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While not identical, I always felt the wedding dress Caitriona Balfe wore in the TV series “Outlander” reminded a lot of the wedding dress Helena Bonham Carter wore in the movie “Frankenstein”. There’s something about the rounded neckline, the very pointed front bodice (”stomacher”) with embroidery, and the overall white/metallic colour scheme. The historical inspiration is however different; the left one being in the style of a “Robe a la Francaise” of the 1760s, while the right one is more of court dress of the 1750s.

“Frankenstein” was designed by James Acheson, while “Outlander” was designed by Terry Dresbach. You can read more about the “Outlander” wedding dress at the very good site of the designer.

Helena Bonham Carter photos from here and here, while the Caitriona Balfe photos are from here.

Mary in the Mind Court

I’m blocked from reblogging this post, but it’s an interesting catch. In short, it picks out a character in the full courtroom scene who is seated behind Vicky and who is dressed/hair styled quite like what AA wears as Mary in some of the s4 scenes we saw in setlock. Further, the thread points out, she stares at Sherlock while many of the rejected women (that is, the ones who are eliminated by Sherlock) do not.

Here’s that woman:

Mary (sorry, I don’t have the patience to comb through all of the setlock photos looking for another that I can put in as reference here) definitely sports this hairstyle in s4, and does wear a dark (navy, I think, where this looks more black) jacket and grey shirt with a round neck. Mary’s neckline is t-shirt height, though; Mystery Woman’s is a dropped neckline. And in this screencap above from TSOT, you can see the bright reflection of a necklace, the chain of it barely discernible. In the thread I cannot reblog, the photo from setlock shows that Mary is also wearing a small pendant on a chain. 

Is this Mary here? I don’t think so. Fandom has found other so-called character repeats before that I disagree with: similar appearances, but I think it reads too much into things to try to say they’re the same or that there is some weight to their similarity. Here, though, I’d say that there’s certainly an attempt to evoke the same appearance, especially since it represents a hairstyle change for Mary, meaning, not so random. 

Why didn’t they use AA to play this? Too recognizable? Would have broken the rug pull they played on AA, who would surely wondered why her character was here? a plot point? We can’t know, but if this has meaning, it’s clearly to set up something we can’t recognize going forward (and of course neither does Sherlock) but will be quite obvious looking back. 

What would that be? Well, since Sherlock in s3 was all about more deductions than he expected, isn’t this how they could set up a missed deduction that Mary was involved in the Mayfly Man case or somehow linked with the concept of the Mayfly Man case (ghosts, multiple spouses)? A hint from his subconscious (not conscious or the woman would in fact have been played by AA) that Mary was involved? Yeah, the timeslip implication of the hairstyle is troubling, unless Mary was dressed that way in s4 as part of a flashback. 

I’m going to stop here lest this all get too convoluted. I think this is a very interesting correspondence and could add to the clues, especially in TSOT, that Mary’s still got some revelations to come. For those who want to give away Bunny Watson to someone else, preferably David, this could certainly be laying the groundwork for that. In any case, it’s a good catch and I’d like to congratulate the original poster. It may come to nothing, but it’s definitely something to keep in mind, something to watch for in s4.