My Infant Son Has A 43% On Rotten Tomatoes. Does Anyone Know How This Happened?

Becoming a father has been a transformative experience that nothing could have prepared me for. When I hold my 2-month-old son, Mason, in my arms, I feel love and joy unlike anything I’ve ever known. That’s why I found it a little confusing when I logged onto Rotten Tomatoes the other day and discovered that Mason had garnered a meager 43 percent rating. Does anyone know why this happened?

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Critics be like...
  • Ghostbusters(2016):just a fun comedy with the message that you can't give up. Even when the world thinks you're weird or crazy. Has great jokes in it, interesting villain and likable characters.
  • Critics:Ugh! Feminazi propaganda garbage! 0/10.
  • Sausage Party:"comedy" full of rape jokes, homophobic jokes, racist jokes and gorey HUMAN deaths. The main, and really the only joke, is that it's an animated movie and the characters are cursing and having sex. that's it. Oh, and the message is "religion is bad".
  • Critics:GENIUS! PURE GENIUS! SO THOUGHT PROVOKING! YES! 1000000/10! So amazing! I came so hard! Yess!