I like to think that Megamind would take Roxanne’s last name when they get married. I could give a big list of reasonings/justifications, even though they aren’t necessary, but the real reason why I like the idea is because I like thinking about Megamind’s face when he accidentally calls his wife “Miss Ritchi” and she responds by calling him “Mr Ritchi”

In my mind, it’s a really good face.

Metro City has opened up a new funpark for the children– And Megamind immediately feels like he needs to inaugurate the park for the first time, by having an evil plot there.

Ofcourse he brings Miss Ritchi, which results very badly, as she succeeds in escaping his clutches and starts shooting the plastic balls at his face.

It ends up in a wild goose chase for about 1 hour, until Megamind finally catches her in his arms. But they are both too exhausted to do anything about it, so they just sink back down into the sea of plastic balls. Arms loosely around each other, looking up at the sky and just breathing really hard.