie is the one responsible for Simon’s death. This guy went mental because his brother kissed his Ex and his mum and sister are in love with the help. Planning to kill your father who told you that are the worst thing that could happen to the UK, only sounds reasonable after that. And being stuck on an island for months gives you the best alibi. (Loved that we go to have Vincent Regan back for an episode – he really is a great dad.) Robert, Robert, Robert… As much as I hate this son of a bitch (sorry, Helena), Max Brown is AMAZING! I really needed all of these episodes to come to terms with the fact that we have to live with Robert and will not get rid of him. It’s okay now. He is just the manipulative asshole the monarchy needed. And there always needs to be a character you love to hate. There is still so much that needs to be uncovered about him and I do hope we get more than one more season to find out what he is truly like. More than anything, I do hope that Len and Jasper will find out what he did.


If you read through the beginning of my post (and stuck until down here), you know that I’m riding the Tom Austen bandwagon pretty hard right now. To be completely honest: I didn’t even consider him good looking in the beginning of the show. I blame Season 1 hair 😄 Looking back now, I don’t know what was wrong with me back then! It might have been the hair, it might have been Jasper’s bad boy attitude which I’m not a fan of unlike the majority of girls out there or it might have been the fact that, being a Narnia fan, I was so focused on Liam that I just didn’t waste a thought on Jasper/Tom. Now I want to ride him as hard as I’m riding the bandwagon and I think my neighbors might have actually heard me squeal during Jasper’s “I love you”. I really think that there are only a few moments in which Tom looked better than during that speech. His eyes, his mouth, his stubble and damn his voice! I am such a sucker for voices which makes it so strange that I completely failed my linguistics class twice. If you are still with me after this Ode to Tom, I want to get back to Jasper. My poor puppy finally poured his heart out to his girl! And if I believe someone to just “see the girl he loves be happy” – even if it’s without him in her life – it’s him. They will get their Happily Ever After. They have to! And if Mark is not giving it to us, there is always our imagination – and fanfiction! I haven’t rooted for a couple this much since Luke & Lorelai back in Season 4 of Gilmore Girls. They need to be endgame! With a Royal(s) Wedding and beautiful little godchildren for Uncle James and Aunty Sara Alice. Speaking of James and Sara Alice, I do hope that we will get them back for Season 4. There can be no Jaspenor without their cheerleaders / pseudo-dad & fake-daughter / sister (they really have the weirdest relationship). Usually protecting the king would be James’s job but now he has Jasper and I still believe that it is the worst thing that could have happened. First of all, Robert hates him and second, he wants Jasper because “he is the best at what he does”. In Robert’s eyes that means “the best at stealing, deceiving and not caring for the law”. And Mark hinting at a possible friendship between these two just makes me throw up in my mouth. We will get to see less of Liam and Jasper together, as Liam has a new alley now, but I need them to stay BFFs. I just need that! It’s inevitable that he and Robert they will get closer during Eleanor’s absence though.


I hate to see her go, but it is what’s best for her. She can’t put her life on hold for a guy. Even if that guy is Jasper. She needs time away from the palace to finally become her own person. Not influenced by her mother or her brothers. If even Jasper can’t find anything wrong with Sebastian, I will have to start liking him – even though I really don’t want to. He might be a great friend for her, but I would much rather see her hang out with Rosie and Liam. It was about time that she got the storybook and saw how much Jasper loves her, but even thought I hoped it turned out differently, I’m glad that she did not run back into Jasper’s arm. She is not a weak character and he really hurt her one too many times. Two of my all-time favorite quotes are “Absence makes the heart grow fonder” and “Home is where the heart is”. I think both will play a great deal in Len’s life during her six months away.

Season 4:

So, where will we pick up in Season 4. As nothing is written yet, it’s just a wild guessing game. I’m sure we will start 6 months later (5 months and 3 weeks to be exact). For one, so Jake can keep his sideburns, but also because we need to see how the kingdom changed under Robert’s rule. What is actually Liam’s plan? Does he want to expose Robert? Which team is Helena on? Do we get Spencer back?!!! How friendly will Jasper and King Asshole be? Is Willow actually dating Robert? For whatever reason, I do get the feeling that Eleanor will cut her hair a bit / keep it shorter than usual like Alex does at the moment. A new hairdo for a new ‘her’. It will probably not happen, as long hair just looks better on TV (and on a princess) but who knows. If it could choose what I want to happen in the first episode, I would love Len to come back home earlier as she couldn’t stay away any longer. Or Jasper keeps tabs on her via the media and even though they say she’s dating Sebastian, he sees that she is wearing his necklace… Or whatever. I don’t actually care what happens, I just want them to start filming and airing now 😄 I take everything as long as it doesn’t feel like a lifetime until the new Season.

Okay, this is WAY longer than I intended it to become. I wish I could have written 2369 words for my fanfiction in the past week. If someone here is reading my fanfiction, I’m sorry for the lack of update. For one, my family and work is keeping me from writing, but also the Season Finale and my real-person Tom Austen (who would have thought) fiction were keeping my mind occupied. Now that the season is over, I hope my head calms down a bit and I can concentrate on what is important again: give people as much Jaspenor as possible.

And now I will leave you with a picture of the possibly new Royal Family incl. Queen Wilhelmina and Jasper, Duke of “Whatever it takes to make it happen”


Agnona pieces I’d love Sofia to wear (2/2)

On the first day of the State Visit from Canada to Sweden, Sofia debuted a new brand: Agnona. Agnona is an Italian fashion house started in 1953. I did some digging in to Agnona and found some of their pieces are absolutely gorgeous. I would 100% love Sofia (or any royal lady) to make Agnona a regular fixture in their wardrobe.


When I was trying to come up with a stage name, I thought ‘Lord’ was super rad, but really masculine—ever since I was a little kid, I have been really into royals and aristocracy. So to make Lord more feminine, I just put an ‘e’ on the end!                           Some people think it’s religious, but it’s not.

Christina, Queen of Sweden (1626-1689) became the ruler of the Nordic kingdom when she was only six years old, but only began exercising authority at 18. She quickly gained a reputation as one of the most educated women of her time, and a patron of the arts and sciences, sparking a new age of culture and knowledge in Sweden.

From her early years she was offered an education normally reserved to boys, and excelled in religion, philosophy, and eight languages other than her native Swedish. She caused controversy with her unconventional dress, pastimes generally considered masculine, and her decision to never marry. She travelled extensively through Europe, meeting with important figures, including the Pope, who held great admiration for her. She was buried in the Grotte Vaticane, only one of three women to receive this honour.