Me: “So many more people know Meghan now! It’s amazing. It’s what our queen deserves!”

Me on the inside: “None of you fuckers knew her before Harry! She belongs to the Suits fam. Y'all can back off!”

So…quick question: I keep seeing articles referring to Meghan’s new royal title as Her Royal Highness, the Duchess of Sussex…

but I keep thinking about this chart:

so are these articles wrong or is this what the title the royal family gave her? and if so, are they wrong? or is this fancy chart designed to help writers wrong? Please help, bc someone corrected me today when I said “Her Grace” and now I feel stupid after looking at all these articles declaring she is “Her Royal Highness”

they spent £50,000 on a cake. that money couldn’t save the entire nhs, it couldn’t house all our homeless people, it couldn’t fix the housing crisis, or the school funding crisis. but if that money were put into just ONE of those areas, it would save multiple lives. it’s like pre revolutionary fucking france can we PLEASE bring back the guillotine

On his wedding day, Prince Harry was made the Duke of Sussex, while Meghan was made the very first Duchess of Sussex by the Queen.

The first and only former Duke of Sussex campaigned for the abolition of slavery.

An excellent, tasteful, gracious and thoughtful choice made by the Queen.

Another reason why I respect the Royal Family

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