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Happy Valentines Day!!!

We hope that you all have enjoyed round one of the Exchange.

We want to thank ALL the participates.  Without you, this event would not have been as successful as we had hoped it to be.  To all of you who have liked, bookmarked and reblogged these amazing gifts, THANK YOU  as well.

Our talented gifters did an amazing job! Crafting some wonderful and squee worthy stories about Richonne, and putting smiles on their fellow shippers faces. 

We all know many of you have been waiting for the BIG reveal, so we present to you, our amazing and talented Richonne Gift Exchangers!!!


 Welcome Home

Michonne returns home from a business trip to find that some things have changed while she was away. AU/No Zombies

gift fic for @richonnebeliever  from your Valentine @birdnmouse


A Series of small moments with Richonne.

 gift fic for @babykay47 from your Valentine @shipnation


An Unexpected Valentines

This is a short story about Michonne coming to grips with the loss of her son and Rick helping her to find peace.

gift fic for @stephanooch  from your Valentine @amrcncpprhd1


A Kiss Between Friends

Shortly after arriving at the Alexandria Safe Zone, Rick and Michonne have a hard time fitting in until they realize the only home they need is with each other.

gift fic for @birdnmouse from your Valentine @richonnebeliever


Even When It’s Dark

Michonne is tired of life on the road and Rick knows it

gift fic for @leannanscribbler from your Valentine @tikxy


Cinq Fois 

Short Richonne drabbles about five times Rick and Michonne shared kisses. Smutty and fluffy.

 gift fic for @lyraverse from your Valentine @siancore


Apology Accepted 

Rick apologizes. Smut ensues.

gift fic for @shipnation from your Valentine @babykay47

Let Love Shine (On and On)

Four times Michonne and Rick are interrupted, and one time they just didn’t care. Taking place in a semi alternative ASZ, at some point after episode 6x08.

gif fic for @amrcncpprhd1 from your Valentine @stephanooch


Teasing Sensations

 Michonne loves the sensations he gives her and Rick loves teasing her.

gift fic for @fishnbanjos from your Valentine @ash-lee-can


Kisses, Cuddles, Strokes

There are a lot of things Michonne enjoys about being Rick’s lover, but she enjoys his kisses, cuddles, and stokes most of all

 gift fic for @siancore from you Valentine @lyraverse

5 Richonne Kisses!

 Some people believe that there are infinitely many parallel universes. These collected stories are brief glimpses into five possible realities, each containing a special moment between a small town Sheriff and a brave warrior woman.

gift fic for @blacklitchick from your Valentine @lobsterlobster1990


Take Five

 Based loosely on the lyric version of Take Five by Dave Brubek and Carmen McRae, Michonne and Rick take five tortuously slow steps to get where they need to go.

gift fic for @ash-lee-can from your Valentine @fishnbanjos


The Space Between 

Michonne is having a bad day. On a rainy day.

gif fic for @tikxy from your Valentine @leannanscribbler

His Kahlo

“Rick and Michonne are stranded overnight after a simple run”

 gift fic for @lobsterlobster1990  from your Valentine @blacklitchick



Thank you to all the writers!!!

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The Final Warning - I

Chapter I - Round One

Summary:  As the year draws to a close, peace has finally dawned. The time for unity has arrived. In the Vytal festival, it is time for heroes to rise, bringing glory to their kingdoms. But as autumn dies, the first winds of winter blow over Remnant, chilling the hearts of the people; breathing doubt into their souls. Long-buried secrets will triumph, and every action will have a consequence. Ruby must reconcile herself with her own fate. Weiss struggles to escape her legacy. Blake cannot erase memories. Yang’s search leads her into more peril than ever— but none of them can outrun fate.
Shadows turn on shadows, and bonds shatter as they are tested to the limit. For in dividing them, they will fall and burn; at the eye of the storm, no peace lasts forever. In the end and beginning of time, there is a place where the sun never rises, and the dead delight to teach the living. A great danger is rising from the darkness. It’s time to take sides. The final warning is coming.
The first chill of winter is the most deadly; it is the chill that kills more than any other. The first betrayal is the most damaging; it is the act that shatters bonds of love and trust, crushing even the strongest heart, tearing teams apart.

: Bumbleby, Arkos, White Rose



It always felt especially lonely at her mom’s grave during autumn.

She could imagine her sleeping under the earth, under the piles of leaves and the slumbering grass, but that was a foolish notion. This grave held no body. Icy wind whipped over Ruby, tempered only by the warm golden glow of the sunlight; the leaves and grass of autumn swirled around like miniature tornadoes in the gusting gale.

She had not been to her mother’s gravestone, alone, in a long time. Of course, she had been here only a week ago, but she had been with Weiss then, and they had sealed their partnership in the most powerful way possible. It still felt new, Ruby knew, and she was still getting used to it— adjusting to memories that weren’t her own, pulses of emotion that Weiss was feeling instead of her, being able to feel where her partner was, at any given moment… it was enough to make anyone want to get away for a little while, to mull things over; coming here, to this place of quiet solitude, was the best for that.

It was strange, being Bonded. Strange, really, but not bad.

She felt her Scroll buzz, and checked it; a message had popped up from the contact “yangarang”, punctuated by a fire emblem; Ruby grinned, temporarily distracted from her sorrow.

yangarang, 1:16 PM: Where are u? remember our match is at 3, sis. weiss is griping at me to get u to come back to the fairgrounds, so hurry the heck up

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