“I think that the important thing about being a girl is that you get to choose what that means to you, and that’s something not many people realise. You know, we have so many things enforced upon us – you need to look a certain way, you have to have a certain colour hair – but the nice thing is, especially through the internet, people are realising that there are all sorts of different ways of being a girl; there can be so many different interpretations of girlhood.” -Rowan Blanchard for Miu Miu

Things rowers hate:

1. Rowing when it’s freezing out
2. Not being able to go out and having to erg
3. Waiting for 3+ hours to be able to leave a regatta
4. Forgetting a post workout snack
5. When the person in front of you splashes you a lot (especially in combination with the first)
6. Novice boats/coxies who don’t know the course yet
7. On-the-square rowing practices
8. When the sun doesn’t rise until practice is entirely over
9. When coaches wake your boat badly
10. When someone says they didn’t pull as hard as they could have
11. Lightning
12. Heavy old wooden boats
13. When people who don’t row complain about how they have to get up at 6:00
14. Disgustingly polluted water

But it’s worth it