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Vegvisir - is an Icelandic magical stave intended to help the bearer find their way through rough weather.

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I can’t live another life
Spend another time

I can’t spit another rhyme on Gaia
Guns and wars won’t stop the fights
Not inside your mind
Love and communion, there’s nothing better
Cheeks get redder
There’s nothing better
Even in rough weather

It’s raining knives, like all the time
And I’m alive, Irayo Eywa, we’re alive

–Marceline, by Willow

I’ll always be here when you need someone to talk to. I’ll always be here, when your plans all seem to fall through. I’ll be here to lean on, when times get tough. And I’ll still be here when the weather gets rough. I’ll be here for you when you need someone to talk with for awhile. Because when it comes to you I’d do anything, just to see you smile.

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What would your advice be for someone wanting to cosplay who has never done it before and who feels they're too old?


Okay, more concrete advice. Start small! Cosplay a character where you can buy most of the pieces ready made and alter them if you can. That’s what I did with my Piper Wright cosplay. All of the pieces were bought from Amazon/eBay and I just had to rough ‘em up and weather them.

Or if you’re not up to putting it together yourself, and the option is available to you, purchase your costume! I’ve purchased some costumes before (my Miranda Lawson from Mass Effect 2 for example) because it just made sense economically, and I was supporting other cosplayers/makers in the process so win-win :) There is NO SHAME in buying a cosplay, as long as you don’t try to pass it off as your own work.

Also, you would be SHOCKED the age range of people that cosplay. If you are still worried about feeling too old (which I assure you you’re not, but here  is one example, but there are many many others!!!), I suggest getting a group cosplay together with either a friend or significant other. I did that for my first cosplay experience and I feel like it made it that much more enjoyable, plus I had people to fall back on if I started feeling anxious or stressed (which happened, but yolo haha).

If you don’t have anyone to cosplay with, and you’re planning on going to a con, check out if there are any photo meetups for your fandom. When I went to PAX East in 2016 I went to the Fallout meetup and met a lot of awesome people, a great range of ages and had SO much fun because … well, we all already had a common ground to stand on! I still keep in touch with a lot of those people, all because we enjoyed a stupid video game. Crazyyyyy.

I love cosplay because it’s a unique creative outlet for me, and allows me to become that character. Especially because in some way I personally relate to that character. For a day or weekends at a time when I cosplay, I’m no longer an introverted, cynical person with anxiety, but a strong, ass-kicking rebel like Jyn or a crazy, peppy time-traveling Brit like Tracer. It let’s me become these characters without that fear of being judged.

As long as YOU yourself are having fun, that’s all that matters. No matter if you slaved over the costume for 6 months or bought it with paypal, or if you’re 18 or 80, we’re all just a bunch of dweebs dressing up as our favorite characters at the end of the day :)

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Morning After: Thor imagine

The morning was cold but perfect. The storm outside took over the perfect Asgard weather. But this was your favorite weather. Rough and raw dark skies as rain harshly pummeled against the window. The thunder sounding ever few times in an almost peaceful way to you. The lightening ever so slightly slipping light in the dark room.

Even if it was freezing in the bedroom you felt nothing but warmth as you laid in the large silk bedding with the arms of a God around you.

You laid securely on top of Thor’s chest. He was a giant compared to you. He laid under you, one arm slung over your waist as his other hand rested on your thigh… right under your bum. Your fave was buried in his neck as your leg was thrown over him. Your bodies were pressed against each other as close as possible. 

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hinata is a small ball of sunshine

Shaggy’s Log, Day 1: Weather rough, but windshield wiper still holding out. So far, so good.

Shaggy’s Log, Day 2: Morale low. Windshield wiper disappeared by magic. Now, only the flat, gray rectangle in front of me keeps me company. 

Shaggy’s Log, Day 3: Mysterious gray rectangle gone. Windshield wiper has returned, but looks suspiciously like a dog’s tail. Morale high.

The Seer Speaks

A very long time ago (I am SO SORRY), the lovely and kind RPer @lilthessa had a giveaway IC ‘reading’ for her followers. I was lucky enough to win, and because Heulwen had no story I asked if I could have the reading for my alt @nadijahuntingdon . Lilthessa agreed, and did an amazing job you can read in full here.

This is the first time I’ve written anything in almost a year, but I really wanted to blog something to acknowledge how awesome it was to get an IC reading. So below the cut, I finally have  ;)
(I’ve tried not to write too much ‘of’ Lilthessa as I didn’t want to accidentally misrepresent her character in any way, so I hope this is OK.  Thanks again, Lil!)

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These are the dramatic photos coming out of the Mediterranean.

Despite winter weather and rough seas, migrants and refugees are continuing to attempt the perilous crossing from Libya to mainland Europe.

Photographer Kevin McElvaney documented a few night rescues. It’s January and almost everyday our search and rescue ship assists a new boat.

A crew member from the jointly operated MSF - SOS Mediterranee vessel MV Aquarius collects life jackets from a small wooden boat after a successful rescue operation.

In 2016, Doctors Without Borders teams on board of Dignity, Bourbon Argos and Aquarius (in partnership with SOS Mediterranee) have directly rescued 21,603 people and assisted 8969, a total of 30,572 in more than 200 different operations.

May 2017 bring #safepassage and a place to call home for those fleeing war, violence and despair.