“I need a place to stay.” Fp Jones x Reader

TITLE - “I need a place to stay.”
WARNINGS - Swearing, Sexual Scenes, Blood.
WORD COUNT - 2,686
A/N - So I couldn’t kind of get this idea out of my head and after such an overwhelming response for little ol’ me on my last one shot, I just knew I had to post another. This is one of my favourites. So I really hope you like it. Let’s just say things get kind of hot…

Slamming the door loudly and in distress, you stormed down the metal steps and down onto the dirt below. You were furious right now. Your whole body was shaking with the adrenaline that was circling around your body. You couldn’t even see anything but red. And that wasn’t just from the blood that was dripping down from the forehead.

You couldn’t believe what had happened tonight. Actually you could. Because it was a disaster waiting to happen. Like a volcano waiting to erupt and it did tonight. The explosion had just occurred right in front of your very eyes and you were cut up in the cross fire.

Bringing your head up to the sky, almost to ground yourself back down from the anger, you saw the darkness above. Almost similiar to the one in your body right now. But this one had large gloomy clouds covering it, the heavy rain now starting to lash down covering the floor below, just as much as the ones in your eyes wanted to do.

But you couldn’t do that here. You couldn’t break down the way you wanted to out here in the open. You had to go to the only place you could seek refuge for the rest of the night.

Shaking your head, you took a deep breathe and began your journey across the park, your eyes staring intently ahead, trying to ignore the rain splashing around you, as well as any watchful gazes from those who were still up and out, even in the early hours of the morning.

Once you reached your destination, your hands gripped around the metal railing and you forced your muddy covered boots up the steps to the front door. Bringing your bloody fist up to the door, you winced as you knocked on it a few times, hoping they were home and would be able to help.

Because you needed them. Maybe way more than you knew you did. But still. You needed him.

Within a matter of moments, the door to the trailer opened up quickly and an irritated looking man stood behind it, but once he saw it was you stood there, clothes drenched from the rain, blood covering several parts of your body and a look of desperation on your face, it softened.

“I need a place to say.” You told him, your voice soft and your words more of a demand than a suggestion.

Stepping away from the door, Fp allowed you to come inside, not even wanting an explanation as to why, because even just seeing you in this state was enough to make him want to bring you inside and help you through whatever was going on.

But he had a good idea what had caused her so much sorrow tonight.
Coming into the trailer, you went straight over to the cool box in the living room and brought a beer out. Quickly you snapped the lid off of the bottle and took a large swig from the liquid, whilst Fp stood against the side of the wall watching you curiously.

You avoided his eyes on you as you came and took a seat down on the couch, your hands still shaking and your breathing heavy, but now you could just sit down and chill out for a moment, in the safety of this mans home, you knew you would be in a better place soon.

Fp left you for a moment by yourself, you presumed to let you have a moment to calm down, but when he came back through with first aid kit, you knew what was going to come next. It wasn’t just going to be him healing your physical wounds, he would want to know the rawness you felt inside too.

“Are you going to tell me what happened?” He asked as he came over to you.

You shrugged your shoulders at him, “Depends what you want to hear.”

“The truth would be a good start.” Fp bent down in front of you, before he laid the box down on the table behind and opened it up.

“Let’s just say the destruction we all knew what was waiting to happen did finally happen tonight.” You kept your answer brief.

Fp raised his brows up at you slightly, as he brought out some rubbing alcohol to clean your wounds, “You talking about your sister-in-law?”

“Yeah, that bitch.” You grumbled, before taking another swig out of your beer as Fp took hold of your wrist.

“Your brother find out about the affair?” He began to dap the cuts on your knuckles lightly with some cotton, but even that caused you to wince and stop drinking your beer.

Fp rolled his eyes to look at you after hearing your sudden reaction to what he was doing, it wouldn’t have been the first time his touch had sent you over the edge, but that was a story for another time.

“Yep,” You rubbed your lips together uneasily, from both the memories of the last couple of hours, but also from the stinging on your skin, “he saw it with his own two eyes down at the Whyte Worm.”

“And how did he react?” Fp then questioned, before he went to change the cotton for the next wound.

“How do you think he reacted?” You spat back at him, not aiming your anger towards him, but at this whole messy situation, “he was pissed, Fp. He flipped. I flipped.”

“I can see that.” He couldn’t help but smirk, as he brought his face up to meet with yours.

You rolled your eyes at his amusement towards your choice of retaliation, about to go take another sip from your beer, when you suddenly felt his fingers graze the top of your forehead, brushing a few strands of your hair away from your face and your gaze fell straight onto his.

Looking back at him, you felt your stomach drop slightly at his touch on you, his fingers so light and gentle on your face, the last time they had been like that had been many weeks ago, things hadn’t been this close between you two for a long time and it felt just as good as it always did.

But this time it was different. So different. So much had happened.

Noticing your reaction to what he did, Fp tried to ignore the tension now rising in the room and went back to caring for your wounds, as he dabbed the cut on your forehead, where your sister-in-law had thrown a glass at you and it had just skimmed across your skin before crashing into the wall behind.

Swallowing away the lump that had formed in your throat, you cleared it quickly and went back to retelling the story, “She followed us back here. She tried to get him to forgive her and take her back. And I’m sure at one point he was going to, until I stepped in and told her to go, but she wouldn’t take no for an answer..”

Fp finished cleaning the wound, before he leant over and took some gauze tape out of the box, before he began to stick it over the cut on your forehead, wanting to make sure you would heal nicely, both on the outside and in, so he just let you continue on.

“So I tried to drag her out of the trailer, but she just wouldn’t leave, so my brother stepped in, but even his attempts failed, because everytime she kept coming back and trying to worm her way back into his head,” You explained further, as you leant across to put your half drunken beer on the table,

But Fp took it back off and took a swig out of himself, this story enough to make anyone wanting to drink away the drama, but also because he couldn’t deal with this sexual atmosphere that was still lingering in the background at such a serious time.

He wasn’t even sure you felt it too.

But you could. And you did feel it. So very much. It was so strong.

“And I just lost it,” You said as Fp’s eyes came back onto you and his eyes trailed down to the blood that was seeping through your t-shirt, specks of it peeking out the top round the neckline on your skin, so close to where your chest and cleavage were,

And there was that tension, it grew more and more, with just a simple look.

“I-i-i just flipped….”

You found yourself now lost for words, as your eyes met with his once more, your chest tightened and your stomach began to churn with excitement and nerves, the way Fp was looking at you was sending you over the edge.

This man. He made you forget everything. He made you feel so alive even in the dark. Fp jones had you so good.

“I..” Fp even found himself struggling to form a sentence, before he cleared his own throat huskily, “w-what happened there?”

“Uh,” Your gaze dropped down to your chest, where Fp’s own kept moving from your face and to this area of your body, before you confessed what else happened  "that’s not my blood. It’s hers.“

Fp couldn’t help but let out a chuckle, whether it was a nervous one or just one of humour to hear this, "What? What did you do to her?”

“Don’t worry she’s still alive and walking, I mean, just about anyway…” You explained with a small smirk, as you stood up and shrugged yourself out of your leather biker jacket, “I could have done a lot worse.”

“Not a doubt in my mind.” He smirked, as he watched you walk round and headed over to the kitchen.

“Do you think I could borrow a shirt? I mean, I’ll give it back, but I don’t fancy having that snakes blood on my body for a second more.” You said, as you daringly took off your t-shirt to reveal your red lacy bra.

Fp’s eyes lit up slightly to see you stood there, bloody shirt in one hand, the other on your hip, the lacy garment covering your chest, but Fp knew what was behind there, and you knew how teasing this would be for him, but it made all more fun and you needed some fun.

“I take that as a yes.” You spun round on your hip and began to walk through to his room, when you felt his hands quickly wrap around your waist and stop you from moving any further.

Your breath hitched in your throat at his large and warm hands on your body again, his skin touching your own, for the first time in a long time and it felt so damn good to feel it again, it sent shivers to erupt over your skin and this time round, Fp knew what he was doing to you.

“You might have not killed that girl tonight,” He whispered huskily in your ear from behind you, as your teeth grazed against your bottom lip, trying to fight off the uncontrollable smile that was going to plaster all over your face, “but you’re definitely killing me..”

Slowly spinning round to face Fp, your gently laid your hands down on the black t-shirt that covered his chest and looked up at his face, his frame towering over your slightly, “Fp Jones, I thought we agreed..”

“Screw the agreement,” He hissed back at you, looking around your whole face with a smile, “I’m glad you came here, (y/n).”

“Me too.” You smiled back.

A few weeks ago, well many weeks ago, after the last time you had given into the feelings you two had discovered you shared for each other, you had agreed to stay away from each other to try let things simmer out.

Fp was still married to Glady Jones, his wife and he had two children, a son and a daughter, who were still kids. It wasn’t fair on them to rip the family apart more than it already had been. And you respected them all enough to stay away.

But tonight had been so different and hard not to run back to Fp. He had promised to be there for you when you needed him. The same way you told him you would be there when he was ready.

Yet things had happened tonight. And there was no way you wanted to wait a second longer. It had put too much in perspective. You wanted to be with Fp Jones. You needed to be.

Letting go of you, Fp took off the black and white plaid shirt that was covering his upper body and handed it over to you. You went to take it from him, wanting to put it on and wear his shirt, when he moved it away stopping you doing so.

Frowning back at him in confusion, Fp shook his head with a small chuckle, “not yet. We still need to finish cleaning you up first.”

Without even giving you a chance to respond and question him, Fp quickly picked you up and held you high with his hands on the backs of your thighs, your hands came around his neck as you giggled helplessly.

He lowered your body slightly, so your face came into the same level his, before he leaned a little closer, your faces inches apart, as you sighed and felt the tension rise once more. Your eyes teasingly flickered from his eyes down to his lips, wanting to test the water and see if this was what he truly wanted tonight.

Because this was what you wanted. This was what you needed more than anything.

Catching your gaze with his own, Fp broke the gap between the two of you and kissed you, gently and slowly at first, but as he felt you sigh into the kiss and pull him closer, he turned up the heat and embraced you passionately.

Carrying your body and his own out of the kitchen, Fp went over to his bathroom and pulled open the door, he began to take off his shoes as he continued to kiss you, and you kissed him back just as hard, your hands tangling round the back of you, were you took off your bra and let it slide down onto the floor below.

Pulling out of the kiss, Fp grinned back at you as you did the same, before moving your lips onto his jaw, kissing along his stubble as your fingers played with the hairs on the back of his neck, knowing it would send him over the edge as he struggled to turn on the shower beside the two of you.

Once the water was on and working, Fp carefully stood your body back down onto the floor, as you slipped out of your own shoes, whilst he began to take off his pants. You couldn’t help but step back over to him, stopping him from going any further and instead you began to take off his shirt.

The garment dropped to the floor seconds later, before your hands trailed down from his smooth chest and onto his stomach, one of your favourite parts of his whole body, the way it felt up against your own naked body was one of the most comforting things.

Breaking that space between the two of you again, you kissed Fp strongly before you motioned him towards the shower cubicle. Not wanting to waste another moment, Fp picked you back up and stepped under the water with you.

Just like the rain that was crashing down outside. The water collided with your bodies, the two of you still stood in your jeans, but your bare chest exposed and touching, as Fp brought you to your feet again.

The kiss never breaking, not even once, as the water began to wash away the drama of that night, making way for the sun that would rise in the morning, one that was full of warmth and security in the only place you wanted to stay, where Fp also wanted you to stay.

The Labyrinth Chapter 16

Genre: Gang AU/ High School AU
Pairing: Reader/Jimin
Length: 1.7k
Summary: Finding an injured boy collapsing in front of your house, you decide to help him, only to find out he’s associated with some underground business. After that fateful night, you surprisingly find him in the new class you had just transferred into.

Chapter 1  Chapter 2  Chapter 3  Chapter 4  Chapter 5  Chapter 6  Chapter 7  Chapter 8 Chapter 9  Chapter 10  Chapter 11  Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 14 Chapter 15 Chapter 16 Chapter 17

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Hold That Thought 11

Pairing: Lawyer!Steve Rogers x Reader

Warning: Swearing. Strong addiction to coffee. Name calling. In office affairs. Fluff. Secrets.

A/N: Just a fun little AU series cause I felt like it. While I try to get my footing for Frank Castle. Btw Other Marvel cameo’s in this story.
Matt Mudrock
Foggy Nelson
Luke Cage
Jessica Jones
Frank Castle
Pietro Maximoff
Bruce Banner

The Italics are flash backs // The bold’s are Text Messages.

A one night stand at the New York Law Firms Conference, couldn’t have been more fun, and mysterious. When your new boss Bucky Barnes introduces you to his boss; the man who runs Avengers Of Law, law firm and your new place of work. Steve Rogers and your mysterious one night stand is your bosses boss. What you want to pretend never happened, he doesn’t want to let go of. When you find yourself struggling to stay away from Steve, who won’t let up on getting you to go out with him. Can you resist, Steve who is looking for more than a one night stand, while you’re struggling to get through the long days and never ending nights of being a paralegal or will you let lust and emotions distract you from your goals in life?

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DIY Shredded Sleeve T-Shirt
With Vans Skate’s Lizzie Armanto

Not only does Lizzie love to get down and dirty at the skate park, but she also loves getting gritty with DIY projects. At US Open, we challenged Lizzie to transform a T-shirt with only a pair of scissors, and within minutes she made this rad shredded sleeve top. From jeans to shoes, we’re all about that deconstructed edgy look, so you can bet we’ll be making our own DIY Shredded T soon! Get the step-by-step instructions below.

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Chapter 4

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I didn’t think that just a week in that I would’ve hit so many milestones.

First, I’ve woken up before Tom. I was actually woken up when Tessa pushed the door open and it happened to not wake Tom up when she crawled into his arms.

Second, I spoke to Paddy where I or somebody else didn’t initiate the conversation.

“Hey, Angie?”

I’m mid bite when he asks for me and I turn to look at him as I’m chewing.

“I haven’t been able to talk to you without Tom around, but…” he leans closer and is looking toward my room.


“Sam and I need your help. We want to set up a prank against Tom and we hope you can keep him out of the house for a couple hours?”

I’m quiet because I’m realizing that the moment to choose a side was now. Would I take side with the brothers where I’m probably safer because I have more than one person to work with? Or should I take the side with Tom who I’m probably the closest to?

“You don’t have to help-“

“No. I will.” I smile after swallowing, finally able to speak with the normal amount of food in my mouth.

“Oh, we are going to get him so good.” He smiles and takes a bite of his toast. “She’s in.” He nods to Sam as he enters the dining room to join us for breakfast.

And third, I will be walking Tessa myself today and hopefully not getting lost.

A few minutes later Tom arrives with messy hair and sleepy eyes.

We talk a bit about each of our plans for the day. Dominic has a meeting for a performance he has next week. Mrs. Frost is meeting with a client for a pregnancy photo-shoot. Harry said he will probably hang out with Paddy and Sam which means he’s in on the trick too.

“What will you be doing today?” Mrs. Frost looks to Tom and Tom looks to me.

“Do you want to go out with Tessa and I today? Maybe we can go to the park you were telling me about?” I ask Tom and then look back toward Mrs. Frost.

I can see Paddy, Sam, and Harry share a quick glance at each other and then me.

“Yeah! That would be nice.” Tom smiles as he sips his tea and gives a happy sigh, no idea what was coming later.

After we eat I help clean up and each person gets to his or her business. Tom and I get to our room to start our day.

We take turns dressing in the bathroom and gathering up the things we want for the day which is mainly our phones, headphones, I pack a book in my bag, and Tom get’s together some things for Tessa for when we get to the park.

“How long do you think you’ll be gone?” Paddy asks as he follows Tom to the front door.

He sounds like a little brother excited in what his big brother is doing, but I know the truth.

“Ah… Maybe a few hours.” He answers while pulling his backpack onto his shoulder.

“Okay!” He jumps and jogs away toward the backyard.

Tom watches for a moment confused, but then turns to me and smiles.

“Tessa!” I call and she runs toward us with her tongue hanging from her mouth. I slip her harness onto her as I had seen Mrs. Frost do so easily the days before. It takes a moment, but I get it clipped around her torso and she is ready to go, waiting for the front door to open.

“This is strange.” Tom says as he follows me out of the front door.

I’m wearing my burgundy Doc Martins, a thick pair of leggings, a dark grey shirt that goes to my mid thighs and has a deep round neckline and one of my lighter coats since it doesn’t seem to be too cold and the clouds aren’t too thick and dark today.

“Strange?” I shift my cross-chest bag a bit so the strap isn’t cutting into my shoulder as much.

Tom closes the door behind us. He’s wearing what looks like black vans, black jeans and a navy blue long sleeve sweater; which he says is his comfy jumper. He also has a black backpack on that I think has some snacks and some of his things in it.

“Yeah. I mean… I’m having a day with a girl I’ve known for a week… she’s walking my dog…” he smiles as he walks happily next to me with his hands in his pockets.

“We’ll, I am a dog-walker.” I remind him. “Like even months before I knew you existed.”

“Hey!” He playfully nudges me and I smile. “But I guess you’re right.”

I let Tessa pull me a bit and she decides to take a left at the end of the road. Luckily, this is the direction of the park, which I mostly remember how to get to.

“And as far as spending your day with a girl. You’ve spent your days with me this past week at home…”

He falls behind and walks on the opposite side now, closer to the street. Probably protecting Tessa from traffic.

“Yeah, but that was with everyone around. Now it’s just Bubbles and Tommy. On an adventure.” He skips ahead and starts to walk backwards, facing Tessa and I.

She pulls to the right a bit and I trust her instinct.

“Is Tommy nervous to be around a girl?” I don’t make eye contact as I copy his use of 3rd person and I’m sure he’s blushing.

He is quiet and when I do look over at him he looks a little worried.

“Are you… actually nervous?” I ask, confused. We had a pretty nice night last night and if anything I thought today would continue to be the same.

“Well… it’s just,” He’s walking beside me again and a bit slower, “remember when you asked me about being famous… if I missed normal life?”

I nod.

“Well people see me with my brothers, with my parents, with Harrison, and Tessa” he smiles as he pets her head, “I’m just nervous I guess about people seeing me with a girl.”

Tessa pulls to the left and I can start to see the large green fenced field. There are a few large trees, benches, picnic tables, and only a couple others there with their pups; it’s still pretty early in the morning, the fog still sort of lingering.

We cross the street and approach the gate to get into the park.

“Well if anything comes up just tell the truth. We’re friends… right?”

He walks through the gate first and let’s Tessa and me pass before he secures it behind us.

“Definitely! Just, I’d be worried that people would make a big deal out of it,” he’s talking so fast now that his words are running together, “and then it would be a thing and people would keep asking about you and-“ He suddenly stops talking and walking. “I just don’t want you to have to miss your normal too.”

Oh. I hadn’t thought about that.

“Let’s get that bench by the tree.” He points to a distant bench. “You can let Tessa off now.”

I nod and unclip her leash from her harness and she happily gallops to Tom and continues to walk beside him as we get to the bench.

It’s still a bit foggy and definitely not sunny, but the big oak that almost hovers over the bench creates a cozy setting.

Almost simultaneously Tom and I drop our bags onto the bench. I take a seat and he takes a rope from his backpack before throwing it maybe 30 feet and Tessa runs after it immediately.

“Well.” I say after thinking a bit.

Tom isn’t looking at me, but he is listening as he continues to throw the rope for Tessa.

“I love dogs. Obviously. I love Mrs. Frost. Also obviously…” I bring my knees to my chest and watch Tessa run happily. “I’m happy I’ve met you and your friends and family and if that means more people know Angela Scott exists… I’m fine with that.”

Tom smiles before throwing the rope almost twice as far.

“And like you said last night… they won’t really know me. Sure they’ll see my face and they’ll see our friendship. It’s like with you and Harrison. They’ll know I’m just a part of your life now.”

Tom sighs and takes a seat next to me after throwing the rope another time. “Well that is good to hear. Just- if anything is too much, you can pull out. Anytime. Any reason. That’s okay.”

“Tommy, you’re worrying way too much about this. So what if people think I’m some secret girl you’re seeing. Fuck ‘em. You know the truth. Right?”

He tugs on the rope as Tessa tugs on the opposite end. He gets it free and tosses it again, but this time she trots toward it and lays down to chew on it.

“You’re right.” He smiles and pushes his hair back. “But seriously. Tell me if anything is bothering you.”

I laugh. “You got it. Hey, you got any snacks? I don’t know why I didn’t eat more this morning…”

Tom pulls out a couple biscuits left over from breakfast and we snack as Tessa continues to chew away and the fog leaves and maybe even a small bit of sun peaks out from behind the cloudy London sky.

Soon Tessa was bored of the rope so she brought it back.

I stood and pointed at my bag while looking at Tom. He nodded and held up his hand making the ‘ok’ symbol with his left hand.

I started walking around the park sidewalk with Tessa and from a distance I could see Tom put ear buds into his ears and start to scroll on his phone.

We get close to a water fountain and when I lean forward to take a sip I notice that when I lean against the fountain for the water to flow it made a shorter fountain flow at the same time and Tessa begins to lap up the water next to me.

We strolled for a while longer seeing a few others enter the park with a friendly wave. Their pup would say hi to Tessa, but then quickly leave to join their owner at their favorite part of the park.

About 30 minutes later we make our way back around to Tom who is no longer listening to music, but he is still on his phone.

“So Bubbles, what do you think about a bunk bed?”

“Like for us?” I laugh and take a seat next to him.

He leans towards me and scrolls through picture of different bunk beds.

I take my water from my bag and take a large couple gulps.

“Wouldn’t that be awesome? We could have the bottom one be a fort during the day-“

“Did you just say fort?”


“I knew I liked you for a reason.”

Instead of laughing he just shows me more bunk beds and says over and over how seriously he is thinking of making the purchase.

I can’t help but laugh. It would be cool, but I like being… next to him.

30 minutes after that Tom stands and starts to jog away.

I look up from my book and Tessa is following, jumping at Tom’s hands as he dodges her and hops to his left and right. She quickly grasps his hand, but it seems light enough to not cause him any pain, but he pretends it does.

He cries out and falls to the ground letting her climb onto his chest and lick his face from chin to eyebrow and chin to nostril. He’s laughing, but let’s her continue before he tries to roll away.

I smile as I watch and realize that this is probably the first time in months that he’s been able to spend time like this with Tessa. That would be so hard. At least I didn’t have any dogs myself. I had so many I worked with that I didn’t have time for my own.

“Hey, Bub.” He calls from about 20 feet away. He’s sitting in the grass with Tessa sitting beside him.

When he seems me look over he gestures for me to join him.

I bookmark my place and place my book on the empty space of the bent to join him.

He tosses me a tennis ball and Tessa follows it’s flight straight to me. He holds his hands up and I toss it back.

I sit about 10 feet away from him and we toss the ball back and forth, teasing Tessa as she gets close to us and we throw it to the other just before she can get it.

We can’t stop laughing and when Tom isn’t paying enough attention he doesn’t throw it back in time and Tessa hits him like a sledge hammer.

“Ooohf!!” He falls onto his back and Tessa brings the ball back to me.

I would ask if he is okay, but I can’t stop laughing.

“Ohhhh, Tessa!” He groans as he holds his stomach.

“You’ve got to be quicker than that!” I mimic the voice of the fisherman on that one commercial and I’m not sure if Tom get’s the reference, but instead of throwing it back I stand up and walk to him. I extend my hand and help him to his feet.

“I might actually bruise from that.” He lifts his shirt to his ribs.

I was right when I guessed he was ripped.

“Let’s just sit now for a little.”

It almost looks like Tessa nods and she immediately lays down next to the bench before we can even get there.

“Tommy?” I ask as I take my spot again, putting my book into my bag and taking my water out.

“Mh?” He takes water out of his backpack too.

“Whatever happens, we’re friends. Right?”

“Yep.” He answers simply without any questions.

“Cool.” I nod and hope that whatever his brothers have planned for him isn’t too harsh.

A bit later Tessa stands and starts to nudge us, which Tom says that means she’s ready for something new.

We pack up our things and start our way home, which I actually remembered without Tessa’s help. Well maybe with a little of her help.

When we approach the house I see Paddy peeking out from the front window.

I follow Tom to the front door and when he opens it I unclip Tessa’s harness to let her run into the house.

She runs into Sam who is sitting on the couch, smiling.

I stay by the door and slip out of my shoes as Tom goes for our room.

“What the fuck.” He yells.

The boys stifle a laugh and I walk into the room, or try.

Somehow the boys had managed to completely fill every flat surface of our room with a small paper cup filled to the top with water.

“What shit heads. How the fuck am I supposed to- Ah, shit!” He mumbles as he accidentally kicked one cup that knocked over 4 more.

“Hope you’re thirsty!” The boys shout from the family room before bursting into hearty laughter.

“When they said they had a prank I didn’t know they’d get so creative.”

“You knew!?” Tom looks shocked.

“That’s why I asked you to come with me today.” I smile, proud that I hadn’t given anything away. “But we’re still friends… remember?”

“So why are you telling me all of this now?” he asks, knocking over 2 more cups.

“Because this is my room too… and now… this means war.”

anonymous asked:

Can you please write like a fluff fic where Julian goes to Garak's shop (like after Garak's first episode) to buy a few skirts or sundresses or whatev bc he's Genderqueer/NB. Garak is all nice because in the Trek world Trans is pretty common place. The whole thing is like "just another day making a customer look great!" thing. None of it is sexual/fetishized or the "~shy uwu precious soft trans boys!" like i get online, or humiliating/disphoric/transphobic, like I get at home. 1/2 - Val

2/2 I don’t think you’d write anything fetishizing/transphobic, I just see a lot of it online. It’s either kinky-docile-submissive sissyb*ys, or it’s folks emasculating trans-masc bc Masc is Bad. Soft Shy Fem trans boys only!“ Both are transphobic and gross. The humiliating-dysphoric shame is at home. I talk to mom about Trans, it’s she’s hearing I killed her daughter, started wearing her skin, and expect her to keep going on like normal. In her head she’s still waiting for the prodigal daugther

-hugs so much-

Of course I can!

I hope you’re able to find people in your life that will fully accept you for who you are. <3 And I hope this little story brings something positive to your life, even if it’s only for a moment.

I wasn’t sure what pronouns to use for Julian because you asked for Julian to be Genderqueer/NB, so I went with they/them pronouns and referring to Julian as “the doctor” where it made sense to. I had to edit out some unconscious he/him pronouns for Julian. If there are others that I missed, please let me know.

I went way out of order for this one, but I didn’t want to write something heavy today but I still wanted to get something out.

Another Order

The door opening broke Garak out of his work-induced trance. He glanced up from the black and greens of the Andorian fabric and caught the gaze of Doctor Bashir, who’s gentle smile brought a familiar warmth that carried like a modest Cardassian wind. In the doctor’s hand was a Federation PADD. Garak offered a smile of his own.

“I wasn’t aware we had arrangements today,” Garak said.

“We don’t. I want to place an order.” Julian stopped near the counter.

“Another one of your holosuite costumes?”

“Not this time. I’d actually like to get something casual I can wear around the station.”

“Did you have something in mind?”

Julian pushed the PADD towards Garak with it’s usual enthusiastic flare. Garak took it and looked upon the screen. There were a few pictures to cycle through. All of the pieces were dresses - knee length, sleeveless ones with just an edge of play curling against the seams. Reds and oranges were painted across all of them. The necklines were all the same too. They were angled, with points near the arms that offered a square appearance. Garak frowned.

“Charming pieces,” Garak said, “But may I ask you a question, Doctor?”

“Of course.”

“How attached are you to the choice of neckline?”

Garak glanced up. Julian’s smile turned into a small frown. The doctor’s brows creased together in a familiar press. A puzzlement. Garak placed the PADD aside and picked his own up off the work station. He flicked through several images.

“The square neckline that you’ve chosen gives the piece a more sophisticated feel. If you are aiming for a casual look, as you insisted, there are better options, especially with the colors you’ve chosen.” Garak stopped on a different neckline, voided the colors of the dress, and turned the PADD to Julian. He showed the doctor a rounded neckline closer to the neck with a sleeveless design. “A jewel neckline.”

“You don’t think it’s too conservative?” Julian asked. Garak turned the PADD around again and backed through a few options.

“If you wish to show more skin, there are options for that as well,” Garak answered. He chose a wider opening, one that would still cover the dear doctor’s collarbone but showed some shoulder, then turned it for Julian to see. “A bateau, perhaps. It is not quite as casual that the jewel neckline, but it does showcase your shoulders more.”

“What about an off-the-shoulder neckline?” Julian asked. Garak turned the PADD around, flicked to one such option, and turned it back to the good doctor.

“They are designed to be more sophisticated, but with the right print and accessories, I believe such a neckline could be made for a casual dress.” Garak saw the enthusiasm wash back over Julian’s face. He turned the PADD around once more. “One more neckline for you consideration, Doctor.”

Garak flicked through the options. He stopped on a neckline with a sheer piece. Under the collarbone, the fabric was changed to a solid, to cover what skin the good doctor would have over his chest, over his heart, and anything below it. He turned the PADD. “This is an illusion neckline. You will not have any sleeve fabric you have will be sheer, so you can showcase as much of your shoulders and collarbones as you wish. These are usually intended for formal events, but I believe I can make you a casual dress with such a neckline.”

“Could we use the same colors as the other dresses?”

“Yes, I believe so.” Garak placed the PADD on the counter and moved to the design portion. He input Julian’s sizing into a program, which he saved for such occasions, and picked a knee-length option. The cut itself looking quite suitable, though a little too formal. He spoke as he changed the pleating of the skirt, the waistline, the cut of the solid neckline. “Such necklines are better for dresses of a solid color. But a thin belt would break up the bold color nicely but still provide you with the casual appearance you’re looking for.”

Garak applied a rich red - one without patterns - a changed the top to a sheer red of the same shade.

“It’s pretty,” Julian said. Something hung on the doctor’s words. Garak looked over at them. Despite the compliment, a frown reemerged.

“You don’t sound convinced, Doctor.”

“No, I am, it’s pretty, it’s just… the color looks weird the model’s skin.”

“You are quite tan, my dear. May I suggest a pink, perhaps?” Garak switched the color palette to a gentle pink. Julian hummed. Garak continued to change the hues slowly, silently.

“Stop.” Garak paused at a light pink, a near while. “A little pinker.” Garak edged the scale. “There. That. I love that.”

“It’s not quite the look you came in here with, Doctor.”

“That’s okay. I like this more.”

“Excellent. Shall I make this order for you?”

“Please!” Julian’s enthusiasm made Garak smile. He saved the image and transposed the dress size information to his order list.

“I’ll begin your order a week from today. Would you like to order another piece as well, something more suiting to what you came in with, or would you rather wait for this order to be completed first before deciding on another?”

“I’ll wait. Who knows, maybe Chief O’Brien and I will have other holosuite costumes to order. Thanks, Garak. And see you for lunch tomorrow?”

“Yes, see you tomorrow.”

Julian grinned and nearly skipped out the door. Garak could feel the doctor’s positive energy resonate in his shop for hours after they left.

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I would love you to see write YOI femslash, whether it's Mari-centric or Mila/Sara or whatever.

Thank you for this prompt!! I never would’ve thought to write Mari/Mila without it.


“I’ve never been to such a big competition before,” Mari says, leaning back her head to exhale. The old stone of the building is rough against the back of her head, still ringing with the noise of the banquet inside.

“Really?” Mila asks, as she takes the cigarette from Mari. She takes in quick little puffs, her cheeks hollowing and her red lips pouting out with each inhale.

“Yeah,” Mari says. “Nationals, of course, but only my parents could afford the competitions last year. Someone has to run the inn back home.”

“Mm,” Mila says, exhaling smoke in a cloud around her face. She breathes it back in through her nose delicately, closing her eyes to enjoy it.

“It wasn’t worth going anyway,” Mari says. “Since he lost.”

Now Mila turns to look at her, blue eyes open and bright. She offers the cigarette back, pinched between two fingertips lacquered red as her lips, and quirks a smile, sarcastic and knowing. “You mean you don’t support your brother no matter what?”

“Hmph,” Mari snorts, and takes the cigarette back. “I suppose I do. But someone has to keep the family business going. Pay for all those fancy costumes.”

She gives Mila a sidelong glance as she inhales again, looking her up and down. Mila’s sleeveless black dress has a sweetheart neckline and fits the curves of her body tightly, ending at mid-calf above a pair of strappy black heels that make her as tall as Mari.

Mari blows out her smoke, looking up at the dark, foggy sky, arching above the alleyway. “Anyway, it’s a good thing I don’t care about fancy things.”

“Mm,” Mila says, and Mari feels her turning towards her, leaning sideways against the wall with her hand behind her head. She’s close enough Mari can smell her perfume, strong and sweet, rich and flowery. “You could certainly use some better clothes.”

Mari breaks into a smile and turns to look at her again. She offers out the cigarette, and she thinks Mila’s reaching for it but instead Mila runs her finger along the plain, rounded neckline of Mari’s patterned shirt, tucked into a short black skirt over tights and motorcycle boots. Mari catches her breath and holds it, waiting.

“You look good in green, at least,” Mila says, low. She’s looking down, watching the progress of her finger, and her thick lashes are dark and smudged. She reaches the dip between Mari’s collarbone and lingers there, stroking softly.

Mari takes another drag off the cigarette. Mila looks up as she does, and their face are so close now that Mari can feel the warmth of her skin, see the faint down along her upper lip. Mari opens her mouth slightly to let a trickle of smoke escape and Mila comes even closer, breathing it in.

Her mouth is red, shiny and full, heart-shaped. Mari’s drawn to it, leaning in to exhale the smoke slowly as Mila draws it in. Her heart beats faster, from the nicotine and the proximity, and from knowing what will happen next.

But first, Mila has to breathe out too. She does it as slowly as Mari did, sharing it again, and Mari’s just wondering if they’ll do this all night, trading smoke between them, when Mila leans in all the way to press their lips together.

It feels slick and artificial for a moment, just that coated surface against her mouth. Then Mila kisses her for real, and Mari flicks her tongue out to taste the soft, tangy underside of Mila’s lip, meeting her small, deft tongue in return. Everything about the way Mila kisses is quick and enchanting, and Mari rests her head back against the wall and lets it happen; Mila nipping at her lips, Mila leaning in until their breasts are pressed together, Mila cupping her face with one hand, stroking Mari’s ear with her thumb.

The cherry of the cigarette glows hot against Mari’s knuckles, and she flicks it away before it burns her. Now she has two free hands to tangle in Mila’s loose hair, and Mila makes a soft groan against her mouth when Mari strokes down to grip the back of her neck.

When she lets her fingers glide along the zipper of Mila’s dress, though, Mila catches in a breath and stops kissing her, leaning away a little. She laughs, softly, a little disbelieving, and then rubs the tip of her nose against Mari’s.

“I’m not a girl to have in an alley,” she says, a piquant, teasing note in her voice.

“Mm,” Mari says, pressing her lips together. She leans up and takes a quick kiss from Mila’s lips, smudged and slippery now. “Where can I have you then?”

“In my room, of course,” Mila says, tossing her head. She kisses Mari again, firmly, and steps back. That knowing smile from before is on her face again, and she reaches down to take Mari’s hand. “Come on. I’ll teach you some appreciation for fancy things.”

Mari smiles back, raising one eyebrow, and follows her down the cobbled street, underneath the winter Spanish moon.

“Don’t Cry” - Jay Park

Originally posted by clubeskimo

When Jay got the phone call from your best friend, he became the fastest driver in the world giving Dominic Toretto a run for his money. Kiseok promised to take care of everything in the office and quite frankly at this point, Jay didn’t care. The only thing on his mind was you and his imagination was racing ahead of him to the worst scenarios that had his feet pressing further on the accelerator.

You were wearing the godawful blue hospital gown, sitting up on the bed as you flicked through the TV channels, bored out of your mind.  If Jay didn’t show up in record time, rushing to your side, you would have died of boredom.

“Are you okay? What the fuck happened?” He wanted nothing but to you hold you in his arms and keep you safe but the cast on your arm and the patch on your head had him second guessing. Somehow he knew that his touch would cause more pain than comfort.

“I’m fine. Minor injuries, a few broken bones and bruises no big deal.” You were quick to placate him, extending your good arm and interlocking your fingers with his. “Now I can get Soo Hyun to sign the stupid discharge papers so we can get the hell out of here.”

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Theories on the costumes for Beauty and the Beast (2017)

So, being a historical costume nerd as well as a Beauty and the Beast super-fan, I naturally was exultant when the first teaser trailer came out for the live action Beauty and the Beast.

Being a costume nerd (and cosplayer, I might add) came with the early decision that when the film came out I would be dressed to the nines in Belle’s ball gown for the night of the premiere. Now, not knowing what exactly Belle’s ball gown would look like led me to great distress, especially after reading the extremely vague accounts of people who attended the D23 expo last August.

With the release of the teaser trailer, two things led me to believe that the costumes (as well as the general styling of the film) were most heavily influenced by 18th century aesthetics, which I will discuss here. The first being the portrait showing the Prince and his parents, dressed in extravagant court uniforms that appear to be early 18th century styles. Focusing mainly on the Queen, her bodice seems to be shaped and adorned similarly to early 18th century court fashions.

One extant (surviving) example from the time period is a Swedish court gown from 1766 which has a 17th century shaping to the bodice and sleeve decoration similar to 18th century court dress. When examined closely, it appears that the sleeve decoration on the Queen’s gown is vaguely similar to that of the real life example.

Going based off of this, later in the trailer when we see Belle’s torso (unfocused) in the background of the rose, her neckline is shaped similarly to later 18th century round gowns, and although it is difficult to make out, the shaped of her bodice may also fit the conical silhouette of the 17th and 18th centuries. In the image below, I have outlined the neckline and my theorized shape of the bodice in red.

(Because of the blurriness of the background, it is difficult to determine the true shape of Belle’s bodice, so this is just one possibility)

Below I have images of a (reproduction) 1780s style corset and an extant example of a round gown, to illustrate the shape and silhouette I believe that Belle’s costumes may have. Note the inverted conical shape of the corset, and the rounded neckline of both the corset and the gown.

Finally, today there were still revealed that showed concept art of Lumiere and Cogsworth, as well as a B-roll image of the inside of the Tavern, where Gaston and Lefou as well as many extras can be seen. While many of the people in the photo are moving, a few characters are still and much can be seen by their costumes. There are two major indicators that I believe confirm my theory that the overall styling of the film will be inspired by 18th century fashion. These are: Gaston’s coat, which is very obviously inspired by 18th century fashion, and the other men in the image, many of which are wearing knee breeches and waistcoats, which is an iconic style of men’s dress form the 18th century.

Finally, while many of the women are in motion and blurred, or far from the camera and difficult to make out, it is possible that they too are dressed in styles influenced by the 18th century as well as wearing conical stays to provide an 18th century silhouette.

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Hi there! Do you know where I can find some sweaters/cardigans for when it starts to get cooler? I want some for when I go back to school in the fall!

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Hidden pt 13

Only one more part to go after this…! Hopefully you like it! i apologize if the story seems to be dragging along :D  




She still didn’t know how she was going to pull tonight off, the crowd was buzzing in their seats and the acts that she is about to follow were just remarkable. She was the only solo singer of the night; all eyes would be on her as she tries not to choke. She still hasn’t talked Finn since the Archie debacle, he had stayed late in the studio, crawling into bed past 3am and she was out the door for school before he woke. She knew that he was going to be here tonight, that he could be someone that she could focus on in the audience or maybe everyone might just concentrate on him and not even worry about her piss poor performance to come.

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