Imagine being Rodrick's younger sister

And asking him to be in Löded Diper.

“Rodrick, please I’ll get Greg to do your chores for the rest of the year.” You begged your older brother.

“You’re fifteen, and I’m seventeen and so are the guys. It’ll be weird, plus your my sister. So no.” He pointed his drum stick at you.

“Mom! Rodrick’s hittin-” Rodrick jumped up from the chair quickly covering you mouth.

“Okay, Okay, I’ll let you come to a couple practices and then we’ll go from there.” He said uncovering your mouth.

“Yay! Thank you so much!” You jumped slightly hugging Rodrick.

“OK get off, and go bother Greg or something.” And with that you set off to mess with one of your younger brothers.

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One Strap
  • Greg Heffley: Stop. You look like one of the seven dwarves. Always wear one strap. One strap is cool.
  • Rowley Jefferson: Then why do they put two straps instead of one?
  • Greg Heffley: [walking] Because the people who make backpacks aren't cool.
  • Greg Heffley: [stops walking] You know what has one strap? Machine guns. You know what else? Electric guitars.
  • Greg Heffley: [continues walking] You know what else?
  • Rowley Jefferson: Purses?
Diary of a wimpy kid in Japanese

English                                       Japanese

Diary of a wimpy kid                   グレッグのダメ日記

Greg Heffley                        グレッグ へフリー

Rowley Jefferson                        ロウリー ジェファーソン

Holly Hills                                  ホリー ヒルズ

Patty Farrell                              パティ ファレル

Rodric                                   ロドリック