The Signs As A Royal Family
  • Aries:The king; constantly beheading people who upset him
  • Taurus:A prince; always sleeping and overindulging himself
  • Gemini:Sagittarius and Capricorn's daughter (a princess; sixth in line to the throne after her cousins and father); indecisive about whether or not she wants to be queen someday
  • Cancer:A princess; is the one who is always nice to the servants and people of her father's kingdom
  • Leo:The queen; constantly demanding new elegant things
  • Virgo:The king's mother (technically still considered a queen); constantly picking at her sons' wives and telling them they aren't worthy of being queens
  • Libra:The king's younger sister's only child (a princess; eighth in line to the throne); usually brings sunshine to the castle, despite the trauma inflicted upon her being an orphan
  • Scorpio:A prince; likes to play tricks on the people in the castle
  • Sagittarius:The king's brother (third in line to the throne; a prince); usually hatching plans to kill his brother and nephews so that he can take the throne
  • Capricorn:Sagittarius's wife (technically a princess by marriage); encourages her husband to thwart his brother, because she wants to rule the kingdom
  • Aquarius:Sagittarius and Capricorn's second daughter (a princess; seventh in line to the throne); despite being younger, she is the one her father wants to take the throne one day, because she's like the son he never had
  • Pisces:A princess; constantly begging her father not to behead people
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Princess Diana and Tilda Swinton were apparently friends at school. This makes so sense.

“One day I will marry a prince and become the world’s most famous woman.”

“One day I win an Oscar and spend a week living in a glass box at an art gallery.”

*teacher rolls their eyes and thinks they’re both insane.*

Princess Charlotte is the center of attention in recently released photos by famed fashion photographer Mario Testino. The images were originally posted on the official British Royal Instagram account @kensingtonroyal on Thursday, and show intimate moments with the family, including Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, and their son Prince George, after their first daughter’s christening. Charlotte was born on May 2, 2015 and christened on July 5, 2015 at St. Mary Magdalene Church in Sandringham, England. (Photograph by Mario Testino—Art Partner/@reuters). See more on

  • King Agdar:Now. Let's go over our schedule once again, shall we? Idun, when the Westergaards arrive, you will be--
  • Queen Idun:In the dining hall, waiting to welcome them graciously to our home.
  • King Agdar:Good. And Anna, you will be--
  • Anna:I'll be waiting to open the door.
  • King Agdar:Excellent. And Elsa?
  • Elsa:I'll be in my bedroom, making no noise and pretending that I don't exist.