Royal New Zealand Ballet

04/06/16: Introduction!

I finally got around to posting my first entry on this mumblr, and I have to tell you, I’m really excited! I’ve been meaning to do so for a while now but moving and just *life* got in the way. Well, I guess I’ll start by introducing my little family and I! 

I’m Isabel, but you can call me Izzy if you want! I’m 24 years old and am the lucky mama of Kiara, who just turned two a few weeks ago. She’s an absolute sweetheart and I don’t regret having to leave Royal New Zealand Ballet when I unexpectedly found out I was pregnant with her (well, almost, ahaha… I miss being a ballerina!). At first the news was absolutely horrible because it meant giving up my lifelong dream to dance, but now I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way. I love Ki to bits and I can’t wait to document her adventures on this blog!

That’s Ki’s dad, Noah. We met in Wellington when we were 16, when I was there training at RNZB. My life as a professionally studying ballerina made it pretty hard for us when we began dating, but 6 years on Noah and I have an adorable baby daughter (no matter how accidental Ki’s creation was…) and we are engaged, so I guess we did something right! The date for our wedding is in spring this year, so just a few months away. 

Since I became a wedding planner after Ki’s birth you can imagine that I am more than excited for the day to arrive! I’m going dress shopping soon, too, so maybe I’ll do a post for that. 

We live in a cute little town near Christchurch (my hometown) now, which we picked out because of the gorgeous beach and quiet atmosphere. The locals are so friendly too, and it’s culturally diverse too because New Zealand is well, New Zealand. It’s close enough to the city though so I can visit my friends and family all the time. And since it’s winter here, we’ve been lucky to have lots of snow days lately, which Ki just loves! 

That’s it for now, I think. I am super excited to see where this blog goes, and to meet new people, especially from around the world. Hopefully I can make a little post about Kiara in a few days, so I’ll see you then!


Royal New Zealand Ballet

Liam Scarlett’s acclaimed ballet A Midsummer Night’s Dream for 4 Wellington ONLY performances 25 – 27 November. #RNZBdreaming

14004) I started ballet classes again recently, and my tutor was a principle dancer with the Royal New Zealand Ballet Company. Whenever I'm with him, surrounded by mirrors and the pretty girls in my class, all I can think is that he's looking at me and wondering, "Why are you here? You're too fat to be a dancer."