• Me: *posts anything to do with Cult Ending*
  • Some guy with a megaphone, directly next to my ear: Actually the Cult Ending is CONFIRMED non-canon and scrapped content, despite there being no evidence to prove this!!! The game is 100% wholesome and comedy and nothing dark at all!!! Why even post about something NON-CANON???
  • My gay, horror loving ass: Let me have my own fun, damn it.

Disbelief Papyrus 7/25/17 Palette 23 requested by @paintingit

Did a small stream! I decided to do a palette challenge (that I ended up just failing and cheating anyways lol). There weren’t any real dark colors so I took creative liberties :P… and then I was like THE BLUE EYE WOULD LOOK AWESOME!!!… So I asked PT if it would be okay and they said MAKE IT YOURS!! SO I DID!!! Hope you guys like it!!

Credit to Fanficcentral30 for suggesting tears ^^ And @v0idless telling me to make it a gif :T No one let’s me be lazy lol

Video will be uploaded later!


I had a good feeling and decided to call Saeyoung.. my hunch was right lol this happened on day 9, at 4pm-ish. There were heartfelt words spoken by him before this, decided to leave those out for those who wanted to experience it. But basically they gave you an option on what to say after him talking, pick the one that says “yes. Come up here” which will make him say all this^ it’s really cute and worth listening to :)


@disapparate hello! this is it: special story 3 - the heart’s surrender. sorry it took so long to do your request. i honestly don’t know if there’s a huge difference since i’ve never seen the normal version but i hope this is okay! i only did the last bit because that’s usually where the difference is plus we’re only allowed to post snippets~ i couldn’t put it under a cut because the resolution would suffer. (˶′◡‵˶)

(if the image is small on desktop view, click on it first then right click + view image)

I have something to say to the MysMe fandom

I’m not saying that the new update isn’t a route but…

Okay, so it’s not. Let’s be real. Being a fan of Cheritz for a long time, it’s most likely not a V route.


For a the people who are just dying to protect a precious baby like (the fandom interpreted) V, I wish to direct you to another Cheritz game.

Nameless ~The one thing you must recall~

Nameless is a visual novel that has the same depth as Mystic Messenger, but here’s the thing: a lot of the characters have gone through abuse (in some cases self-inflicted) in the same way V has. And guess what!! The MC can help them through it!

So if you really need that kind of route, please buy Nameless. It’s worth it. Give that game some love.