Golly, being an artist sure is wonderful

I sat down and said to myself;
“Myself, I should draw Silver striking a pose with fabulous supermodel legs, whilst Rouge makes it rain on him. You in?“

Needless to say, I was in

Then I wanted to doodle a bunch of other Sonic related stuff so you now have this


Felt like doing a thing where I grab random quotes from Parks n Rec and match them up to Sonic characters. idk it was sort of spontaneous.

And guess whaT, I recorded a speedpaint of this! I’m in the middle of editing it, so expect to see that soon. :,3 I haven’t edited in awhile so- aha, I can’t guarantee when it’ll be out BUT I HAVE IT. YEHA.


I particularly enjoy the challenge of taking a normally subtle, stoic character and give him a diverse range of expressions that fit his character without coming off as too jarring on him. A few may be too far for his collected personality but they made me laugh and I liked them. (ノ °-°)ノ

I’m making sense of how I’d like older!Knux to look because he needs to look gruffier and more mature but it’s difficult nailing a perfect silhouette for that. I think I found it though. (And of course, Company Standard dictates at least 1 Rouge per post.)


SF crew cosplaying as Sonic characters

I’ve been on a Sonic kick lately if you haven’t noticed, Amy Dud was http://puppiesandanime.tumblr.com/ ‘s idea, Elena as Sticks was http://untitled-works.tumblr.com/’s idea as well