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Shin Megami Tensei IV Final Famitsu Review Score: 35/40 - Persona Central
Shin Megami Tensei IV Final will be released in Japan in 8 days, and this week's Famitsu magazine issue #1418 review score for the game has been reported.

I don’t pay much attention to Famitsu’s scores, but there’s a few parts of the review worth noting:

  • The game can take up to 60 hours to clear 1 route. Takes 100 hours or more to see all the content
  • Players are prone to get lost
  • Simple 2-demon fusion is back, and the dialogue in demon negotiations has been changed

So it looks like a good step forward from IV

This Day in History: Feb. 4

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In 1986, Baltimore Mayor William Donald Schaefer and Anne Arundel County Executive O. James Lighthizer came together to request state funding to extend Route 100 west to Interstate 95 in Howard County. They hoped the $120 million extension would bring more jobs to the area through industrial and high-tech development. Above, construction workers build the last five-mile stretch of Route 100 near Route 108 more than 10 years later. (Perry Thorsvik, Baltimore Sun photo, 1997)

1789: Electors unanimously chose George Washington to be the first president of the United States.

1913: Civil rights pioneer Rosa Parks was born in Tuskegee, Ala.

1932: New York Gov. Franklin Roosevelt opened the Winter Olympic Games at Lake Placid.

1966: The Tawes Administration proposed a bill calling for the construction of a second Chesapeake Bay Bridge. An additional span paralleling the existing bridge was eventually completed in 1973.

1977: The Senate Economic Affairs Committee voted to raise the drinking age for beer and wine from 18 to 21 after increased reports of teen drinking and complaints from tavern owners. The General Assembly had lowered the age in 1974, but kept the limit at 21 for liquor.

Compiled by Laura Lefavor and Paul McCardell.

Continues from h̖̦̭͇e̠̰̤r̷̼̯̖̠̙e̪̭͓̯̖͖ .

A pile of bones left the ground,
surrounding the woman.
Sans was still smiling, looking
at her.

*  t̫̩̘͇̯͝h͖̭á͕̘̟t̷͈'̯͔̩̻͍ͅs̤͖̠ͅ ̶͕̖ͅg͇͈͍̯̠̙o̥͚̺o͓͢d͏̗̯͕,҉̟ ̝̜̞͔͖̗b̸̥̫͍̳̦̮͔u̧͉͕͕͚͎t͏ ͇̯y̩̜͕o̡̞͉u̫̫̻̖̘͍͜ ͖͡
                      d̥͙͍̹̙́o̝͈̲͎̠͚̖͢n̡̻̖'̧̦̝t̗̦͜ ̠͔͖̗ç͍̠͎̞o̪͘m̨̮̱e̜͕̣̲ ̡̭̩̝̺a͖̫t̺͓͞ t̼̩͈̱h͙̝̦̲̼̻͚e̩̭͡ ͉b̝͝e̸̘s̞͍̼͍͔̟͘t̺͓̯̹̟́ ̟̗t̸̮̥̭̙i͎͈̘̼̘͚̹m̥͎̩̦̺e̥̺̖͝

Things that make me say heck yeah:

  • The Norristown High Speed Line
  • Riding the Norristown High Speed Line
  • Thinking about the Norristown High Speed Line
  • Knowing that the Norristown High Speed Line exists
  • The fact that the Norristown High Speed Line is purple on the map
  • Knowing how awesome the Norristown High Speed Line is. It is the definition of awesome.

If you haven’t ridden this line yet, do so. It will change your life!


Big Sur, California. Driving along the Pacific Coast freeway from LA to San Fransisco was something I’ll never forget. I highly recommend to anyone making the drive that you get off the 101 freeway and take the scenic coast route instead, it is absolutely incredible! The whole drive is filled with beautiful cliff edges, blue water, steep green hills and winding roads. There is no way you could get bored. Although it’s a few hours longer than the inland route, it’s 100% worth it.