Rise of The Dragons

A thousand years ago dragons were common. The eggs were found, collected, then brought to the royal and the rich to raise and train and then breed to have more. After a few brutal attacks, the tamed dragons were killed with sharp blades made from their ancestor’s bones and the wild were hunted.

A thousand years later there is only one, a knight’s steed that had been protected fiercely by a castleful of guards. The dragon was not feared, it was merely tolerated though there was always the risk of it being killed.

Most feared dragons, if they had found an egg they would’ve destroyed it on the spot, but there are those few that would rather have them as steeds and companions. People like Raenar. He stood proudly at the altar where his marriage would commence. Briefly his eyes wandered to a bare maiden, looking down and letting his eyes linger in certain places as he looked back up.

So, anyone else imagine Hiccup to be taller than Jack, now that he’s older?

I DO! :D

(Edit:) So, I’ve made a noob mistake and forgot to share the source of this artwork :I This is a collaboration between Frosty-Haddock and Miundy-Foxy. Sorry, I’m still new at this Tumblr thing XD

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