things to scream from an empty stage ~ a playlist

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1. What You Own - RENT
2. Good for You - Dear Evan Hansen
3. Twisted - Twisted: the Untold Story of a Royal Vizier
4. Michael in the Bathroom - Be More Chill
5. No Good Deed - Wicked
6. Brand New Day - Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog
7. Dead Girl Walking - Heathers
8. Burn - Hamilton
9. Good Kid - The Lightning Thief
10. Whipped Into Shape - Legally Blonde

  • *worms map loads*
  • Ze: Oh, I'm gonna be right at the bottom, I'm gonna spawn at the bottom, I'm gonna be fucked, I'm gonna be pissed-
  • Chilled: No, bottom's good! Bottom means you're not gonna get nuked from the above.
  • Ze: Are you a bottom, Chilled?
  • Smarty: Oh my gawd.
  • Chilled: I don't like to answer that question in the public and internet, Ze-
  • Ze: Alright, we're starting with the ZeRoyalChaos.
  • Chilled: - We could discuss it at E3, if you'd like, and maybe demonstrate, possibly on camera...
  • *ze looks at the camera like he's in the office*
also, so, i may have started a little something today

Sam advanced warily as the flaps fell shut behind him. He had a pistol in his belt, not that he thought he could shoot the bloody Governor if this went pear-shaped, and he clasped his hands behind his back, feeling as if he was back at school with the particularly irascible Latin master. “Ah – Your Excellency? I’m Samuel Jones. You wanted to see me?”

“Yes.” James Oglethorpe was a trim mid-forties aristocrat in a currently rather damp and flyaway wig, which he seemed to have made some effort to tame. He was sitting behind a camp desk heaped with piles of papers and parchments: requisition orders, army reports, maps of the region, dispatches from the scouts and spies, and doubtless a hundred and one bellyaching letters from Commodore Pearce about the needs of the fleet. A few candles were wedged precariously onto the edge, along with some fugitive inkwells and penknives and a half-finished tin plate of dinner. “At your ease, soldier.”

The last thing Sam felt was at ease, but he snapped a salute, clicked his heels, then adopted a slightly more casual posture, taking the camp chair across from Oglethorpe when the governor nodded to it. He tried not to fiddle with the loose thread on his cuff. “Sir?” he prompted, when Oglethorpe kept writing. Likely shouldn’t, keep your mouth shut until the commanding officer spoke to you, so on and so forth, but holding his tongue (or his temper) had never been one of his particular virtues. “Did you – ”

Oglethorpe gave him a dry look, as if to say that he would find out if he just shut up for a moment, and removed the gadroon from the candle, dropping melted wax onto the letter and sealing it with a stamp of his ring. Then he said, “You are Samuel Jones of Savannah, Georgia?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Is your father Killian Jones, formerly first lieutenant of HMS Imperator in the Royal Navy?”

A slight chill went down Sam’s back, as this was never a well-boding line of questioning. Still, he kept his expression neutral. “Yes, sir.”

“And your mother, I believe – ” Oglethorpe checked one of his papers. “Emma Jones, née Swan, who was at one point in operation of a vessel, the Blackbird, that – pursued business opportunities outside of the usual parameters of enterprise?”

“If you’re asking if my mother was a pirate,” Sam said bluntly, “I think you know the answer.”

Both of Oglethorpe’s eyebrows raised at that, but he forbore to rebuke this impertinency. He set aside his papers and regarded Sam, fingers steepled. “Both your parents, weren’t they? Your father’s notorious alias was Hook, later in his career?”

Sam winced. So much for that being innocuous. “My parents have been upright citizens for almost three decades. And considering that Georgia was founded to provide a refuge for those who might have landed themselves on the wrong side of England’s laws – you should recall, sir, as you did the founding – surely you can’t be registering a moral objection now?”

“There is,” Oglethorpe said, “rather some difference between the honest poor abused in workhouses, those escaping the unjust vicissitudes of religious oppression, and other such deserving refugees, than there are between notorious and unrepentant high seas pirates. On that note, I believe your grandfather was also a pirate? James McGraw, known as Captain Flint – reported dead some years ago, by hanging?”

Sam kept his face straight. The number of ersatz “Flints” captured by the authorities and inevitably executed had in fact become something of a running joke with his family – “hanged you again last week, Grandpa” – but this meant that Oglethorpe had been doing quite a bit of digging. Not merely to boast about it, either. “Aye,” he said, since there wasn’t much use in denying it outright. “But my grandfather is, as you say, dead.”

“Mm. And you are most likely named for the late Captain Samuel Bellamy, a former close associate of your parents, and also a pirate?”

“Yes,” Sam said resignedly, deciding not to mention that this man was additionally his godfather, as he had a feeling that would be making Oglethorpe’s point for him. “Also a pirate.”

Prince!Hip Hop Unit

anonymous asked:

What would prince!svt be like!?? that’d be cute c:


  • He’s been told his whole life that he’s a natural born leader or that he’s charismatic so everyone just expects him to be a great king
  • But meanwhile he’s like copying other kids’ homework and doesn’t even know what charismatic means LOL
  • He feels a massive amount of pressure since he doesn’t actually think he’ll be able to do well
  • But he doesn’t want to let that show so he resorts to being the happy, flirty guy
  • Even though he really doesn’t think he has what it takes to be king, he über hates it when people don’t take him seriously
  • Like in meetings, he really only shows up because he has to but if someone ignores his input he’ll get really mad
  • Because it’s like why would you tell me I have to be this great leader and put all this pressure on me and then just gloss right over my opinions
  • A lot of the time when he’s frustrated, he’ll go and mope around in either the royal library or the royal garden where he rants to either librarian!Wonwoo or gardener!Jeonghan
  • He’s not really allowed out of the palace but he snuck out once just to pretend like he wasn’t royalty and he didn’t have to be king one day
  • He went out into a town and he was amazed at what he saw
  • There were people laughing, chatting, and just living life everywhere and he was like wow I want that
  • So from that day on he sort of made it his mission to make a lot of friends and try to enjoy himself
  • But he really does love his country and he thinks that if anyone should have to live under all that stress and responsibility he’d rather it be him and than anyone else
  • He’s cute ew


  • Pretty much a recluse tbh
  • He’s shy and likes to take his princely duties seriously
  • So that mainly just means he hardly ever comes out of his bedroom
  • He’s kind of the opposite of Soups when it comes to solving problems and stuff like that
  • He’s the type to intentionally pitch a really bad idea just so no one uses it
  • And I mean that strategy works but like he never really makes any progress that way
  • He knows it too
  • He just doesn’t really trust himself to come up with good ideas so he’d rather just let someone more experienced do it
  • But now since everyone already knows he never suggests a good idea, they don’t listen to him even when he does actually have one
  • At first it frustrated him but he knows it’d be pointless to argue against it so he kinda just rants to his mirror until servant!Mingyu gets worried and asks him what’s wrong
  • And he’s not really the type to bottle up his frustrations so he just lets it all out to Mingyu
  • Another thing that he realized comforts him is playing guitar
  • He just decided to try it and sing a little one day and he instantly loved it
  • But he doesn’t really want anyone to bug him about it so he keeps it a secret from everyone including his friends
  • He’s quite creative as well, he loves reading and doodling but no one really gets to see that side of him
  • He kind of gave up on the whole “I’m going to be a great king” thing and just accepted the fact that he has no idea what’s going on
  • But that was actually quite a good thing because he doesn’t live in constant stress and he directs his energy more towards his hobbies and things he actually likes doing
  • In general he thinks he’s an absolute mess, but he’s really just a shy musician and he doesn’t even know it yet


  • Has no idea what he’s doing!
  • He’s really eager and excitable so a lot of things are really just a big blur to him
  • He wants to do well but he’s hard to teach because as soon as he’s told once, he thinks he’s an expert
  • It’s not really that he doesn’t listen well, he just loves trying new things so he gets excited and messes up as a result
  • Because of this, a lot of the nobles and officials worry about how he’ll be as king
  • But despite being really hyperactive, he’s secretly good at everything in the fine arts
  • Like no one even knows where he gets it from but he has a great sense of style, cooks like a five star chef, and picks all the music for formal events
  • Not even pianist!Woozi can complain and he complains about everything
  • Unfortunately though, none of that stuff is really necessary for running a country
  • And Mingyu doesn’t get frustrated often, but when he does it’s almost always because of that fact
  • Sometimes he just feels like he tries so hard all the time but for what?
  • His skill set is pretty much useless for a king
  • When he’s down like that he just hangs out in the royal library and chills with librarian!Wonwoo
  • He doesn’t really rant per say but if he’s sad he just wants to talk to someone about it
  • He’s quite social so he really does depend on others
  • Not for assurance but contact with others really just keeps him going
  • And since he does have these extroverted tendencies, he has a lot of friends around the palace
  • But he’s not really a flirt he’s just a people person
  • In all seriousness though he really is a smol puppy who wants to please people


  • Wow ok here we go
  • Literally just bluffs his way through everything
  • He loves hip hop culture and secretly really wants to try rapping but the other nobles and officials would never allow it so he isn’t that serious about it
  • And although he’s a nice, polite prince…
  • He really does not know what’s happening at any given moment
  • Like he’s got really great ideas about how to better the country but they’re really idealistic so they could never be implemented
  • He’s kind of like that with everything tbh
  • Like he wants to be a really swaggy underground rapper but at the same time he wants to be a majestic king
  • And everyone’s like ?????????? Who is this kid????
  • Even though he knows that rapping is just a hobby, he devotes like 70% of his time to writing rap lyrics in his bedroom with all the lights off
  • He kind of doesn’t even realize how passionate he is about hip hop though
  • Basically he’s a big walking contradiction
  • And even though he aspires to be a really tough, cool rapper, he’s really kind and humble
  • He really loves giving back to the people
  • Sometimes he’ll convince servant!Joshua to accompany him into town just so he can give money to musicians playing on the street
  • He especially loves helping musicians because he thinks it’s so ridiculous that everyone treats music as a joke
  • Like specifically royalty, if he ever told a noble about his rapping they’d definitely start laughing
  • And he really doesn’t get it like… he’s such an innocent boi he just wants everyone to live happily

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title: happier new years

warnings: swearing & smoking

notes: this is an idea that popped up in my head so i put it down

this was rlly rushed at the end and i’m sorry it’s shitty

Cigarette smoke moved through the cool, winter air as Steven puffed it out. Music blared behind him (very shitty music at that), and he could still smell the sweat and alcohol that squeezed in between the small opening that separated the party from the balcony.

“Um.. hey.” A voice called out as he also heard the sliding door fully close. Thank god, that smell was starting to give him a headache. Steven gave a small glance at the taller man that had broken his small trance.

“Hey.” Another puff from the cigarette. He turned around and stood up straight, still leaning against the balcony though, examining the tall guy.

“I’m Anthony.” He mumbled, holding out his hand. Steven hesitated before shaking Anthony’s hand.

“Steven. Nice to meet you.” Another drag. He blew the smoke over the banister of the balcony, so he wouldn’t be rude and accidentally blow it in Anthony’s face.

“Didn’t have any fun inside? Seems pretty hype in there to me.” Anthony said, standing next to Steven and putting his elbows on the edge. He shook his head.

“My roommate dragged me here. Said it was gonna be awesome and that he really hoped I could come. He pretty much guilt tripped me into being here.” One more puff.

The Italian nodded. “I get it. But, c’mon, you can’t blame him. It is New Years Eve. Maybe he just wanted to-“

“I’m… kinda of an introvert. Big crowds make me really uncomfortable, and not in a claustrophobic way. In a ‘what if this person tries to talk to me and I royally screw it up I’m gonna look so dumb and no one is going to like me’ kind of way. I’ve just been… chillin’ out here since we arrived. Maybe he tried to pull me out of my shell.” He took several drags of the cigarette now.

“Oh, um… well hey, you’re talking to me, right? That’s a start.” Anthony nudged Steven slightly with his elbow, giving him a small smile. The shorter of them returned it.

“You wanna ditch this shithole of a party and go somewhere fun?” Anthony asked, walking away from the banister.

“Like where? Dude, everywhere is fucking closed. It’s New Years Eve.”

The taller man rolled his eyes and grabbed Steven’s wrist. “Don’t be such a downer. You obviously haven’t been in New York very long if you don’t know what places are open.”

After being dragged through darkness, sweaty bodies, and people making out, the two made it out of the front door and were confronted by fresh, crisp air.

“It smells horrible in there.” There goes another puff of smoke.

“I know. Let’s go, were going in my car.” Anthony began to walk, but the Canadian stopped him by his wrist.

“How much have you had to drink?” Steven asked.


The shorter man him in the eyes for a few seconds with his eyebrow raised. Then, out came a sigh from the other.

“2 beers, but I’m-”

“Give me your keys, Anthony.”

“Steven, I didn’t even get a buzz, why-”

He interrupted him with a hand held out, palm up. “Keys.”

Along with a long groan, out came Anthony’s keys from his pocket and dropped into the other’s hand.

“I don’t give a shit what you felt, you still have alcohol in your system. I’ll drive, just tell me where to go.” Steven proclaimed, signalling for the other to lead them to his car.

“Fine, but there’s no cigarettes allowed in my car.”

One huff and one cigarette stomped into the ground later, they were on the move.


“Go karts? Are you serious?” The shorter one inquired, putting the car in park and shutting off the engine.

“Dude, lighten up. You’re gonna have a lot of fun.”

Both of them hopped out of the car, and headed inside, where it was pretty barren of people.

“Are you sure that this place is open? It looks dead.” Steven taunted as he crossed his arms.

Anthony ignored the mocking as he paid for both of their carts. “Whoa, whoa, why are you paying for me? I could’ve-“

“Because I’m trying to be courteous, plus I had the idea to come here. Chill out.” The taller one chimed. “Now, get in. It’s time for me to whoop your ass.”


After hours of go kart fun and two boxes of very shitty pizza, Steven realized that he still had to bring his roommate, John, back home soon enough, so they headed back to the party and ended up back on the balcony again.

“Hey, uh, thanks for that Anthony. I had more fun today than I thought I would.” The Canadian blurted out, somewhat stumbling over his words. The latter of them smiled.

“Don’t mention it. I didn’t really want to be here either, so I’m glad we made the best of it.”

Their conversation kept on until they both heard the simultaneous yells of the number 10 of everyone inside.

Anthony stood up straighter. “Oh shit, we should-“

He stopped when he felt a hand squeeze his. “Dude, chill. No one’s gonna miss us in there. S’okay. Let’s just… stay here.” The other proclaimed.

They were at the number 3 by now. It was almost a new year. “Yeah.. you’re right.”


“Happy New Year!” Everyone inside was screaming out of happiness, hugging and kissing their significant other, or just another random person.

Steven went completely red-faced when he realized that Anthony’s lips were just moving back from his cheek.

“Happy New Year, Steven.”

He looked down at his feet and then back at the taller one, biting his lip. After gaining up whatever courage he had, he grabbed the Italian by the shirt collar and pulled him closer.

“C’mon, get in the spirit, Anthony,” were the last he mumbled before pressing his own lips against the other pair. Arms snaked around his waist as he was pulled into a tighter embrace than before. Then he felt Anthony pull back.

“Now this new year is a little bit happier.”

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