Just a reminder for those that still don’t get it. 

Peter and his father were doomed to die as soon as the rover got stuck in the mud.

Whether Bellamy had gotten out of the rover or not does not change that.

Bellamy getting out of the rover would not have helped Peter and his dad.

Nothing Bellamy could have done would have helped Peter and his dad.

Not throwing his life away by not getting out of the rover does not make Bellamy’s decision selfish.

The point of Bellamy’s arc in 4x07 wasn’t to show that he’s selfish. It was to show that he is capable of making decisions with his head and knowing when to not sacrifice himself for lost causes.

anonymous asked:

This is kind of minor, but I'm really sick of them making Bellamy incompetent when they need an easy plot derailment. Ooop, he got the rover stuck in the mud. Ooop, Echo has him pinned in 1.5 seconds. Ooop, he was staring and crashed into a tree.

Nobody’s perfect. Everyone messes up sometimes and that’s okay. I like that they are flawed and Bellamy is pretty great, so to see him screw up means he’s human.